I've been quiet... but I realised, I've been... RECONFIGURING

meditation reconfiguring energetic codes Jun 03, 2019

I've been quiet... but I realised, I've been... RECONFIGURING

I realised the other day, 'I've been quiet'... on social media perhaps, but back here? The biggest upgrades of my life have been going on. AND they rapidly began the DAY of the Full Moon Ceremony last month, that Scorpio Full Moon is when this Reconfiguring Energetic Codes first flowed through me, and since then? It has been NON STOP upgrade, after upgrade, after upgrade. 

I remember bawling my eyes out crying as the Full Moon rose on the horizon here as the Sun was setting in the West, She was rising in the East and I was in the kitchen, bawling my eyes out as Panda's presence was deeply around, but left, that was when he went through the portal... and I deeply felt it. 

I am starting to deeply notice, that when that Peak Full Moon rises on the horizon? Gosh, that is when I feel Her the most and usually feel the full peak of whatever is currently going on in my life right now. 

This is the first time, that a part of the Full Moon Ceremony, well, this was the entire Ceremony journey this one! That, this is the first that has been turned into an entire course! I thought it was just going to be the Meditation that I was to release, then it kept pouring through me and hence Reconfiguring Energetic Codes was launched and we are right in the middle of the Two Week Immersion and gosh... any more Reconfiguring?! It has been huge changes in my physical life, more than... I can share right now (I'm sooo excited to share all of these with you!!!). 

It is here, that I release to you Reconfiguring Energetic Codes - what a time too, right on the Dark Moon/New Moon, to deeply welcome this new cycle, Reconfiguring that which is no longer needed so you can continue and keep up with Earth's rapid frequency shifts, so you can evolve WITH Her, rather than get left behind in the chaos, because that is what it feels like otherwise! That the Earth has fallen out beneath your feet, that everything is up in the air and nothing is landing nor you know where it will land. 

Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Meditation IS your tool, your guide, your key, to Reconfiguring your Energetic Frequency, your genetic coding, your generational lineage, your heritage, your DNA, your systems, to MATCH Earth - you are.. Her after all. 

Time to reconnect, time to Reconfigure - system upgrades are essential for technology to keep working as Earth and Humanity keep evolving and growing, this, you, are no different. 


Welcome, to Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Meditation: https://www.realityawareness.com/reconfiguring-energetic-codes-meditation

I wanted this to be out ages ago, yet, the Reconfiguring Energetic Codes Two Week Immersion plus the Reconfiguring going on in my physical life? Phew! TOTAL next level! 

YOUR TURN ðŸ˜Oh, that is... if you're ready for them! Ready to RECEIVE? 😍

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen