🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 9th July 2019 🔮

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Jul 09, 2019

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 9th July 2019 ðŸ”®

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Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

Card #1: Heather.

I am sensing with this card - deep grounding, deep solidarity, it feels like something deeply solid in your life - you have created a space of deep safety - now - is this a ‘comfort zone’ or is this a place where you have finally created a solid foundation for you to work from/in/on?  Heather is associated with good fortune, celebration and good news on it’s way. The bees are coming into the flowers, to transport and make their honey - this solid stable foundation that I am getting the message of - it feels like ‘roots well planted’. You don’t need to worry beautiful Soul - the Universe has your back in this one, it’s all being worked out behind the scenes right now as we speak. Yet, I feel like you are already feeling the sense of stability you have created? The other side of this is - are you comfortable in stability or do you continue to run away from it? Are you jumping from relationship to relationship, are you moving house frequently, are you not settled where you are? Of course, gypsy life is normal for some and that is their stability - there is no judgment here, the deep message pouring through this card though - is about stability. Do you get good things and then sabotage them? What does stability even mean to you? Sometimes we can be looking for a partner to feel stable, secure and worthy and not even realise it! And this - this stability, these, lets use that example of a relationship to help make us feel stable, secure and worthy - if you are struggling for a relationship or in one and you are complaining about these exact traits - point those judgments back at yourself - are you stable? Have you created a stable, secure environment at home? What attracts you to a partner? Their financial status, the way they can take care of you? WHATEVER it is that you are seeking in another, ask yourself, am I LIVING these traits? If you feel like every relationship has failed you - what is it about those relationships, that have ‘failed you’? What aspects did they not live up to, or hold true for you and - are you living that within yourself now? You keys are found in what you feel let down about in others, in what hurts you and pains you - what is it that you are needing? How can you create a lifestyle, where, you provide this level of support, care and love, for yourself? Heather comes as a reminder of you to focus, focus, focus - don’t allow others to pull you off your path, don’t allow the intensity to pull you down. Step back, take care of yourself and continue on your lightest path - because Heather? Is a celebratory card - focus, focus, focus - stuff happens, shake it off and refocus because I bet there are ten amazing things happening right now on this same day, the question is, which one are you focusing on? This is not a time to let bad situations pull you down - you are too valuable for that. This is a time to focus, focus, focus and pull all those parts of yourself back into alignment, so you can continue on this glorious path of yours forward. Heather also comes as a sign as ‘what seems like it is falling apart, is actually falling into place’ as, if it feels like people are attacking you, or there is negativity around you - this is your key to follow and find what only feels good and move forward in that direction, yes, integrate what is right in front of you, but it is okay to say no and walk away too. Trust this, as this card comes to you as a deep focus, focus, focus - don’t let those things pull you off your path right now, you’ve come too far to let that happen again. Boundaries, focus. Celebrate - you deserve it, because bigger things, are about to come right on in beautiful one - celebrate the little things and watch them GROW. Love xxx FINAL HOURS for Mystic Mastery where you can give birth to your deepest desires, to the wisdom that is trying to flow through you, to your Life Purpose and the gifts you have to share with the world, without being a burn out resentful wreck in the process. Click here for all the details on how to apply before this closes in less than 48 hours.


Card #2: Ivy.

Ah, the deep poison Ivy comes flooding to mind - are you holding onto anger, sadness, guilt, grief or are you in deep indecision about something? It feels like there is a weight hanging on your shoulders - but I don’t feel like it is all yours? Have you been ‘sprayed’ with hatred or been around someone who is deeply projecting all their hurt, buried and angry feelings at you? Or not even ‘spraying them at you’ - but you can just deeply feel those unspoken words that they are not even saying? Ivy is a death, rebirth and healing cyclic card, reminding you deeply of the cycles of life - what is dying in your life? What is letting go? What is disappearing slipping through your fingers? What part of your reality is ‘falling away beneath your feet’? I am getting the message that it feels  like you need permission that - it is okay to walk away from what is no longer in alignment with you. I feel like you are holding onto guilt or anger - but I wonder, is the guilt/anger misplaced in a way that…. your intuition told you ages ago to stay away, and yet you didn’t listen? We can be kicking ourselves or projecting anger onto others when we know deep down that our intuition told us to stay away or walk a long time ago, but no, no, we don’t listen and so when shit hits the fan so to speak, instead of taking deep ownership there is a misplaced anger that is projected onto the person and what is really going on? Is that we are deeply sad that we didn’t listen to our intuition right at the start. I remember seeing a meme ages ago - don’t ignore the red flags at the beginning for they will be the reasons you walk away in the end - is coming to mind. What part of you are you needing to deeply release in piles of grief? I feel like you are letting go of so much right now - feelings that are not yours that you are carrying, feelings that are yours that you regret not listening to ages ago. So the deepest question is - are you ready to start, not just listening to your intuition, but TAKING ACTION upon your intuition? Your intuition, is quiet, gentle and won’t be obsessively persistent, but it will be gentle and tapping you on the shoulder to take action on a certain thing/s. What part of your life, are you needing to deeply walk forward in trusting your intuition? I am also feeling like a ceremonial ritual of releasing of some sort is in call for you, to help walk away/release this part of your life? I am sensing that your intuition is deeply increasing and becoming more and more potent and that it is important to deeply honour this space, but creating sacred space everyday to connect to your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom has always been guiding you - even to this ‘mess’ that seems like you are now ‘cleaning up from’ - yet, ultimately? This space has just given you a deeper anchor to trust your intuition in stronger, more powerful ways, so was it really ever ‘wrong’? Nope! Not at all. The question is - are you going to listen to your intuition now? This time? From this moment forth? So you, ‘don’t end up here again’? Is - ‘here’ even bad anyway? No. It is just an experience to help you refocus and strengthen your sense of self. THat’s all. Not bad. Not wrong. Just here - anchoring in, a deeper aspect of your intuition. So…. are you? Going to take trustful action on your intuition and not doubt yourself one moment more? Is that, what the death and rebirth is represented through Ivy for you today? To symbolise the birth of a new you.. in a new direction of always trusting yourself over ANY outside circumstances? Love xxx FINAL HOURS for Mystic Mastery where you can give birth to your deepest desires, to the wisdom that is trying to flow through you, to your Life Purpose and the gifts you have to share with the world, without being a burn out resentful wreck in the process. Click here for all the details on how to apply before this closes in less than 48 hours.


Card #3: The Guardians.

Ah, this card is soooo divinely yummy! The Guardians deeply represent the threefold support - this is shown here by the Elder Tree, the Hawthorn Tree and the Birch Tree. The Guardians deeply represent, the Mother, the Father and the Child. This deep internal space - this is a deep powerful symbol of harmony, commitment, dedication and deep, deep family healing. I am getting the message that if you have pulled this card you are about to step up and out in a deep, deep way (or perhaps you just have?) and I am sensing this space within you, is growing deeper and stronger. I feel you may have been ‘knocked’ lately - or feel, you are doubting this stepping up and out space - yet this message is coming to you today is that you are deeply guided, supported, loved and honoured in this space and it is deeply, DEEPLY a big YES for the direction you are planing to walk and take. Basically if you are looking for confirmation about what decisions you have just made about coming up and out or are about to take big leaps and bounds forward, you have been guided here today to show you that yes, your intuition is correct and not only that - but you have big powerful guides by your side right now that are guiding these actions you are taking. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is a message coming through here - that whatever situation you have found yourself in - these new directional steps you have been feeling to take and have started already taking, even though may not seem like they are doing much right now? Are in fact, making huge steps in the right direction in the long term. You can imagine - a compass, and your direction, is 1 degree off - that will lead to a lot of degrees off in the long run - yet, these tiny degree changes you are making and start making today - put you on the right path in the long run. So, if you are doing something and seems like you are not getting any results, this card has come to you to not give up before the miracle occurs but also, if there is something off kilter - it can be fixed before it becomes a bigger issue. So what is it, that ‘needs fixing’? Relationships go through many phases and right now The Guardians have come to you, to remind you that long term relationships need attention, dedication, repair and nurturing. Whether this is the relationship with yourself, with a loved one, with a family member - nurture, nurture. With deep inner work and a clearing out of old emotional pain from your Heart, you will find that you can come to the table with a deeper, clearer understanding and speak with love, rather than reactive hurt and pain. Easy? No. Worth it? 100%. What emotional heart healing are you needing to shift out of your field in this space right now that will help this inner strengthening? As it isn’t always external that the work needs to be done. If you’re feeling hurt, abandoned ‘how could they do that to me’ space - then it is the internal work that is deeply needing support and nurturing - your own inner past and own hurts about your past relationships - you haven’t really dealt with them fully yet have you? Lean upon The Guardians to connect in deeply to your Heart, as it is here, lays the space where the healing is needing. Tend to this, and watch your reality shift as if by magic âœ¨ Love xxx FINAL HOURS for Mystic Mastery where you can give birth to your deepest desires, to the wisdom that is trying to flow through you, to your Life Purpose and the gifts you have to share with the world, without being a burn out resentful wreck in the process. Click here for all the details on how to apply before this closes in less than 48 hours.


Card #4: The Banes.

Ah, light at the end of the tunnel, light in the darkness, the Moonlight night, the stars that shine in the dark - is deep messages for the Banes. When The Banes show up, it is about unexpected help, support, the kindness of someone you barely speak to just saying, hey, I got you through this time, it’s okay, you’re not alone, I’m here - can shine the brightest light on the gloomiest of days and give a spark of hope when there seems no end in sight to the merry go round of life that seems like - what is the point of all this anyway? We wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep - what is the point anyway? I am sensing this ‘standstill’ for you right now (although, it doesn’t feel like standstill right? It feels like the busiest you’ve ever been in a super exhausting way for you right now yes?) Yet, this standstill I am talking about is like when the big ship is coming to a halt, it takes some time for it to really stop and I feel that this is what is going on for you. This ‘almost coming to a halt’ space of the big ship - is you starting to question, um, what the hell? What is the point anyway?! When this space comes up - get ready for big life directional shifts and changes, because that huge ship is about to make a 90 degree turn in a different direction and life will be quite challenging for some time, yet, these changes have been spurred on by your Life Purpose starting to deeply awaken within you and make you even question what is the point of it all. It feel like you are being guided now to a place you’ve never been before - there is always a death of a part of our human reality, our ‘ego death’ as some like to call it - I call it an integration of consciousness that leads us to our higher destiny. Instead of death, it is integration and that - means we walk forward with deep wholeness of self, rather than an empty hollow shell. I am also getting the message about raising your standards in your life - what are you tolerating right now, that really is ‘on edge’ or ‘on the verge’ of ‘being enough’ right now? It feels like you have almost had enough and this tolerance level is what will shift you. ‘Enough is enough’ raise your standards and walk away. What will bring you the most freedom? What brings more light and love into your life? These are the avenues, the portals you are needing to follow right now, yet don’t settle for less than you deserve, is such a strong theme here. You’ve come this far - don’t start settling now. Continue to raise your standards and watch the Universe come in and shower you with the reflection that you ARE. You must become it first - but you already know this don’t you? So - what direction do you need to start moving in - even if it is dragging your feet the entire way? I am sensing that a tiny bit of effort on your part right now, is actually going to create a lot of movement and energy for you have a strong energy, so don’t underestimate yourself here, but also raise your standards it WILL get easier and easier, but you must move forward in that direction first and that, is sometimes the hardest step to take. By Sunday and by our Full Moon - things will become super clear, this ’90 degree’ turn will be very clear about the life directional changes you need/are to take - overseas perhaps? What has been calling you about interstate/overseas? There are vital clues and keys there - the question is - do you trust yourself enough, these pivotal life direction changes that have ultimately been brewing for quite some time within you - was there something in May, that is similar feelings? Yet, this time, it is real and grounding into reality now yes? Trust it beautiful - the darkness is almost over, for it is shown you, your brightest of light. You can do this and the Universe is backing you ALL THE WAY - or it wouldn’t even be a contemplative thought in your reality. Love xxx FINAL HOURS for Mystic Mastery where you can give birth to your deepest desires, to the wisdom that is trying to flow through you, to your Life Purpose and the gifts you have to share with the world, without being a burn out resentful wreck in the process. Click here for all the details on how to apply before this closes in less than 48 hours.


Card #5: Poppy.

Deception, deception, deception - the Poppy - has a bad wrap right? It fuels heroin and is the symbol of flower for remembering those that died in war for us. Yet this Poppy here for you today? This deception? I am getting the message of a big wake up call for yourself - I feel like REALITY SHIFTS are upon you right now, I feel you are realising more and more, than ever before and I am getting the message that this ‘deception’ is about - what are you not seeing in your reality that needs to be seen? What reflections are beaming back right in front of you? What are you blind to see? What are you judging that is the answer to your question, the ‘block’ you are trying to remove - where are you deceiving yourself? I am sensing that the answer you seek, is deep inside you - cliche I know - but in the back ground on this card, is a passageway through the hill - going deep inside the dark mountain - the light that you seek, the ‘answer’ to remove the block you are feeling in your life? Is right there in front of you. What seems bad, what seems it is death to your Soul and the only remembrance is through what the Poppy brings of a symbolism is deeply remembering what it is you are here to do. Whatever ‘bad’ thing that has just happened to you - IS TRYING TO WAKE YOU UP TO THE REALITY YOU ARE SEARCHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF TO FIX! If you feel like you have been searching and searching and searching and searching to no avail - honey, just STOP then. Stop searching, stop DOING - and just BE - and the answer will surface. It is that frantic searching, that non-stop masculine driving energy, that is causing the entire evading the answer your question right in front of your being, your divine being, is awaiting you to STOP - so that you may enter that passageway of the mountain/hill that is right in front of you that you feel like you don’t have time to even breathe lately - you realise… that this, is the first thing you need to do - STOP. Just stop. Change, change, change - direction, thoughts, choices, who you hang around, all sorts of things. Everything even. When Poppy appears ‘something you thought was lost forever reappears’ and this - long lost part of yourself perhaps? Yes, ex’s may have reared their head recently, yet - I feel this is deeper than that - this is about reclaiming the long lost lover you once knew - you - that part of your Soul that is longing for someone - is you longing for you. What you think you are searching for out there - in someone or something - this deception - is about you finding the depths of you - that has been there - all along. Your attention is best to just stop thinking about the thing, stop trying to figure it out and ‘let it go to let it grow’ - you know - that ‘letting go is less painful than holding on’ - just STOP the push - and let the Universe show you what it has been trying to bring you all along. Aren’t you ready for it to be easy yet? Love xxx FINAL HOURS for Mystic Mastery where you can give birth to your deepest desires, to the wisdom that is trying to flow through you, to your Life Purpose and the gifts you have to share with the world, without being a burn out resentful wreck in the process. Click here for all the details on how to apply before this closes in less than 48 hours.


Card #6: Puffball.

Ah I am sensing such a ‘trust in the unknown’ right now for you - it feels like you are walking in soooo much faith. You know where you are headed but you don’t and…. can you feel that sense of adventure in your blood right now? Something is ‘coming’ more so - you are and have been ‘creating a reality you don’t need a holiday from right’? Yes! You sure have and I am sensing that you can feel how close to fruition this is - yet, you are walking in blind faith and Puffball has come to you as you can feel it, not knowing exactly what it is - but I feel like ‘something is about to pay off big time’ for you - all your walking in soooo much faith right now - is deeply about to pay off for you, all your hard work, dedication commitment in the face of adversity - has given you wings to fly! I am sensing too - a deep sense of grounding reality (hmm, did you pick two cards today?!) it is like what this ‘unknown but known sense’ is that your reality is grounding in now. For quite some time, it is like the Earth has dropped out from under your feet (from about this February, back through to April last year) yet now? Now, you are feeling way more grounded in this ‘new reality’ - it is like a whole new layer of reality has been imprinted upon you - or - like you have put on a brand new dress/outfit and it fits like a glove. Upgrades all around and transformations underground - I fell like you’ve been integrating so much darkness recently and even this past year you’ve had shifts, after shifts, after shifts, that now you are really starting to come into your light again. Puffball - Mushrooms, as it states in the guidebook - ‘perform the alchemy of turning dead matter into new life’ transforming darkness to light, changing your current reality to what you really want it to be and moving mountains to do so - with delicately high and very powerful light frequencies to do so. This card comes with a deep connection to source, to your Soul, to your Spirit, to our Earth - and a feeling of ‘coming home’ - even if you are packing up your home to travel somewhere. You have long been doing the work and this ‘home’ feeling - is a return to your heart, to your Source, to your Hearth - that you know has been there all along and now? This is the ‘grounding into reality’ piece - this is a return to your deep connection and what lays ahead? Is only more of the grounding of your dreams into reality. This card is a very positive omen for the work you’ve been doing, the plans you have made and are working towards and… you can feel it in your bones how close it is right? Keep shining that light in the darkness, for where it goes, reality is transformed and your home is shown. Nothing can rock you now beautiful one, you’re too strong for that now - strong, with that grounded gentleness - that empowered wisdom and self love, self respect and deep care for self that… is only getting stronger every single day, creating ‘a reality you don’t need a vacation from’ that… is so close your blood and life is coming ALIVE with the freedom - you already feel. Shine babe, SHINE. Love xxx FINAL HOURS for Mystic Mastery where you can give birth to your deepest desires, to the wisdom that is trying to flow through you, to your Life Purpose and the gifts you have to share with the world, without being a burn out resentful wreck in the process. Click here for all the details on how to apply before this closes in less than 48 hours.