That feeling when you feel like you are starting to find your feet again

how to find your life purpose Jul 20, 2021

That feeling when you feel like you are starting to find your feet again... 

I feel like I have come out of a hurricane... 

Maybe it is the adrenaline I have been running on - since like my entire life, that has now shifted to something seemingly like life is ethereal - all of it. 

Maybe it is that there is space after the huge recalibration and restructure of my business that has been going on this last 7 months that after seemingly not really knowing where to go from here - finding solid ground in actually who I am and what I do - has changed me. 

Maybe it is the grief passing from the 'what nows' with all this world chaos, that dreams have been shattered into a zillion pieces and reality shifts and morphs almost everyday and plans changed forever....

And yet, maybe this is what I was always preparing for. 

Maybe it is the Universe always having my back, knowing I am only 30% way through my Life Purpose Vision Online that I am still bringing to life and need to sit my ass down and complete after this last 18months of huge change that has shifted my life, up-leveled me in all directions and maybe... just maybe LOADED is already taking effect - we start today - but this magic - this transforming darkness to light... is something... that only a Priestess walks with all her Heart and Soul because it is who She is and this... is who I came here to be. THIS is my blood, this is my Soul, this is my Gift, this is Me. 

I am. This. 

The Water Bearer in between worlds, the one that sees the deepest of core - that YOU do to right? 

You are highly intuitive

You are highly sensitive

You are an empath 

You are a psychic

You have a keen eye for detail and a bullshit detector that you don't understand how other people don't see the world or acute pieces like you do - isn't that normal?

It definitely IS normal - because you ARE here for a purpose that holds a certain frequency. 

YOU are here to be a leader, a light bearer, to support others in some way shape or form... 

But you already know this right?! 

But what holds you back from TRULY living it - from going all in, from going all out - from deeply committing to the ONE thing that you know will change the entire game? 

Maybe you've been knocked around. 

Maybe you've shared your ideas and got pushed back. 

Maybe you shut down your own voice, because no one saw what you saw and other people looked at you weird. 

And you know what?

That is in the past - SHOCK HORROR! 

You are not there anymore! SHOCK HORROR AGAIN!!



Time to let go, spread your wings and soar high like the Eagle you were born to be. 

You don't need to piggy back off another... 

You don't need someone's approval to do the thing you were born to do... 

You don't need - permission! 

You just need to prioritise your time and do the thing. 

Even if you don't know how to start - sit down and just start figuring it out. 

The hardest part is always in the start, but if you don't just start... you will NEVER get there right? 

So just... start. Now. 

Do the thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

Do the thing that takes you to the next level and make THIS your priority everyday. The rest will still get done. If it's that important. Because ultimately? NOTHING is as important as that thing you continue to put on the back burner until you have more time. No. You create the time for what is important to you - always. 

And NOTHING is as important as what you were born to do. Not the monotonous of daily life - that will always get done. Just like somewhere in the day you manage to shower. You make it happen. 

Now is time for that thing... to make it happen as priority. Everything else will happen.

The question is - do you trust the reason you were put on Earth? 

That feeling when you feel like you are starting to find your feet again

After such huge change - that I feel so many people are going through.... 

You're not lost - You're recalibrating. 

You're not confused - You're untangling from the web of other people that you've been living in until now - that your Life Purpose is catalystically making these changes happen - because you were destined for a certain path of living that doesn't involve the one you were just travelling on that you thought you were meant to go. 

You are not overwhelmed - You're brain chemistry and brain neural pathways are changing.

You are SHIFTING. 

Even though you might not know where you will land - you are safe and you are going to land. 

Even though you feel like you have your footing and then it all takes off and disappears again - you will find solid ground. 

Even though you are just not sure 99% of the time - you are 100% sure at the same time because you KNOW this is all meant to be. 

You know this great 'mess' of recalibration is a direct response to your Life Purpose awakenign and taking you to the next level of your Life. 

So you drop, trust and relax into it - with a disciplined practise of TRUST and SURRENDER and let the current take you... trusting that the Universe - has your back - and always has. 

Every. Single. Time. 

Trust - some more. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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