Protecting Yourself from EMF's

emf's empath dilemmas how to protect your energy Jan 14, 2019

Protecting Yourself from EMF's. Protecting Your Energy. Protecting - FULL STOP - How to Protect Yourself From Everything.

Haha made myself laugh with that last bit - How to Protect Yourself From Everything!

Because I've seen people go into a flurry and be in fear of everything and every chemical and more right? (If you haven't watched my livestream on protecting yourself or are in fear about it, from what the government and authorities are doing from chemical laden food, chem trails and so much more, please watch it here:

Not a laughing matter for some - totally get it, stay with me a minute.

I feel it when I sit at my computer too long.

I feel it in my Heart with Anxiety.

I feel it in my fingertips going numb or my arms.

I feel it in my body aching.

I know it's wifi

I know it's technology.

But what I also know?

Is that it is nothing!

It is only me being affected by me.

Or should I say - I am weak!

In a sense that - I am affected by things more when:

I haven't been taking care of myself

When I haven't been to the gym regularly

When I haven't been getting enough sleep

When I haven't been feeding my body right

When I haven't been - taking care of myself!

Yet, specifically EMF's?

I am feeling called to share this with you deeply:


Put your feet on the Earth - although I know for those of you living SNOW - THAT maybe tricky to do for long periods of time!

So what else can you do?

STILL be outside in nature.

Now in Snow, yes, probably not for huge long periods of time.

Yet, Nature is the best healer

And sleep!

And exercise!

Exercise get's the stagnation out of your body.

We aren't meant to sit at a computer/desk or not get exercise all day. We used to live in tribes and our human body hasn't evolved THAT much, that you don't have to not move! In tribes, we were constantly moving/walking/running during the day.

So, move your body! So, no excuse - if you are in snow - you don't need to leave your home to do online yoga πŸ˜‰

Yet, this outside thing, I need to speak to this, I being called to speak to this.

The EMF's yes, affect our entire energy body, yet, it is our Heart Chakra energy that is most affected by it.

And the thing that fixes Heart Chakra energy the most?

Hugging a tree!

Ha! Stay with me! There are ways to do this - without people thinking you are a tree hugging hippy! Or maybe you don't care if someone see's you hugging a tree!

Have you ever done it? Hugged a tree? And FELT THE POWER OF IT?


Our Heart Chakra is where we CONNECT.

Where we feel loved... or not...

Where we feel like we belong... or not.. .

Where we feel SOMETHING... or not..

Where we feel happiness... or sadness...

And when you are stressed out and agitated, or can't take a deep enough breath, or are exhausted and tired and don't know why - get outside and get near a tree!

Now, here are some tips to connect to a tree if you are fearing being seen as a tree hugging hippy and don't want that right now:

~ Stand with your back against a tree trunk and stare at your phone, it will just seem as though you are leaning casually against the tree ;) Yet, don't be opening the lock on your phone, stare at your blank screen. Whether you have your phone in your hand or not, I want you to be sensing the energy from the Tree, going into the back of your Heart Chakra... and I want you to be imagining/sensing, CHOOSING to open your Heart to the Tree. Tell the Tree all your worries, your fears and more, tell the Tree your pain. And then - let yourself receive the Tree energy. If the Tree was sending your Heart a colour, what colour would it be? Notice the deep connection between your Heart and the Tree's Heart - and then - sense the groundedness, presence, and depth that this Tree goes into our Mother Earth. If the tree is tall/huge, look up at it's leaves, pretend you are taking a photo of it ;) And consciously choose by saying in your mind, "I now choose to reset my energy and frequency, to that of our Earth Mother and I willingly let go of any worry, fear or stress that is stopping me having this pure, strong connection. I choose to realign and reset my energy, I choose to be calm, free and realigned to the frequency of my natural state, that of our Earth Mother frequency. I hear you, I receive you, I am you." - or something along those lines, you don't need to remember it word by word - what you are doing, is resetting your energy frequency, your Heart Chakra energy, your vibration to that of Mother Earth - naturally - our natural state of connection, without technological frequencies bombarding your energy field, let alone everything else.

~ Sit at the Base of a Tree and do the same

~ Lean against the Tree with your hands (phone free this oneπŸ˜‰) - as if you are doing a yoga stretch or something - yet what I want you to be concentrating on, is the energy from the Tree pouring into your hands, moving through your arms and into your physical Heart and your Heart Chakra. BE with that. Feel the sensation of your hands connecting with the Tree, what it feels like and your skin touching the tree plus the energy pouring through it between you and the Tree. And of course, you can do/say the same as what i wrote above when you are connecting with the tree too.

~ And of course, you can always hug a Tree! Yet, hold it, be with it consciously, with your Heart completely against it for a time. It is literally free healing treatments.

The key with any of these, is to be aware of your energy field around you, like a big bubble almost, this is your aura and your Heart Chakra feels the EMF's the most and then it moves to your other energy centres (chakras) and then your entire being/aura.

Connecting with the tree, releases stress and resets your vibrational frequency field to match that of the Earth - because we are of that. Trees are powerful portals to do this with. Of course, you can do this laying straight onto the Earth too.

The other part to this, is the more you do it, the more you remember to do it, you feel better AND the muscle of your Heart and your clean, aligned, reset back Earth energy is NORMAL.

And this?


Your best form of protection is your Heart Chakra, is your energy field, is YOU.

When it is regularly connected with nature, it gets stronger, this is your normal state of being - CONNECTION.

And in CONNECTION, you feel loved, you feel happy, your intuition is strong, clear and switched ON.

The more you consciously choose to reset your energy and connect it, realign it to Mother Earth, this will become more and more normal and it will become more stronger than the other - of being affected by EMF's and more. Time to build this muscle and get it nice and strong, so that technology doesn't affect you as much - because then other things won't affect you as much either.

Your connection to Source is your power.

So, have you been outside today? Or if it is snowing - have you done yoga/gym and moved your body in some way? Get it moving. And imagine a tree resetting your energy. Because there is no separation, your power is bringing it to you. Aligning and reaching 'there to it', there is no separation in energy.

A lot more to say about protecting your energy on different topics, so keep an eye out for more, or comment below and let me know what you would like to know how to protect your energy from - what?

Have a Tree loving day β€οΈπŸŒ²β€οΈ

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘