Spiritual Awakening - Why am I sleeping so much?

Having a spiritual awakening and/or having a next level ascension shift within yourself and your own life - is like, being 'born again' and - if you can imagine it like a new born baby, having lots of naps, then as they grow up, they need less and less sleep, but as they turn into an adult they still need sleep, because our physical body physically needs this to function on this Earth plane.
Every time you learn something new, your whole brain, body and more, needs to rewire adjust and shift.
So, sleeping all the time/a lot through a growing spurt if you may - is normal!!! (Just like a child right?!)
Your consciousness, is like a child if you may... always growing...
And when you consciously do inner work and consciously expand/grow your consciousness with personal development - you need integration time and to sleep!
Now, yes, this can happen fast.
Yet, it usually takes practise for those ‘fast’ muscles to get fast… whatever you are learning - at the start, you are learning a whole new concept and that concept may take a big load of understanding in the start, and then it gets easier to understand the layers/levels so to speak.
Depending on what you are learning - with consciousness, spiritual healing and more - no actually - anything - it is a big thing to process, adjust to and then, we get used to it, and it becomes normal reality. A good thing to remember when your kids and teenagers are tired and frustrated and what they are processing in the world, let alone energy they are feeling and learning at the same time! Plus their body is going through huge changes for 18 years or more straight! Phew!
Okay, so the point I want/felt called to share, is that when you are tired, yes, check in with all the check points I always share with you… but then - notice how much you’ve been absorbing lately… what have you been learning that is new?
And especially if you are connected to me and are healing just by reading my posts and more - you are shifting….
If you feel yourself have a big shift, awakening over and over again - remember your consciousness is adjusting and shifting, just like a new born baby, tend to yourself with tender love and care and sleep… if you need to!
And if you are constantly doing inner work, and constantly shifting, growing and evolving - do you know what that means?
That you ALWAYS need to tend to yourself with TLC….
That you ALWAYS need to be kind and loving towards yourself…
And what does that do?
It becomes NORMAL…
Hello, whole new reality that you’ve actually been dreaming of for so long…
And… why wouldn’t you ALWAYS tend to yourself with TLC anyway?
Now we can 😍
Love, Hannah 

The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. I was guided to keep the Life Purpose Mentorship open until Monday!! If your SOUL has called you - you will know and won't be able to ignore that! https://realityawareness.mykajabi.com/p/life-purpose-mentorship 

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