#realitychecks - Sleep Paralysis

#realitychecks - Sleep Paralysis
~ Have you cleaned your energy today?
If you haven't cleared your energy, which can be as simple as imagining the sunlight beaming through your aura, your body, your system or imaging the shower water being like a waterfall of white light, washing away anything that isn't yours.
If you don't you will be carrying all sorts of people's energy that can create energies that stem from this and 'attract' more of it that weighs you down, holds you down, pins you down.
If that person's energy that you are carrying is feeling sad, depressed or angry, you will be feeling it too as an example. So, clear your energy now, simply by imagining the sunlight beaming through and 'burning away' anything that isn't yours.
~ Did you clear and grid protect the energy in your home today?
This is a simple and powerful tool that you can use that you can find in my free Clear and Activate Pack on my website.
The Internal Compass Meditation is simple and powerful and is the fastest way to clear the energy in your home, land and create that shield of protection. A daily must.
~ Are you on any drugs (pharmaceutical or recreational), alcohol or cigarettes?
Our body is not designed for these things. When our system is on overload, even if you have a little bit every now and again, your system stacks in up in your body.
Eventually it hits the 'overload' button and needs to decompress and 'weighs you down'. So important to check off these factors as they are so common and easy to forget about the daily intake, let alone what opens up through your Aura on such.
~ Who did you have contact with today? Or in the last 3 days?
You don't even need to speak to someone in person for this to occur. You could be thinking about them or just phone or email contact.
Take note of who you had contact with, it could be someone who is in a really hard place, or that you have had issues with in the past, or someone you know you need to walk away from, that you haven't let go of yet.
~ Have you taken radical responsibility for your physical needs in your Home and everyday life?
If there are outstanding bills, physical health checks (dentist, physical body checks) that you know you need to tend to, but have been turning a blind eye to, these 'weigh you down' subconsciously - time to face them and make a plan to sort them out, or you will wake with sleep paralysis because you're not 'facing the weight of your reality' during your waking day reality.
~ What television or social media movies, documentaries, series or videos did you watch today or in the last 3 days or longer?
These imprint onto your psyche and open up portals, dimensions and realities - even if unintended.
They are 'visions' when we watch something and it creates an impact on our energy field.
Be mindful of what you are watching, does it have resonance with who you are now?
Or who you used to be, that you still can't get enough of? Is that, what you want imprinted on your energy field?
~ Have you cleared the energy of the land, suburb, town, city that you are in?
You may think that you can't - but you can. If you're conscious of energy and you can feel and sense presences around you, you must be clearing the land you are currently on.
It is a bit like picking up rubbish on your walk, you sense the energy, time to clear it.
It can simply be done with the Internal Compass Meditation and you don't even need to be 'meditating' to do it. You can find it in my free Clear & Activate Pack on my website.
~ Have you moved your bed position, since you have lived in your current home?
If you have moved your bed position, there are a few things to check here in the following points. Also when you move your bed, it 'stirs things up' that you hadn't seen before in your life, stagnant old energy can shift and move, bringing up all kinds of 'heaviness' that holds you down.
If you haven't moved your bed position, maybe it is time to check in - maybe you need to move your bed? Even the side of the bed you sleep on?
If you have gone through a relationship break up - you can still be 'sleeping with them' because energetically they were/still are in the bed.
If you just moved into a new home, you may be 'sleeping with the previous owners/tenants' - make sure you clear this energy frequently for the first 6 months minimum.
If nothing has changed, check in with the next point.
~ Have you checked the ley lines through the land and your home that you are in?
It is so important to have an idea where the energy ley lines run through your home, property, land and environment you are on.
This can be done by a professional or if you Trust Your Intuition enough, you can tune in, place your hand on the land and ask the land to show you Herself. Then, trust your intuition on the information you receive.
If nothing else has changed - sooo important to check this bit - has there been major construction in suburbs surrounding you in the last 18 months?
It could be 3-5 suburbs away, and yet, as a sensitive empath, you will feel the changes in the energy of the land. For example, extensive upgrades to motorways, new buildings, suburbs or otherwise, change the landscape, knocking down trees and placing roads etc, changes the entire landscape energy and this can have a dramatic effect on opening/closing of portals and a complete change in the energetic structure of the land = that you feel with all your heart, because you are an Empath and deeply tuned into such subtle energy frequency shifts.
~ What Relationship are you still in/connected to, that is 'paralysing' you?
If you are in an unhealthy relationship with anyone (this could be a career/job situation too) - and you KNOW it isn't serving you anymore, but you continue to hang around, stay in it, put up with less than you deserve and you are waking up with sleep paralysis - what is it trying to 'wake you up too'?
What will it take, to wake you up to you not just listening, but trusting your intuition enough to actually action what you're being guided to do?
For example, leave situations that you know are unhealthy for you?
Or take radical responsibility for situations in your life?
I understand that many people experience Sleep Paralysis as though someone is holding them down - even see it in their room/over them.
Whilst this is a reality for you/them, it is sooo important to check of these points on this checklist before you go clearing for entities, demons and other negative beings - because if you do, and don't tend to the most crucial aspects of why are there, 'trying to wake you up in the first place' - it is not going to completely clear.
Do you experience Sleep Paralysis?
Has this checklist helped you?
Comment below with any questions and share it with people you know who also experience this.
Love, Hannah
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