🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN BEAUTIFUL SOULS!! For Tuesday 12th February 2019 🔮

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN BEAUTIFUL SOULS!! For Tuesday 12th February 2019 🔮

Scroll down to find the number you chose earlier today, to see what message is awaiting you there from the Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides, by Steven D. Farmer for you.

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Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Card #1: Mouse. You’re overlooking some important details, so pay closer attention to what’s going on.

Hmmmm, what are you needing to look more closely at? Contracts, details, something at work? What has been on your mind, but you have brushed over and ignored? What and where have you turned a blind eye to? I am getting the sense, like a mouse hole on the cartoons, where the mouse hole is in the lounge room and can hear and see everything going on from his doorstep - what is right under your nose that you are not paying attention to? I keep seeing/hearing about paperwork and I am wondering what this means to you? Something about your house even? I am also getting about your Third Eye Chakra, your eyes, what have you been seeing in your reality that you haven’t been liking much lately? I am also getting the message that you have been shifting quite a lot lately in what you are seeing, in a sense of relationship dynamics, things that you have become aware of in the past, but not really known much, or paid much attention to and now it is quite ‘in front of your face’ but you are not wanting to believe the reality of it perhaps? Perhaps this is the confrontational space around the reality of the situation now, that you have been doing such work in your life, going places, moving forward in many different areas of your life and this is just a huge space to be in right now. I am getting the message if you need to cry - do? The eyes, something about the eyes - yes Third Eye - but this mouse also has light blue eyes.  The deep dark indigo is relational to the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra is the light sky blue. I am wondering if there something you are needing to voice? Where are you turning a blind eye and actually needing to voice something as well? If you are not sure, if you were a mouse, peeping it’s head out in your lounge room, what it would be seeing and hearing? A different point of view or perspective is in need in the space you are in - have you just entered a huge life change and wondering which way to go? Has something dawned on you, or that you are needing to awaken to? What details do you need to check over before saying yes to? The blue on this card is also jumping out (lots of blue!) and the Ocean is coming to mind - is the ocean calling you? Is there something on your heart that you are needing to tend to and look at the details your heart is calling you to, instead of where your mind is telling you, you ‘should’ be staying to? Your Third Eye - sees your higher vision, your Throat is all about living your truth - are you trusting that truth, or are you burying that and turning a blind eye to what is in front of you? Yes, be compassionate to what is - but what is the Mouse really seeing? Hearing? Is that, what you want to be in? What other point of view are you needing to look at this from? Asking Spirit/Universe, for help in seeing and hearing another perspective of the situation and showing you important messages from what you a missing about these details, can help show you, the question is, are you ready to not just face the truth - but to live YOUR truth, instead of being trapped in someone else’s dogma and reality? Trapped, is a big word, yet, that is the sense I am getting for you? That is keeping you, in that one spot? Are you ready to allow Mouse to show you, another way out? Love xxx If you are ready to spread your wings and fly, now is the time to do so! Life Purpose Accelerator is open now and applications are closing soon. For 12 months private access to me to deeply align you to your Life Purpose and accelerate it beyond what you thought possible before, let alone transition from your old life to the one you know you are meant to go in, click here for all the details, or send me a message for more information: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/life-purpose-accelerator


Card #2: Camel. Trust That you have the resources before you to get through this.

Ah, are you worried beautiful Soul? You know what I am going to ask you next right? Are you working on it? Are you - journalling everyday? Putting your manifestation practises, into practise - EVERYDAY? If you are NOT doing this, then START here - every single day. If you ARE doing this, then, okay, we can go deeper and look at what is blocking you and stopping you from receiving what you are know you are born to be, have, do and what you are working on. I am also sensing that, there is part of you fearing/stepping forward, because you are wondering ‘how’? How can I move forward, how can I separate myself, how can I do this, because I don’t see the ‘how’ to lead the way?! Do you know, that is not how it works? You know that space of, ‘You don’t need to see the whole staircase to take the first step’? That is how it works. When you take the first step you DO know how to take, then the rest is shown to you. The next step comes into the light and you’re like, ‘Oh, I see now!’ With Life Purpose, it is about ‘doing what you can with what you have’ then when you do, more becomes available. Why? Because the Universe sees what you are doing AND you focusing energy into where you want to go/be/do/have and you know what focusing energy onto something creates? More of it! Yes! So, what CAN you do, with what you have right now? There is no way I would be where I am today, if I waited until I had all the resources to start, if I waited until I could do it properly. No. I saw the Universe bring things into my awareness and with leaps of faith, I took them, even when I didn’t know ‘how’ I was going to continue doing it or moving forward or the ‘how’ after that initial first step. But every step of the way, the next thing was shown to me - but I deeply realised, that if I didn’t take the step I did - this next step wouldn’t have been shown to me, every single time. Life Purpose is about walking in faith, that you just know, you need to do something, go in this direction, do something of this nature in this area, but you don’t know exactly how, but you do it anyway, you start with what you have and you keep doing the thing and then it all becomes clear. You are literally creating your reality as you go - focusing your time, energy, into the space that feels right and deeply trusting it, no matter what anyone else says to you and then you realise, that you are doing it, the thing you love, even after everyone’s disapproval! Camel has come to you today, to show you, to ‘Trust that you have the resources to get through the challenges before you’. I am also hearing something about court, something about legal documents and I am wondering, what this means to you? I am hearing ‘in your favour’ - so this is a sign, that the deep down feeling that what you have been asking for, is right on course for the outcome in a positive direction for you? The emotional strength required for yourself to get through this - you also have this too, yes? Even though you are tired and exhausted of the whole ordeal, you are so close now - breathe deeply out beautiful one - you are so close now. From, desert, dry baron lands, to the fruitful deep and full Ocean of abundance - this is how much and what you have walked away from and into - the vast expansive depths of the Ocean, keep your focus on where you are going, not where you have been and ignore everyone’s comments saying otherwise beautiful one. Trust. Love xxx Are you ready to keep your focus and totally move yourself forward deeply into the space of deeply knowing, accepting and living your greatest power of the truth of who you are? 12 months of deep personalised support from myself, guiding and supporting you to awaken and accelerate the depth of your psychic growth, personal development, remove blocks, activate your Life Purpose gifts and share them with the world? Life Purpose Accelerator is open now, by application only, click here for all the details or send me a message for more information: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/life-purpose-accelerator


Card #3: Cardinal. “The polarities of your spiritual pursuits and physical pleasures are out of balance, so do whatever is necessary to bring them back into equilibrium.”

Hmmm, I am feeling that you actually have been working quite diligently to create a delicate balance in your life beautiful Soul! I feel that you have been aware of the discord of masculine and feminine balance of energies within yourself and your life and have been working to shift the energetics within yourself of how much you are in your masculine and how much you are in your feminine. I am wondering, getting the message that you have been working a lot on this and to reflect on how far you’ve come in such a short space of time - 6 months ago, you were a different person right? You’ve done a lot of work on yourself and I am getting the message to really honour this within yourself - perhaps with sacred ceremony? Is there some ritual or ceremony, to welcome and honour the progress you have made? I am sensing that acknowledgement is important and that Cardinal is reminding you just how far you have come! I am also getting the message, specifically about the Masculine here too, more so, that perhaps there is some releasing to do around and about the Masculine for you? Do you feel safe with/about the Masculine in your life? Do you feel supported, cared for and protected by the Masculine in your life? If you answered no to any of those, then some deep healing work around what the Masculine means to you and how you FEEL about this in your life. If you have been hurt, betrayed, unsupported or uncared for by the Masculine at some point in your life and are harbouring any ‘negative’ feelings about it, this will show up in your life as a feeling of lack of support, of ‘needing to do it all on your own’, of feeling resentment because they have it and not you. How do you feel about the Masculine in your life? The internal relationship you have with your internal Masculine, whether you’re male or female - is there within you. Are you aware of the internal relationship you have with this within yourself? The other message I am getting for with Cardinal for you today, is FOCUS. What are you focusing on? The negative things, or the positive things? You know I am strong about being AUTHENTIC with your feelings, feel your grief, honour it and the waves that it comes in, FEEL it to HEAL it, 100%! Usually, when you are stuck in a negative space, there is feelings sitting underneath that you haven’t felt yet - is that what is going on there for you? So if you have any angst towards the Masculine, are you needing to cry about it? What emotions, authentic emotions do you need to release so that you can get to the core of what is going on here? Your inner relationship to the Masculine and what you have had/not had your entire life about that? I am wondering if you’ve been aware of this and have actually been working on ‘receiving the Masculine’ as well? This is confirmation  that you are right on cue dear one and to keep trusting what you know is right for you, because you have been and are. The Red Cardinal - red, is reality, is Base Chakra, Life Purpose, Trust and all within you. You’re deeply on the right path beautiful Soul, keep trusting yourself. Love xxx Ready to take your trust in yourself and your path to the next level? Ready for that deep 1:1 solid Life Purpose mentoring that will take you to the next level within your heart, soul, body, mind and life? Ready to honour and witness the deep cycles of your life, heart and soul and share your light with the world? To step into the deepest aspect of your being, show the world and be who you were born to be? Life Purpose Accelerator is OPEN, taking applications now, click here for all the details or send me a message for more information: https://www.realityawareness.com/p/life-purpose-accelerator


Card #4: Condor. ‘You’re too enmeshed in this situation, so step back and see the bigger picture before making any decisions.’

Hmmm, several messages streaming through at once about this card for you, one is - did you pick two cards? The Mouse card? About seeing another point of view - what are you missing about this situation, what are you not seeing? The other strong message is that you are seeing the situation correctly - sounds contradictory right? Yet, the other message here with this is ‘wait’ - just wait a moment, just trust the timing of this. I am getting the sense that there is no need to rush right this second, there is a lot of forward movement with planets in February and everything IS moving forward and whilst it is important to use this forward movement with deep grace and ease, it feels like, have everything in place, get ready to move forward and fast when you feel that YES NOW is the time - trust when you feel this, I am sensing later in the week this week, more things will become super clear for you and you will be like YES time to GO and now and organise for things to happen. I am also sensing that there is a window of opportunity coming up that is important to pay attention to and again, just that, ‘you will know when ‘go time’ is” and to completely trust this, feels such a strong message of this card for you today. If you are feeling confused or unsure, just keep doing your thing and trust you will know when you know to move forward. It feels like you are trying to figure out something that is not yours to figure out, but also is unfolding for you anyway, in a sense that, you will know when you know, so just ‘be with the uncertainty, confusion and doubt right now’ just ‘watch it’, observe it if you may and be okay with ‘not knowing’ right now. Can you be like the Condor, just step back, watch, observe all the little details going on right now in the web of life and just allow them to unfold before you. I am getting the message that just be with what is right now, I know it is all similar messages right now, however, you will know when you know when you know yes? You know what that great big YES feels like when you feel it. So trust that, that will come shortly, by the end of the week a lot of clarity and aha moments will come. Your heart already knows, but it isn’t time to take action just yet, but trust you will know when you know to move on it so to speak. It’s coming, and you know it is to. Get ready, your life is about to change in a huge way, positive, but huge, just keep doing your thing, take care of yourself and know that Spirit has got your back with it’s big eye in the sky, Condor in the sky, seeing and taking care of all the details right there for you. Trust. Love xxx It feels like you are deeply, deeply ready to fly dear one, and this, waiting, this, knowing you have to move forward and like, now, but not 100% sure how or where is strong for you dear one! You can feel it, the signs are there, but then this doubt kicks in and the ‘maybe I don’t have what it takes’, but then, that also pushes out the way and you know you have to move forward regardless. Yet, that…. how right? If you are ready to move forward in the direction of the place you KNOW you are meant to go and want the support, guidance and deep support in how, the releasing of the blocks that show up along the way, so you can be guided clearly each step of the way, stepping into deep trust within yourself, then Life Purpose Accelerator is for you, click here for all the details as applications are open now: https://www.realityawareness.com/life-purpose-accelerator


Card #5: Chameleon. ‘Stay in the background and adapt to the situation, rather than being conspicuous and attempting to direct the course of events.’

Ah, this is such another card of ‘wait’ right now! Yet, I am also sensing that with this situation, hmmm, it feels like you are working on something or wanting to work on something, or just have started to work on something or…… want to! The sense I am getting about this Chameleon, is a bit like the message on the Weekly Intuitive Energy Update, is about just do it and don’t tell anyone about it yet. Create your structures, your foundations, just do your thing quietly for now. There was a sense of you’ve been too quiet and it is time to come out - and I do feel this is still true for this card’s message, but I feel it is more about, time to step up and do your thing, get everything done behind the scenes so to speak - work on your Life Purpose, do it whilst you are doing your other work, make it fit in to your day, make time for it. Shhhh was a strong message coming through in the Weekly Intuitive Energy Update and it just feels like, do your thing - you will know when it is time to ‘come out’ so to speak, but you’re super ready to fly and something is wanting to be birthed out of you, so are you working on that, tending to that ‘birthing’ everyday? I also feel like there is something you want to voice to someone, but haven’t, can’t won’t or just don’t feel you ‘can’? I am sensing that this ‘staying in the background’ is that there is a part of you that want’s to say something about a situation you are perhaps seeing in your reality? I wonder if this is the observer, fly on the wall type thing - however, I also feel like you are seeing something that you are wanting to speak up about, because you have a solution to something, but are scared to say it - but I wonder how much this ‘solution’ needs to be channeled into the ‘project’ ‘birthing’ space you are needing to tend to instead? Does this make sense? So, you are wanting to take action on something in your reality - but instead, you are getting the message/urge to take action and channel the ‘solution’ or what you are wanting to say into your work/project/Life Purpose? I remember, before I had my ‘outlet’ for my Life Purpose as you see here online, I was constantly ‘telling people what to do’ because I could see and sense the injustice in the world and more, and know deep down there is that sense of ‘I have the solution for this’ - you wouldn’t be feeling strongly about something if you didn’t have a Life Purpose direction in the calling of the solution to the ‘wrong’ you are seeing in the world. When you can channel this in the direction of your Life Purpose - well, hello to a sense of living your reason for BEING on this Earth! What is coming to mind that you know you need to create in the world? Where are you noticing where you want to speak up, but hold back for whatever reason and know you can shift the globe with what you are feeling deep inside? Where do you need to ‘voice to your Life Purpose’ instead? Do you trust the space of focusing your energy ‘behind the scenes’ into just creating what you know you have to and knowing that the time will come for the ‘real voice’ to be heard with what you are being called to do? Can you refocus and know you can channel this into…. what you’re here to do? Love xxx Are you ready to redirect your energy and focus with deep guided support, willingness to change, an unequivocable trust, that you know you are here for more than your 9-5 and the life force is draining out of you the longer you stay in that space over and over again, you just know you need to make changes and stop putting it off one moment more. Life Purpose Accelerator is taking applications now and is your all areas access to put everything into motion that you know deep in your heart, it’s time, click here for all the details: https://www.realityawareness.com/life-purpose-accelerator


Card #6: Seagull. ‘Now is the time for deep emotional healing.’

It feels like you have just gone through huge times - whatever is coming up now, it feels like this deep sense of ‘finally shifting’ or ‘seeing the results’ of what was started back in August last year. It feels like significant events that have unfolded in this past 2 weeks have been the ‘stablisers’ if you may, from everything that was ‘planted’ in August and what has unfolded these past 6 months has shifted out, woken you up, moved and changed you deeply, you are NOT the same person you were 6 months ago, but you have deeply shifted into who you ‘planted’ 6 months ago. It feels like such deep significant shifts for you. This ‘time for emotional healing’ is yes - cry if you need to, to release the past and allow the new to totally be imprinted as your new normal and stabilised in your auric field as your new sense of freedom - like the Seagull soaring over the vast expansive nature of your being and who you are. It feels like this past 6-7 months has been deep emotional healing and letting go of so much of the old being and person you used to be - layers shed, upon layers shed, upon layers shed and yes, you might be feeling emotional right now, with what you have now stabilised into your field and who you are right now, let the last of it go with the grief, tears and release of who you are, in deep gratitude that you are ‘free now’ to be and step into who you know you are meant to be, where you are meant to be going and are well on your way with deep, deep freedom to do so, more than ever before. It feels like the ‘cage is no longer’ so the question is - where does your Soul want you to go now? What is next? Where is your Heart and Soul calling you to go? The Seagull flying over the ocean - where is calling you? Are you feeling called to travel, over the vast Ocean - to - where? The deep callings of the Heart, have stirred this deep emotional healing over this past 6 months, and I feel that right now the last of the threads are shifting as much as so much emotional stuff is or could be going on right now, you are more stable than you’ve ever been before. I am wondering if there is a ceremonial ritual of releasing you can or have done recently? I am sensing that this is a deep acknowledgement of where you have been, what things have taught you, released them and are deeply honouring the path you have walked to this space. Not out of victimhood, but a deep sense of proudness of who you are, what you know in your heart to be true and what you have sticked to and committed to and have seen through to the end. But is it the end? Nope, your journey is just beginning and you know this, the death, rebirth cycle is all you have gone through right now and feel this deep within your Soul… you’re just getting started baby, you can feel it in your bones right? Time to celebrate this beautiful Soul! And then, back to work of course! 😉 Cause you’re not done yet are you? You’ve got a whole ‘Life’ Purpose to live 😍 And the entire thing, is cause for celebration, which leads you into a sustained joyful time of life, from now on, because you’ve created it so. You’ve done the hard yards now beautiful one, time for sustained ease and joy, it’s what you’ve been pushing for all along after all. Love xxx Ready to shift to your next level and fast? With ease, joy, grace and flow? Ready to move forward and rapidly to new heights? It feels like all the solid foundations are DONE and IN and now is your time to shift to your next level and awaken what is awaiting to come out of you in a big, big way. Are you ready to soar? Click here for all the details of Life Purpose Accelerator, because your time, honey, is now: https://www.realityawareness.com/life-purpose-accelerator


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