Solstice and the Dawning Era that is birthing right now

Solstice. Today, for me, has been in deep inner reflection. But it didn't start off like this! (As I sat down to write this post - sooo much just flowed through me - when I asked who it was, as it was an energy, that was 'different to the norm' hence me asking and I heard, 'Arcturian and the Galactic Federation of Light.' Okay! 🙏🏻💫)

So, I after I let this stream through me instead as it poured out as soon as I sat down, I see this is the message that was wanting to come through - not what I originally was going to write! #trust

As the Pyramids Activate and the consciousness awakens from the darkest of slumber a new era is upon us - let alone the eras gone by that are disintegrating in time.

(I asked them what Pyramids - they said Saudi Arabia, Egypt and colonisations of collective raging warfare of the dominant south east Europe has begun to awaken from their slumber as the light is being united through the south of France right now. Of course, I googled these! There is a lot of movement going on in these countries right now - and I feel there is a rising up - from underneath the Earth here.

I would love to know what is just beneath the surface of the Earth under all these countries as I am sensing a definite shift in energy there! And when I remember back to our African Land & Earth Live Global Healing that I was guided to hold earlier this year and what 'birthed' out of that, it is no surprise the energetics that are reconfiguring right now)

The window of your Soul is here, is now to be seen, to see the rising of the calling for the deepest parts of the psyche that haven't appeared before now - the future is real and here. 

The dimensions of reality that we have access to right now and into this new dawning era are something that hasn't been seen before now. 

This is beyond Atlantis. This is beyond and before Lumeria. 

This is before time on Earth. Before... Earth.

This portal that we are moving into is the closest we've ever been to heralding our Sun goodbye and the waving dawning of an Aura of energy that we haven't felt what we are about to feel before now. 

On the 26th December on the eclipse portal significant Earth shifts will be felt - the air that you have been feeling differently recently will feel even more distinct as will the waves of energy that will pulsate through the earth and your body as they are deeply intertwined and connected. 

Stay connected to the pulse of the Earth the beat of the drum and the calling of your Soul. 

You will be given an opportunity to rise up to a new level of awakening and consciousness that have you haven't felt before now. 

This feeling - will stick around until mid 2020 and will be a divine embodiment of the new being on Earth - that act of activation of what has always been here - and within you.

Many new Souls will enter and many will leave - but the time to rise up and unite as one has become stronger through this dawning portal 

The flame that comes from the Heart of the Earth will be felt through mid January through to the March 2020 Equinox and is the birthing of the new frequency for humankind. 

What does this look like, feel like and what will change in everyday reality? (I asked them what does this actually look like in day to day reality because you know me, I am all about and... what does that mean for human conscious day to day reality!) 

✵ Ideas will be flowing in - pay attention to your intuition 

✵ Stay grounded and connected to yourself/self care/Soul (this was the answer to the 'stay connected to the pulse of the Earth' that I asked what that is)

✵ Relationships may appear and feel like a discord that is the deep under tone - something will feel 'off' but you aren't sure exactly what it is and you are not sure what to make of it, yet, something isn't... 100% - just let things be for now, the energy is shifting everyone energetically to a higher frequency, so stay grounded and allow this process to occur

✵ Things won't be making logical sense at all, yet everything will feel right even though the 'off things' may make you unsettled - this is part of reality dismantling to shift to the next stage of what you have been calling in. 

Yes, this may mean things change, yet, don't go changing things immediately or you may look back and wish you'd waited a bit longer. 

✵ When there are energetic upgrades, frequency shifts and energetic alignment patterns being reworked in the light field and grid on our Earth and our bodies - you may feel deeply unsettled and like you want to shift and change everything around you but just... hold it. Breathe. 

✵ Know that these are the energetic changes that you are feeling. 

✵ Don't drive yourself insane trying to figure it all out. 

✵ It is more important you ground yourself, change and shift your body and home, clean up, prepare perhaps - but don't make any rash sudden changes. 

✵ Take time out for still mind meditation and reconnect back to yourself. 

It was then I realised this as it continued to stream through me and made me realise exactly what I am streaming through in my purpose work! I see who I am being guided now and letting them in on another level! #opening No wonder that 'New' Healing Modality flowed through me the other week! 

Right now, as we continue to move into this Rapid Ascension Awakening that is occurring right now on the planet - at the Ear Chakras - you are being called to STOP and LISTEN BEFORE you act or change things around 'suddenly'. 

You will want to change everything - because your vibration is changing. 

Yet, when you can recognise this and 'hold it' (stop, rest, meditate, listen, take time out - even for 20 mins) - allow these vibrational changes to occur - you allow yourself to receive the full upgrade, rather that 'dispersing the energy' and 'dismantling' your current reality - you allow the shifts to happen and the your guidance becomes much clearer - rather than the frantic trying to hold it all together as you are freaking out with what is going on, rather than realising this truth (of upgrades) and allowing yourself to activate these next levels and layers of your frequency rising. 

THESE are the frequency shifts. 

THIS is the Christ consciousness birthing - IN YOU. 

He doesn't 'break out of the Earth and rise' = NO! 

This is about YOU allowing the consciousness and the energetic frequency of Light, Love, Unity and Forgiveness to return to your HEART and... welcome to 5D consciousness and the 'ones we've been waiting for' - is YOU.

No one is coming to save us. 


Is YOU awakening out of the darkness of your unconscious... into the LIGHT of your conscious awareness. 

It will feel like birthing, over and over and over again. 

Allow it. 

Allow the upgrades. 

Allow the changes. 

Allow the dismantling that is currently happening so you can continue to align to your highest Soul frequency that is... your natural state anyway! And, you've always wanted to be that anyway right? 

Your natural, healthy, abundant, high energy, beautiful heart centred energy self right? 

So are you allowing that to birth out of you and become that now? 

Or are you holding onto your old reality so tight you don't even realise what is trying to birth out of you? Become, you? The you, you've always been? Were born on this Earth for? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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