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I saw this image on instagram yesterday and blanked out of current reality with The Sight overtaking me and what followed, totally has blown me away. 

We all keep saying, something is rising, something is birthing, something is coming, something is.... going to shift... 

On Boxing Day last year, I did my Meet Your Star Being Guide Meditation and experienced something I have never before in this particular Meditation. It is full of activations, Life Purpose guidance, energetic body grid alignments, healings and through time and space reconnections with your birthplace, beyond physical reality. 

Yesterday seeing this image, and then googling the location and then the Meditation coming to mind, I shared it with my dear friend Deanna and then she shared something with me that - took me to another place. 

This morning, seeing my Reality Awareness Support Group Tribe (free on facebook, are you in there for support about Awakening Your Reality? Click here if you're not, come and join the Reality Awareness Tribe: Someone mentioned about more shifts, more huge changes, something coming and... there were other things that spurred me on to write this... well, when that energy pours over me, I HAVE to share it. 

I was saving this for my book, the experience with my Star Being Guide that day on Boxing Day, but this washed over me and after connecting with my Star Being Guide in Meditation this morning, this is kinda no surprise that this energy is so strong right now to share.... 


The following text, is straight out of my book, then, let me share about why this image by @intohimoni (Michael Schirnhofer) on instagram jolted me into deeper Sight yesterday. 

"Last night I felt called to connect with my Star Being Guide in the Meet Your Star Being Guide Meditation. It was the same Silver Being that is the only person I feel so strongly connected to, besides my Ascended Masters and Archangel Guides, that totally believe in me and know what I am doing on this planet. I feel such a unique connection with this Star Being, going so far as feeling like He is my flame, my soul mate, my partner, but hasn’t incarnated this life time. Hey, maybe I am wrong, but that is how deep I feel a connection with this particular Star Being.

I remember doing this meditation on Boxing Day night, after I had been to Noosa that day, with all the Atlantis Rising energy, the rocks and the energetic frequency upgrades I had intentionally gone there for that day. It was super different to any other that I did before, in that the ship that turned up was a private jet, Silver in colour. Two red beings with black eyes wheel-chaired out a Silver frail wrinkled Being and inside the jet plane I noticed it looked like private jet and he said yes it’s yours and touched the floor and it turned all turned to gold, as He noticed I was looking around at it, it seemed old and run down, which I thought it was strange/caught my attention…. We sat down at this table that wasn’t a table, but was and wasn’t at the same time, then the Earth appeared in the centre of the table (that had a hole in it, it wasn’t a normal table). He was on/pointing at/doing work on, lit up parts of Iceland and other places around the top of the globe and said something about it then touched my third eye and It went gold too and I felt like it was an upgrade.

Then my mind went to somewhere and I wondered if that’s why I been drawn to those places recently. He lit up 9 points around the top of Earth with His finger - they're Gold points. It was like the 9 points, were on a ley line or something, around the top of the globe, in alignment with Iceland and around in that circle. I don't know what it meant, that he was showing me, but it was clear what he was lighting up, some circular space, that those 9 points were activated/significant. 

Then the activation gift happened, right before my meditation’s voice said it, it was already happening and He nodded for the Red Beings to bring me this gold necklace like Egypt style but not and went inside my skin and like a chest plate but not under skin and up through my neck into my third eye.

He was coughing in bits... and then all his mind came into the neck plate and said (heard in telepathy, ’was mine now’ then I went to leave. I asked if I could hug him, I felt so deeply connected and touched this elderly Star Being honoured me this visit and this gift. He whispered in my ear saying I’m ready. I asked how old he was and he said over 3 trillion light years ?! I feel I won’t see him again or that he doesn’t have much longer to live - but he gave it to me?? His knowledge/gifts and more?! Felt so significant 🙏🏻" (more in my upcoming book 😉)

This image, that took me instantly into another reality, flooded this memory back when I googled where this Mountain was - Faroe Islands. Like seriously - it isn't a mountain! This is a hidden pyramid!! PLAIN AS DAY!!! 

And it made me wonder, what my Star Being was pointing to on those 9 points around the top of the Earth. This! I just KNOW this is one of them - it is a Pyramid PLAIN AS DAY!! 

I was so blown away, I shared it with Deanna right there and then when I saw this image and she began to tell me, then held back, that I should read the book myself, however, I urged her to tell me then, so she did. That, inside the Earth, that the North and South Poles are portals to the inside of the Earth, that there is another dimension, another space inside Earth, with her own Sun and everything in there. Which, the movie, 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' is strongly coming to mind..... That we 'humans' aren't allowed to venture to these places on the North and South Poles and they are blocked off to 'normal society'..... geez I wonder why!

When Deanna told me this, it makes total sense. #ofcourse

And #ofcourse there are other dimensions out there and 'in there' - all around us all the time. 

However, this one, caught my interest, that Deanna mentioned... and this makes total sense. 

Again, my vision kicked in - these 9 points/portals on the top of the Earth, are activating/activated.... seeing the posts this morning, with so many going through huge life changes, that tiredness is more phenomenal than ever, that in our last Full Moon Ceremony, 'black outs' were normal, due to the depth of activations going on (that also the Star Beings turned up again this Full Moon Ceremony just passed), that everyone feels something is coming... 

Imagine... here is what came to me to spur on this post... 

Imagine, we are birthing another reality, another dimension, which we all feel something coming, consciousness is shifting, collective is shifting... 

Imagine, that indeed inside our Earth, is another dimension (btw, where did the Mayan Civilisation disappear to? The ascended to another dimension and the crystal skulls have been surfacing for years, reminding us of this truth - or are the crystal skulls the Mayans? 🤔)

Imagine, these 9 points, that my Star Being Guide showed me, and one of them, is on the direct line of the Earth map, of the Faroe Islands just happened to have this Pyramid there - on the point that he touched..... that all this flooded into me yesterday and this morning realising all this.... 

Imagine, that these 9 points, have all been activated and ready to go now - that - the top of our Earth, is going to indeed birth something out and our whole galactic system is changed, shape, everything, moves, the Inner Dimension is being birthed through the top of our Earth - right now. OR - that these 9 points, are being activated and a 'lid will be lifted' to allow us to travel further... or.... 🤔

And all of this? 

Is the Consciousness of Humanity Awakening, from the inside out. 

We are remembering who we really are. 

We are taking back our power. 

We are reclaiming our health, sanity, wealth and empowered state of Being. 

We are aligning to our destiny and waking up, Humanity, by us waking up ourselves. 

We are deeply coming into space and time reality where we know the truth, see the truth, hear the truth, feel the truth and..... are starting to deeply LIVE it with every core in our being. 


Something is AWAKENING - our EARTH MOTHER HERSELF is birthing a WHOLE NEW SELF. 

The 'Iceage' is melting and we are softening into a whole new way of BEING. 


I even posted this on facebook last night with what was already starting to drop through me: "🤔 Is climate change, Human Consciousness/Earth Mother (no separation) defrosting their feelings? 🤔 So, then we become more feeling/heart centred and compassionate towards one another and our Earth, instead of frozen feelings batting up against one another? 🤔 #thursdaynightponderings"

This all makes so much sense. 

I knew there was something else to say on this post.... the DRAGONS!!! 

Adaya just walked in, as I just showed her this image before and told her about what I am sharing here and I said to her, 'How much does this country/islands, look like out of How to Train Your Dragons' Movies?! (look up Faroe Islands on Instagram, it is AMAZING) and - EXACTLY like the country out of there. 

Adaya just walked in again and shared with me about the latest How To Train Your Dragon Movie (that I am hanging to see, but she saw it with her Dad in NZ) - that they are searching for a hidden/lost world! 

Okay, okay, okay!! #signs 

The Dragons - are symbolic of our HEART - YEP!! 

When you are calling in Dragon energy you are healing your HEART on a deep, deep, soul remembrance level. 

This all making sooo much sense now. How clear and strong have the Dragons been for several months now, has the Atlantis rising energy been - and... wow, where did Atlantis REALLY sink to after all 🤔

Gosh, the realisations that come from the veils being thin and the Solar Flares stirring up the magnetic fields... where are we 'bursting' to after all? 

New waves of consciousness baby. 

'Get ready' is all I have heard for months and I have been deeply preparing sooooo much behind the scenes for you, that I am ALMOST ready to share it all with you, that deeply supports your spiritual awakening at ANY level of stage, training, skills and knowledge you are at. #watchthisspace 

What do you feel in your Heart and Soul? What is birthing out of you? Where do you think Humanity is headed? I would love to hear your ponderings, comment below and let me know? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Gosh, thank you for reading my sharings, realisations and ponderings! #powerful

Thank you and deep, deep credit to 📸@intohimoni Michael Schirnhofer on instagram for this amazing image capture that spurred me into the deep Sight and Vision that comes from being who I am. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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