With intention to CLEAR, so I can RECEIVE. 

I'm clearing my container, I'm clearing my vessel. 

I've always known... now it is here. Now it is time. 

I release all the feelings of being shut down, that every time I open my mouth about what lights me up, about what my desires are, about what my HEART calls to me to LIVE, I release all the hurt from anyone who had any negative comment in response about what my deepest heart callings are, I release this so I can be free, to hold the vibration and power of exactly, what my Heart is calling me to behold - because..... it already IS ME. 

I just need to BE IT. Behold

I release all the hurt of how can someone just completely shut me down every time I open my mouth.... So I can deeply stand in my truth and stand tall in what I know is my heart's desires and calling on this Earth. I release this hurt, from every energetic, physical, emotional and deep desiring part of me, from every...

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I saw this image on instagram yesterday and blanked out of current reality with The Sight overtaking me and what followed, totally has blown me away. 

We all keep saying, something is rising, something is birthing, something is coming, something is.... going to shift... 

On Boxing Day last year, I did my Meet Your Star Being Guide Meditation and experienced something I have never before in this particular Meditation. It is full of activations, Life Purpose guidance, energetic body grid alignments, healings and through time and space reconnections with your birthplace, beyond physical reality. 

Yesterday seeing this image, and then googling the location and then the Meditation coming to mind, I shared it with my dear friend Deanna and then she shared something with me that - took me to another place. 

This morning, seeing my Reality Awareness Support Group Tribe (free on facebook, are you in there...

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Spiritual Awakening, Ascension Symptoms and Energy Update 7th October 2018


In this video we cover:

  • Feeling lost
  • Attacking darkness weird ass dreams that startle you
  • Your CURE for why you feel so alone and why it hits you like a tonne of bricks
  • Every time and ‘why’
  • Why you feel so much pain all the time and are tired of it
  • Feeling like ‘what’s the point of being here’ 
  • Here is the TRUTH about what is REALLY going on with the collective, universal ‘upgrades’ and ascension symptoms that all the empaths, highly sensitives and Lightworker's are feeling and what to do about it…
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Spiritual Awakening - Why am I sleeping so much?

Having a spiritual awakening and/or having a next level ascension shift within yourself and your own life - is like, being 'born again' and - if you can imagine it like a new born baby, having lots of naps, then as they grow up, they need less and less sleep, but as they turn into an adult they still need sleep, because our physical body physically needs this to function on this Earth plane.
Every time you learn something new, your whole brain, body and more, needs to rewire adjust and shift.
So, sleeping all the time/a lot through a growing spurt if you may - is normal!!! (Just like a child right?!)
Your consciousness, is like a child if you may... always growing...
And when you consciously do inner work and consciously expand/grow your consciousness with personal development - you need integration time and to sleep!
Now, yes, this can happen fast.
Yet, it usually takes practise for those ‘fast’...
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There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it...

There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it... (believe it's true) #energyupdate
It may make you:
~ doubt yourself when you don't usually have those thoughts
~ do behaviours you don't usually do
~ clean/rearrange your entire house and more somewhat effortlessly
~ have contact from ex's in person, phone or dreams - trying to see if it will work again, or if it is truly done now, healing past karma/trauma (and from others that are not ex's!)
~ releasing carried feelings/guilt/anger and more that is not yours
~ feel a deep gratitude for where you are at in your life right now, how far you've come, how much forward movement you feel is about to 'hit the ground running'
~ feel a deep gratitude for your past lovers for everything you went through because it has made you who you are now
~ questioning yourself, when you usually don't even think about that at all!
~ feeling like you need to get deeply prepared,...
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Partial Solar Eclipse July 2018

The partial solar eclipse portal has OPENED - the 3 day window either side of any moon phases is always significant and a potent space for healing, this one in particular is to do with the Females, Mothers, Female Generational Lineage, Women, Daughters, Aunties, Grandmothers. The partial eclipse is on Friday 13th (Goddess number!) AEST. And our New Moon is in Cancer - Dark Moon on this peak at 12:47pm Brisbane AEST.
It is also the 11th July. And just gone 1:11pm AEST.
If you’ve been feeling:
- extreme highs
- extreme lows
- frantic
- jittery
- overwhelmed
- anxious
- wondering what is going on
- panic attacks
- increased worry
- physical aliments that the doctor can’t find anything wrong
- incredible energy flow
- and all in between
- dense heavy energy, like you are fully feeling the weight of your physical human body in a way you’ve never experienced
- crying at the drop of a hat and...
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How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

How do you know you are experiencing upgrades or ascension symptoms?

I just want to point out firstly, that this isn't about:

ascending out of this planet and leaving Earth
leaving your body and disappearing
going up with the Angels and not coming back


This IS about: 

your physical body being upgraded in vibration
all of your bodies being upgraded in vibration (mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic)
you being able to hold more light in your physical body ON EARTH (yep, we don't need to go anywhere to receive upgrades)
you becoming more conscious and aware of your reality
you receiving deep insight about what it really means to be in Heart Consciousness 
you receiving deep insight about your Purpose on this Earth 
you realising that you change people JUST BY YOUR VIBRATION ALONE (meaning, you don't need to do anything to heal people, whether you are in their physical vicinity or not, your vibration changes people through energy alone, whether they have ever...

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About those upgrades last week? Oh, and Happy Solstice!!!

Hey beautiful! You know how I posted about those upgrades last week? 

(Oh! And Happy Solstice!)

Well, I asked what I needed to do to take extra care of myself to support the process of expansion (because that is all they are), and I received the message to juice fast from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday lunchtime and get more exercise. 

For me, that meant going back to the gym as I realised I hadn't gone to the gym since Adaya was supposed to go back to New Zealand last time. 

And how much I remember that gym to me, means strengthening muscles, which enables my physical body to hold more Light. 

So I did those things. And more. 

And the reveal from them? 

Huge. Amazing. 

And - right on time. #ofcourse

I had been questioning, something felt off, something wasn't right with HOW I was offering my services, of - DOING WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING ON THIS PLANET!

Aka how I was DOING my Life Purpose, wasn't at the highest level and what I contracted in the...

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Sacred Solstice 2018

There are Earth changes, the Earth is shifting beneath your feet, realities changing right in front of your eyes - are you holding on - or do you trust in the shifts and where they are leading you right now?
Where - you're being pulled right now?
It is Solstice tomorrow (21st), 8:07pm AEST/11:07am BST/3:07am PDT.
This means the darkest/shortest hour/day and the lightest/longest hour/day on Earth - depending on where you are on the globe - and has always been revered as a Sacred time, when the Earth shifts in dynamics across the globe and how that reverberates across the Universe and beyond realms.
I am getting the strong message to remind you and bring your awareness to this Sacred and powerfully potent time that can be fuelled with potential with deep, intention.
As we say goodbye to one part of our seasons and welcome in another with the shift on the globe - what sacred ritual can you create for yourself?
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