🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 4th June 2019 🔮

🔮READING RESULTS ARE IN!!! For 4th June 2019 🔮

Scroll down to find what number you chose earlier today to see what messages are awaiting you behind the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards for you today 🌺

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Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Card #1: First Step. Breaking down this problem into tiny pieces makes it easy to take the first step.

Ah, have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? With so much to do and the seemingly never ending pile of omg, when is this going to end? Whether that be emotions or physical things to do that just don’t seem to end? Yet… there has been a slight shift already - perhaps this New Moon Energy that is starting to kick in? Even if you haven’t ‘worked through it all yet’ - it feels like you have a plan now and that is enough to seemingly release the pressure perhaps? I am feeling like, you are about to break though to something and sometimes that comes with a break down of sorts, a releasing of the old - have you just got rid of something old, something, that - has been with you for quite some time? There has been many people releasing 9-10 year cycles right now - is that how long it has been? I am also wondering if you started to really move with the energy of it all on the weekend just gone, deeply starting to prepare for your next steps? This card, is in particular and indeed - “First Step, breaking this problem down into tiny steps makes it easy to take the first step.” I am also hearing, ‘This is a period of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ - big changes are going on in your life right now right? It feels like you are also moving through a stage in your life, that you almost didn’t think you would reach, or you would, but that… it wouldn’t look like this in a way? Yet, the sense I am feeling for you now, is you feel quite grounded in the chaos with this plan and are feeling more and more steady each day, since this realisation, this plan ahead so to speak, that you can work towards every day. I am also hearing ‘balance’ - is this something you’ve been working on too? Coming into balance and not give, give, give all the time? Yet, now it is time to give to yourself, give to you in a way? One step at a time  beautiful one, you are never ‘done’ for our natural evolution of being human, is always wanting, always desiring, even Life Purpose Soul desires are always in the process of creating - when you can be at Peace, with this constant ‘never done’ - you truly begin to find the purpose of Life itself - constant evolution and the witness, to that, whilst BEing a part of this incredible place, we call… Earth. I am sensing a lot openings for you recently, now and upcoming. The Pink Hydrangea’s on this card, the Ear Chakras, are pink and are deeply receptive, deeply feminine, deeply open, deeply present - I am sensing that you have had many shifts lately, but beautiful one, they are only just beginning. I am feeling that you’re feeling, freer and freer each and every single day and this - comes from ‘breaking this problem down into tiny steps’. I am also sensing that you are beginning to open, in a way of noticing more and more abundance, noticing the flow, noticing when you are in the flow/intuition and when you are not and when you’re wanting to be in it and I almost feel like you are crafting, honing your skill, so that you can stay in the flow all the time again now? There is something else coming through… what is that… grounding, grounding, grounding, what are you trying to ground? What are you trying to birth into reality? I wonder if part of this chaos is that an entire new reality is going to be birthed for you? From you, through you? Sometimes it can feel like we are hitting a wall at times, because we are actually going to break through another layer of consciousness and that comes with a great big mess, before the new reality comes through, the glass breaks and shatters everywhere, when a baby is born, well we all know what divine ‘mess’ that beautiful journey brings forth. Be okay in this storm, as I already feel like you are coming into this space of finding deep Peace with it, and this card is confirmation of the shifts you are beginning to feel deep in core level right now, your new reality, is about to ground, about to find it’s feet, so you can…. start running again. First step, little steps, just keep taking them, you might feel like a baby learning to walk right now, but you got this and so does the Universe - it’s got your back, every step of the way. Keep believing in yourself, especially when those around you are telling you otherwise in your face. Trust, move forward, one step at a time. Love xxx Are you wanting to deeply recalibrate, reconfigure and find your stillness amongst this seemingly chaotic space? It seemed to take me a while to ground this one! But, I realised, I was going through my own reconfiguring whilst I was grounding this divine meditation for you!!! The Reconfiguring Energetic Codes MEDITATION is here!!!! 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Card #2: Patience. ‘Your prayers have been heard and they are being answered.’

Eeek! Sometimes I don’t like hearing this when I WANT IT NOW! 🤣 However, I don’t actually feel that you’re stressing out about it, the thing you’re wanting or ‘why hasn’t it happened yet’ I don’t actually feel you are in this space, of course you’re curious, you’re wondering, and the thoughts are there, however, your energy is more relaxed into knowing it is going to happen, knowing it is going to be done, happened, and it feels like you are dropping into a space of deep peace right now. And do you know what that means? You’re right on path! They say, that the more Peace you feel, the more on path you are. Now, that can come with chaos going on all around you, huge changes, huge shifts going on all around you, yet, this underlying sense of Peace is there, that you know, deep down, somehow in all this mess, it is all meant to be. I am also hearing, ‘Progress, progress, progress.’ and I am wondering what that means to you? Are you making progress with what you are working on, where you are at? Or do you need to start taking steps, no matter how small? I am also getting the message for you, that if you feel like things are at a standstill and are not happening, please know they are. I am getting the message to let you know/remind you - that in the stillness? In the ‘standstill’? What is actually happening here? Is that you are opening to receive. This is an IMPORTANT part of manifestation - we can’t go and go and go and do and do and receive to the fullest capacity that we are designed for. The masculine is doing, the feminine is receiving and that means stopping to reach your hands out and receive the full bloom of the flower that is opening to you. What just came to mind, is that it is a different feeling - to driving through a fast food place and eating on the go, to taking the time to fetch the ingredients, and prepare and meal and enjoy it with a glass of wine and good company - the FEELING is very different. Now, you don’t have to do THAT to receive but that FEELING? THat’s the one you’re looking for… the other part here, is that not many people are comfortable with stopping, we are so used to and society is TRAINED to go go go ALL the time. So, if you’re in a place where you are like eeek! What is the next thing!? Why isn’t anything happening yet, just… know this is your TRAINING to get COMFORTABLE with space. Slow down and smell the roses as they say. Are you comfortable with space? Sometimes that means… we have to face ourselves! 🙈 God forbid! So maybe, this is why you are uncomfortable with space and STOPPING? What if, you could be there for yourself, like you are craving that person to be there for you? What if, you could give yourself what you are wanting others to give you? What if, you could show yourself the love, care and kindness, you are so tirelessly giving others? What if, this space was a gift from God, to show yourself the same care, that you give others? Because do you know what this does? Shows the Universe…. you’re ready to RECEIVE - because this is, what you’re striving and ‘pushing’ for after all right? Love xxx Would you like to fast track this ‘getting comfortable with space’? This Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Meditation is LONG - but gosh, the SPACE you go to? Woah! NEXT LEVEL baby!! This is the one you’ve been waiting for! This is the SPACE that takes us beyond what we are ‘affected by’ on Earth and into a space where your cellular DNA and structures of all your pasts, of all your futures, of…. ALL, is deeply reconfigured to your highest path. You can do this meditation and bring with intention ‘anything into the space’ to be Reconfigured, whether money, love, health or life purpose, if you’re wanting to shift and upgrade your energy let alone your genetic and energetics of your systems, that have played a part in where you have landed today, then this ist he one for you, click here for all the details for this is OUT NOW beautiful one! 


Card #3: Share The Message of Love. ‘Rivers of Love flow within you, and others may benefit from your healing energy. Be mindful of each word that passes through your lips.’

Throat chakra, throat chakra, throat chakra is all I immediately heard when I saw this card for you! Even though it is a yellow Daffodil on this card, and the Throat Chakra is actually sky blue, and yellow, deeply represents the Solar Plexus, this here, I feel is two messages, but of course, they are deeply connected. For, speaking your truth, comes in the Throat Chakra - what are you needing to voice to someone? Or, are you needing to ZIP your mouth and stop talking about it - and LIVE your truth instead? For the Throat Chakra, isn’t about just speaking your truth, but it is LIVING it. Walking the talk, not just talking it yes? Yet, I am sensing that this card - is that you are needing to voice something and whether that is to someone in particular, that you need to get off your chest, something has been bothering you and/or something has been arising within you, something that has been surfacing for you, that is even, feelings of love that you need to speak/share with someone? I am sensing it is more positive that negative here in this space. Yet, also, this could be about you actual y sharing your truth with the world? Where you are needing to step into your service role in the world? Where are you needing to come into your LIGHT in the world? Is it time to step out of the dark, and shine your light into the world - even just in your own life for a time? I am sensing that you are coming into your own, coming into a space in your life where you can feel yourself rising, coming into your power, and/or your power is surfacing and you can’t not do it any more you HAVE to do this thing now, go down this path, stand up for yourself, stand up for what you know is right, stay true to yourself beliefs, speak your truth, live your truth - it is time for you to RISE and you can feel it surging through your body. You may have had a desire to move your body more recently than what you’ve ever had before and this is like the serpent rising, awakening from it’s slumber. This body movement is important to the integration of the energies your body is remembering, coming to surface, becoming conscious of and using in your every day life. I am sensing deep, deep awakenings happening for you with this - about your truth rising, about your Life Purpose beginning to surface - have you had Past Life stuff surfacing this past week for you? Or delved into it? This is old, ancient and paramount to your reawakening - remembering all of your gifts of every single life you’ve ever lived on this planet to date dear one - it is time… for you to RISE. Share your truth, speak your truth, better still, be silent and just DO IT. LIVE IT. SHOW them, just LIVE it. You are coming into your power and it is safe for you to be powerful, any fear that arises with it, is just a layer of old surfacing to be cleared, because it is no longer in alignment with you coming into - the reason you were killed so many lifetimes prior… it is time and you are safe, this is the 20th Century after all. RISE dear one, RISE 🔥🔥🔥 Love xxx Ready for the Reconfiguring to match your truth surfacing? Ready to burn away all that is not your truth? Ready to DO IT WITH EASE? Reconfiguring Energetic Codes lets you do exactly that! This out of this world space, creates this reconfiguring of your energy at core, beyond cellular level, click here for all the details to come into rapid accelerated shifts, align your energetic frequency to match, what is naturally arising out of you beautiful one.


Card #4: World Energy. ‘The Earth is going through a transition of energy and your sensitive body is feeling it. You’re not alone, accept the help of others.’

Ah, you’re super sensitive - but hey - you already knew that right? Outside, outside, outside is all I am hearing! Nature, is really supportive for you through this huge period of transition for you I am getting the message for you of. Everyone feels better by spending time in nature - but I am getting the message that for you - it is CRITICAL for you to make time, create time for you to  be in Nature. I am sensing that there is a period in your life you are going through right now that is making you extra sensitive to things, your environment and more, and that this being in Nature is your medicine to staying sane so to speak, in this world. I am also getting the message for you to ‘tune into Nature’ more than you already are. In a sense that, there is a lot of movement going on, on the planet right now, storms, volcanoes and more and to be aware of this energy. Not in a panic, obsessive space, but just in an awareness space of, ah, that’s what is happening in my neighbouring country, no wonder I feel like the Earth is moving beneath my feet - because it is! It just gives you that depth of awareness, of the energies moving about the place. The Earth, is a bit like our organs in our body, if one organ is suffering, the rest are ‘backed up’ and ‘suffering’ because they are all connected and work in synergistic flow and when something isn’t working 100%, all the other organs feel it to an extent. It is the same with the Earth energies, when there are storms, volcanoes or other things going on - the neighbouring countries etc, all feel it. So just being aware of what is going on around you, is a good thing to check on when you are feeling off and wondering what is happening for/to you - you’re not crazy, it’s not all you, you’re just SUPER sensitive. The other message with this card is - to be conscious of what energies are in your environment. So, when you are feeling off, or not right or something is just… off, the first thing to do is ask, whose energy is this? And just become aware of who you begin thinking about or whatever situation comes to mind, trust it. I am sensing that you need to detoxify in your environment, more so in your house. Are there energies, belongings or other items in your home, that are not yours? I am sensing that this is ‘weighing you down’ and feels like the weight of the world is upon your shoulders but this feeling is here, because of these other energies in your home. What can you cleanse, tidy up, get rid of? What can you shift out? And sage and cleanse? Sometimes if you can’t move physical stuff, just saging alone can really shift the energy and if you haven’t even saged for quite some time, if you have had other people visit your home and you haven’t saged afterwards, this can make a huge difference to how you feel and I am getting this message strongly for you? Don’t have any sage? Make a trip to go and get some, as I feel this will help shift you. Even if you’ve interacted on the phone, on the internet or otherwise, you can still be feeling them, so cleaning your house and/or energetically cleaning your home is a strong message here for you. It is and ‘should’ be normal, to sage your home, just like you would sweep the floors, it is the same thing. If you are carrying someone’s energy to your detriment, it would be wise to ask, why you are carrying them in the first place? This can be out of guilt of stepping out of a pattern or role that you have held for a very long time, and the guilt is what allows you to open the gate to carrying their energy. There are so many intricacies for carrying someone’s energy, that I go into it deeply in Trust Your Intuition, because if you are clouded by someone else’s energy, how are you to Trust Your Intuition? If you haven’t seen my snippet, directly out of Trust Your Intuition and feel like you are carrying someone but don’t know how to clear it, why you are even doing that, and even after trying everything you are STILL carrying their energy, you can watch this video on youtube  by clicking here. If you need tools to clear your energy (starting points), my internal compass chakra clearing meditation IS your starting point and should be done, like brushing your teeth, or having a shower, just like we sweep the floor of our home. It is free, in my Essentials Meditation Pack and you can grab that by clicking here, if you don’t have it already. You’re not crazy beautiful one, you’re just super sensitive and just need to learn how to care for your sensitivities - they are your gift, your gift is surfacing. It’s time to use it, so it doesn’t ‘use’ you, that’s all ❤️ Love xxx Are you wanting to take your ‘clearing negative energy’ to the next level? Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Meditation does exactly that. This is energetically recoding and reconfiguring your energy to keep up with and shift into the consciousness that is naturally happening and occurring on the planet today, without it feeling like complete hurricane energy, this is how you can be grounded in the storm of changes that is, the only constant thing on this planet, change. Click here for all the details beautiful Soul.


Card #5: Reach For The Stars. ‘You deserve only the best and this is all you should focus your attention on.’

Ah, I feel like this card is confirmation for the path you are on. I wonder if you have made some choices recently that you are questioning, doubting and wondering um, wtf did I just do?! Yet, at the same time, there is this underlying… YES… I am sensing that this path you are on, or have ‘cogs clicked into place’ for you recently that you are on, IS the right path for you. I am hearing the message, don’t doubt yourself right now, it is like that is the kick in the guts whilst you are down so to speak - so let’s not even go there hey beautiful? What I am sensing, is that the Universe has seemingly made a lot of decisions for you lately that you are somewhat questioning and wondering why things are going the way you THOUGHT they were going to go, or what you had planned. ‘Letting go of control’ ‘Surrendering’ I am sensing is a big part of this right now - God’s got it sorted, not you… and in a better way than what you think is right and what you should do ‘now’ - is different to the bigger plan at play here. Are you wondering which way to go? Do you feel like you have a zillion things to do, yet, no time to do it all, yet, you notice you ARE starting to make progress on these at the same time? I am hearing ‘don’t give up on your dreams’ and don’t feel disheartened when it feels like they aren’t going the way you think it was supposed to be, because they are still happening, it is just that God has ‘blocked’ you because, this way, and what you are about to realise and ‘see’ is that this way, is of course better than what you had expected and planned. This is an ‘of course’ space for you to step into. Your dreams are with you for a reason, and they are happening beautiful one, so keep working towards them. I am also getting the message for you about healing the Earth - sounds strange/left field - and yet, I am wondering what this means for/to you? Are you trying to go somewhere, but you are ‘stuck where you are’? There is usually a reason why you are on certain lands, certain locations on the Earth, certain places, when we don’t want to be, for several reasons. 1. We have past life healing work to do, regarding a situation/piece of land that we have found ourselves on. Either we need to reclaim parts of us that were lost on the land where we are, have work to do to help Souls cross over, have work to do on the Earth Herself where we are to shift the energy of whatever went on there to support US in returning to wholeness so we can fully embody the next stage of our journey, not, leave with scattered pieces of us still left behind on the land - it is why you have been energetically drawn there, placed there if you may, by the Universe, because there is a piece of you, you need to reclaim, pull back into you, to claim full power so you can fulfil your mission, your purpose, your reason for being here this lifetime, live your dreams. 2. Is that sometimes we think we are supposed to be doing something in our life for this purpose, mission, reason and yet, the Universe ‘stops’ us in places we don’t want to be and face. These ‘energies’ are also to be ‘mastered’ in this space, so we can ‘face’ different parts of the world as we are going on in our journey/purpose on this Earth, so it is like the Universe is giving you a heads up, giving you important skills and honing your craft, before the next part of your mission that you aren’t ready for, as much as you think you are, this, what is ‘stopped you in your tracks’ right now - is a gift from the Universe, for mastering these current energies is what gives you the depths of your gift, that if you had gone forth without this, would be like surface travelling…… when that isn’t who you are dear deep one now are you? 😉 Mastering where you currently are, is the message I am getting for you strongly on this card, mastering and getting SUPER clear on EVERY area of your life right now - finances, health, physical reality, relationships, sorting out ‘cluttered’ areas of your life, instead of just putting them all in storage so to speak. Clear slate, for this is what you are ‘stuck’ here for. You aren’t stuck, you are preparing… mastering for the depth of who you really are. I smile deeply as I feel the depth of this for you as I know that this, is then ‘setting you on a different’ path to what you had in mind in a way, this will take you into deeper alignment with your path, your gift, your craft and this is… what the world needs and what your dreams require of you, after all. TRUST beautiful one, TRUST exactly this space you are in RIGHT NOW. Love xxx Wanting to energetically align to your mission without compromising the depth of your dreams? Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Meditation, deeply brings you into this space of alignment, without compromising one single aspect of your hearts mission, of your Soul’s purpose, this is the deep embodying key that activates, what you already are, showing you the truth, of exactly why you are where you are at. Click here for all the details for this.


Card #6: You are Healed. ‘The healing you’ve prayed for is on it’s way.’

You are supported! Is the strong message coming through here for you today! I am feeling that you are actually really starting to feel this support? Feel this space of… space even? Even though there is ‘still a lot to do’ and still a lot to ‘get done’ I am sensing you feel an ease and flow about it all now, not so anxious about it anymore? Do you have a plan in place, even just an energetic one in your mind? I am feeling that ‘everything is blossoming’ right now for you, the seeds you planted long ago, are taking full bloom and shape and things are coming to fruition. Yet, things still need tending to right now yes? And, you are deeply aware of this and are at peace with this. I am also feeling there has been a physical healing for you recently too. Has something shifted that was a physical ailment in a way and you sense you have moved through this? I am wondering if you have been taking physical actions to support your health and well being recently too, that has been spurred on from this healing? Are you getting intuitive nudges about other things to do to support your health as well? Even the physical day to day activities - a new routine has been implemented perhaps? Did that come from the catastrophic ‘fallout’ of the Dark Moon yesterday and over the weekend? Was there an ‘outburst’, that created a shift in routine? What is stagnant and outdated, is no longer required and you are shifting into a new element of self, reality and life purpose cycle and so, new routines are required to match it, which I feel like you have just done and the sense here is trust these changes as it is time. A bit like when the seeds need nurturing, they require a certain routine, structure of care and when the flowers are in full bloom - they too, require a different level of structure of care and I feel like these changes recently for you, have created this different level of structure of care that you’ve just shifted into. If there has been a purging, a change in environment, a change of what is physically in front of you in your life, this is part of the structural change, manifestation of the seeds, now grown and in full bloom. I am also getting the message that something you are worried about but not worried about - is healed, is happening, is already done. Alignment, alignment, alignment, I keep hearing the words alignment. All you need to do, is to stay in alignment of your desires, of what feels right, continue to trust your intuition - ‘The healing you’ve prayed for is on it’s way’ - it is already done, is the strong undertone message there, just the keeping your flower open in full bloom, is all you need to worry about, to ‘release the worry’ and continue to transform that into faith - which IS what you are good and have built your life upon anyway right? I feel like you’ve completed a HUGE chapter of your life - book, even - and now, it is learning to ride this new bike you have, coming into deep awareness and alignment of you, allowing the bees, to come, to the open flower that you have, tended to the flowers in the garden, you have so diligently grown. Breathe deeply beautiful, you’ve worked hard, enjoy this new  book - the pages are open, ready to be written by you, your new beautiful book/life/chapter. Live it, how you want to. Your heart knows the way, just like it always has done. ❤️ Love xxx Taking it to the next level? Ready for the energetic molecular structure to match it? Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Meditation does exactly that and so much more, click here for all the details, this has been long awaited #itstime.


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