Second Last Full Moon Ceremony - EVER!

full moon ceremony Jul 31, 2023

In just under 24 hours, I will be holding my second last Full Moon Ceremony - ever!!! (well, for a time!)

I have been holding Full Moon Ceremonies EVERY SINGLE MONTH for 7 YEARS!

That is A LOT of Full Moon Ceremonies! 🌕💫🤍

Over the just gone Solstice I got the clear intuitive guidance to stop Full Moon Ceremonies (you can imagine my shock hearing this!) but then once I received the 'why' it was a no brainer.

I have been guided to stop them for a time (however long that intuitively is) as I am being called to put ALL my dedication, focus and energy into Phase II of Reality Awareness, which has always been the plan, since I came solely online in 2016 and well, it is time!

It feels freeing and clear, I am certain in this decision. When I tuned into when the last one would be - the Blue Moon at the end of August, I was like ha, of course - after 7 years of non-stop, every single month Full Moon Ceremonies, of course I am guided to finish on a grand finale Blue Moon! #ofcourse 🌕💫🤍

So, we have two left, one in less than 24 hours and one at the end of August, the Blue Moon.

If you'd like to join us for the second last one in a few hours as we enter the Lions Gate portal in just a few days as well, this is a power packed month of ginormous leaps and bounds forward that you can't even conceive of yet... but you can feel it in your bones right?

To join us, click here:

This is going to be phenomenal.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑