You sat there waiting, watching and wishing...

You sat there waiting, watching and wishing it would happen. You forgot who you ARE. 

And then you remembered and a FIRE washed over the ENTIRE Earth.  

It burnt through the very beings that were holding you back, that were dark, that latched on to your dear life and sucking your soul dry leaving you with no motivation, nothing good to say and just plain down in the dumps. 

Your SOUL FIRE returned in the blink of an eye with the depth of clarity that you have seen since your Soul began at Consciousness of itself. 

You remembered who you are a blink in the etches of time whilst you are all of time itself. 

You came here to remember yourself. 

You came here to help others remember themselves. 

You came here to ignite a movement on this earth. 

One of Consciousness.  

One of Love.

One of Heart. 

One of remembering everything that they made you forget. 

That they made…. Humanity forget. 

But you haven’t. 


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You don’t have to cultivate ‘spiritual vibes’ - you just ARE spiritual.

You don’t have to cultivate ‘spiritual vibes’ - you just ARE spiritual. It is in your fucking BLOOD baby.
You don’t have to ‘try’ and connect to Spirit. - you ARE connected to Spirit - it is who you ARE - it is in your BLOOD.
You have a depth of connection that you screw your nose up and wonder how this is not normal for everyone. You do not need to take any mind altering substances that ‘allow you to connect to your higher self’ = because that is normal for you and don’t understand how life can be any other way.
Some people ‘try’ and be spiritual, others just ARE - we are the Ancient Blooded Healers and we have a gift, a depth and intuition that has been innately built upon eons of time.
Sure, I SOLELY believe that anyone can train and become a psychic medium intuitive healer galactic ‘spiritual’ being - but there are some that have this gift innately and...
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I released a parasitic entity this week that took me to depths I haven’t been in a long, long time. It threw me for six, took me under a bus and back and made me wonder… many things. 

We spoke deeply in Transcendence Reality Society yesterday in our Hot Seat Mentoring about the world stuff demons and updates, energy updates, earth quakes, solar flares, combined with our own demons, the parasitic energetic forces deeply taking Lightworker’s down and we all realised how powerful a tribe we have become - all walking in a depth of integrity and truth with our Heart and Soul’s callings, that I have not seen anywhere else. My heart has blown open wider than ever before with Transcendence Reality Society Tribe, it truly is transcending magic in there! So so grateful. (Doors are open until this current Friday, still time to join us!) 

The parasitic demonic entity… became apparent to me, when I ‘fell’. On Thursday afternoon I was holding...

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Your Purpose work will call you to do things, you don’t want to do.

Your Purpose work will call you to do things, you don’t want to do. 

It will call you to things you don’t feel like doing. 

However, it is always calling you to the most fastest path, the most aligned path - for your dedicated Life Purpose Path. 

Are you listening? 

You might not WANT to do some of the things. 

You might have fear about doing certain things or worry ‘but how?’

Yet, the secret is - to do it anyway. 

Things are always hardest in the start - but then they become easier. 

Starting a new routine of ANY kind is hard, lots of resistance and then you just get it done. 

Set a timer and just do that amount. Sometimes, you will want to do more. Sometimes you will stop when the timer goes off. You will feel better throughout your day - because you DID it. 

You did what your Soul was calling you to do, get done, be and more. 

Do the hardest task first thing in the morning - then your day will feel light...

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It's okay to say no.

It's okay to say no. 

It's okay to change your mind. 

It's okay to be ahead of your time. 

It's okay that people don't understand you. Or won't. 

It's okay that you realise that living on 250 acres isn't a suitable environment and you'd prefer sharks, dolphins and humans than red belly black snakes, ticks and dust as your friends. 

It's okay to realise the truth of who you are and take action accordingly. 

It's okay to ask for what you REALLY want and not settle for anything less. 

It's okay to lock yourself away, block out the world and get your purpose work done. 

It's okay to trust your intuition on how to do business, what choices to make, how to create your content and how to manage your finances. 

It's okay to howl your eyes out about the fact you have not been listening to your intuition; let people's ideas get stuck in your head so much you forgot who the fuck you were; realise that everything in your life to date has been created...

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There are lands in which we are born into…

"There are lands in which we are born into… lands from which we came. Lands that we think we own, or that they stole or lied to us or this story or that story is truth…

My heart breaks seeing the destructive warfare rife in the negation of anyone’s opinion and shutting down of that mouthless whore.

The lands were taken, stolen, destruction lays bane…

And yet, we’re fighting in the wrong direction. 

Pulling and picking apart each other’s words, telling everyone they’re convicts and it’s time to leave the lands…

And yet, the focus on the history is what is keeping us bound…

Time is not linear and when the word is spoken, undertones rumble Home…. the Earth shakes as words speak and destruction is at core.

There never will be a time in history that is the crux turning point….for its rolling ethers as day rolls into night, months into years.... time as the destructive force drives right along side the...

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So. Much. Peace.

So. Much. Peace. 

A huge comparison where I was this time last year, the year before, or every year prior. 

I never used to do anything for my birthday. I even worked it this last few years. I have CHOSEN to make my birthday beautiful over these last few years. Yes, you can wish me Happy Birthday now 

I used to get disappointed, waiting for people to step up to the plate to make it a beautiful birthday for me - which you can imagine, never happened. Over the recent years, I have chosen to make my birthday special, for me, to me, all about me. Taking radical responsibility for me and what I WANT. 

This last 9 months, I have been dedicated to taking time for myself and actually letting myself be comfortable in the space, I have chosen - to take time out from my work schedule. I have chosen to have time. I know it might be a no brainer for some. But after the last few years of go go go (which I still LOVE) I have learnt to have space - within the GO and I love this...

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It's okay to choose what you DESIRE

It's okay to choose what you DESIRE - even when the world is crumbling. It is not only OKAY - it is REQUIRED of you during this time. 

In a time when everyone is 'waiting around' to see what will happen, which way the world will go, and somewhat sitting in a state of underlying constant anxiety at watching and experiencing the old systems crumble - there is one very important piece you MUST remember. 


Did you forget this? 

Did you not remember that you CHOSE to be here during this time or you simply wouldn't be born to be alive now? 

Whilst the old systems are falling - and a lot faster than most of us thought was going to occur - there is something you must keep at the forefront of your mind. 

The people who are most upset, are the ones still yelling at people to wake up and at old big systems that are 'controlling' world. 

And yet, if you really TRULY understood your Life Purpose - 


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Woah, we aren't even Heart yet!

Woah, we aren't even Heart yet! 

This whole Gold Coast thing, is bringing me ALIVE! 

Follow the aliveness, they say. 

Follow your bliss, they say. 

So cliched,  it is is almost thrown out the window. 

And yet, there is sooooo much TRUTH to it. 

Let's be real.... 

All of this came about because I opened myself up to dating again! 

And no, it isn't what you think, I am not moving to the Gold Coast for a man! Or a woman! 

A few months back, I realised I really want a life partner. I think I gave up on it due to, well, my past of course. And yet, recently, I have been feeling, well I really need to open up to this. 

A few weeks back when my daughter went overseas to see her Dad, being out here on 250 acres on my own was... confronting to say the least. 

I realised I didn't want to be alone anymore. 

I also realised a hugely important fact, that there is a MASSIVE difference to wanting and 'needing' a relationship because...

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I just feel better here.

I just feel better here. 

I shared not long ago in my stories that, this last 3 years has showed me how much ENVIRONMENT MATTERS. 

Who you surround yourself with - MATTERS. 

It rubs off on you. 100%. 

What you listen to - rubs off on you. 

Who you speak to - rubs off on you. 

What you watch - rubs off on you. 

What you eat, becomes you. 

If you watched my livestream yesterday, you will understand more deeply what I share here… 

I am just happier here. 

I haven’t even done anything - but be here. 


Even though I am not feeling the fittest in my body right now, carrying extra weight where I am not happy with things - yes, I have been working on changing it, I joined a gym close to where I live (20min drive one way away)…

And yet here? 

I am not even ‘hating’ on my extra weight. 

I always know I will get my fit, healthy asf body back - I always know this 100%....

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