I underestimate how important it is in sharing this

If you're feeling cloudy, foggy, feel like you always have no energy, struggle to fall asleep or constantly wake up tired - it is so important to check what I am about to share here with you. 

Of course, as always, there are MANY other contributing factors, but this, I think a lot of us FORGET - How much we seem to take technology for granted these days, let alone the EMF energy we are constantly energetically breathing in. 

So many people are complaining about 5G - but what is the reality that you would live with out your phone, bluetooth in your car, home wifi these days? Could you really - do you choose to? Probably not.. So be mindful what you are 'complaining' about... 

Regardless of that question, the message I am feeling called to share is to check - how much do you hold your phone? Is your wifi on when you do? 

On iphones, unless you change the setting every morning at 5am,...

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Protecting Yourself from EMF's

Protecting Yourself from EMF's. Protecting Your Energy. Protecting - FULL STOP - How to Protect Yourself From Everything.

Haha made myself laugh with that last bit - How to Protect Yourself From Everything!

Because I've seen people go into a flurry and be in fear of everything and every chemical and more right? (If you haven't watched my livestream on protecting yourself or are in fear about it, from what the government and authorities are doing from chemical laden food, chem trails and so much more, please watch it here:

Not a laughing matter for some - totally get it, stay with me a minute.

I feel it when I sit at my computer too long.

I feel it in my Heart with Anxiety.

I feel it in my fingertips going numb or my arms.

I feel it in my body aching.

I know it's wifi

I know it's technology.

But what I also know?

Is that it is nothing!

It is only me being affected by me.

Or should I say - I am weak!

In a sense that - I am...

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