HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone.

HUGE energetic wake ups, patterns that you’ve been trying to shift for eons - gone. Just. Like. That.
THAT is what Solstice and this months Full Moon is bringing to you.
Huge waves of grief coming in - letting go - let it! Drop into it. Feel it. The fastest way to move through it is to - well, move through it!
People that you have been wanting to let go of for some time - GONE.
It feels like huge collective patterns are totally being disintegrated - or more like - you are moving away from them now.
You may try and rekindle the relationship - leave it on a ‘good note’ - yet you are being met with a barrage of what has been and they are not ready to let it go yet.
This may deeply hurt your sensitive empath Heart - yet, you also grieve and allow yourself this grief, because you can totally see the big picture, the patterns they are still playing into right now.
I would get fuming, sooo fuming and still do at times, deeply - when I know that the people around me are lying to me.
Yet, what this is?
Is two-fold. Actually, more than that.
1. People will rarely admit they are lying
2. They don’t even know they are lying (message me if you want the answer to why with this one)
3. They are so far into their patterns and addictions they can’t even see they reality they are in
4. When I notice lots of people not speaking their truth to me, lying or just not having the balls and the courage to say what is really on their mind to my face, instead bitch and whinge and talk about me behind my back (yes, I feel every single word and can feel the energy thread of your words and hear the conversations in my very active Clairaudience - of what you are saying about me and don’t have the courage to say it TO ME) is that this makes me….. check in with….. ME.
Where am I not living my whole truth?
Where am I scared to speak up and do what is right for me?
Where am I not able to voice what is right in my own heart?
Where am I not living what is in my heart and listening to someone else over me?
Where am I not in complete alignment with my own truth?
Where am I not willing to face my own reality? Yet, I will continue to focus on how much they are lying to me instead?
Where am I not taking responsibility for my life in what I am focusing on them not doing?
Where am I, lying to myself?
Where don’t I have the courage to stand up for my own life and live life on my terms?
Where am I not living the life I really want?
And therefore, continually letting these people around me ‘control’ me - simply because I don’t have the courage to live my own truth instead and forget about them?
Where am I - not ready to face myself truthfully?
Where am I hiding me?
Isn’t it… time?
When people around me are lying and this irritates me - where am I lying to myself and not taking action on ME, instead focusing on them?
Isn’t it… time?
“Once I catch you in one lie, it makes me question everything else you told me.”
This 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻is my beacon - to align myself, align myself, align myself - check in. More chances? No. Just my signal for my alignment to my path and leave the rest behind. For good.
"Don't look back, you're not going that way."
Where do I need to step into more of my own truth - NOW? No more chances. Just alignment. That’s all.
Right now, huge pattern breakers, energetic shifts and complete alignment to your path, the collective is shifting - are you shifting with it?
Yesterday was huge waves of grief and letting go of very, very old patterns.
And huge clarity has come in - seeing who is in alignment with you, who isn’t. The path you are to walk, has become very, very clear.
Do you trust your path and yourself, even though, those you thought were supposed to be beside you - aren’t anymore?
Do you trust… You?
You realise, the more you trust you, the more you attract those that also are trustworthy AND have the courage to speak truth to your face? Because… you are truthful with you?
Yes you can have relationships with people around you. To what depth you are in relationship with them - is where your clarity of your truth comes in.
Trust. Believe. Breathe.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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