Sooooo many people have been asking me what I do - and some think that I am connected to some sort of multi-level or network marketing company selling spirituality or something along those lines. I don’t. I am not connected to any source of any other company in any way shape or form.

What you see on my social media and my website here at Reality Awareness IS my company and there are no other threads of any other company that I sell their products at all in my life whatsoever, my life is Reality Awareness. I am not an affiliate or have any other links with any other company, other than my certificates that I gained, under the spiritual trainings in my past, when I did them.

I am the product beautiful one! 😘

I am not connected to any other company that I receive income from in any way shape or form.

What you see here at Realty Awareness aka me, The Life Purpose Queen - IS what I do.

What you see on social media, what I share, all is me, comes THROUGH me and is divinely guided to help YOU.

Every single product that I sell, I have created from my own heart, intuition and put it together in resources that you can watch, listen, read and use anywhere around the world, instantly 24/7.

Not only do I have trainings that I share with you, but as you see, if you follow the information that I share freely and actually put what I share INTO action, you WILL shift your life…. You just have to DO IT.

My companies philosophy and what I stand for?


Need I say more?

I could go into detail about what that looks like, yet, you only need to take one look at my website and follow me for a while to see exactly what that means…. and it is something you FEEL IN YOUR HEART.

Reality Awareness came to me in a meditation in August 2006, on completion of year long training to be a Master Lightworker Practitioner when I was 21.

When I asked for more information about it they/my guides showed me and I telepathically received AWAKENING THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY as they were showing me in visuals what Reality Awareness is actually is about.

In 2005 I had my spiritual awakening that saw me hit rock bottom through high risk drug taking. I found through synchronistic events (as you do!), the Lightworker Practitioner Training, which I began, this time 13 years ago.

Significant much, that as I walk into my 13th year of being awake and still human at the same time, that my website, has been birthed in the vision that was intuitively downloaded to me on my 32 birthday 2 years ago? This was just 2 months after I began learning the tech for this online gig, to be able to share my gifts with the world in a more powerful way to support people and through Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity.

After fumbling my way online for the past 2 years, after 11 years of teaching in person workshops, psychic readings and more, I have come into truly understanding what it means to completely trust my intuition INCLUDING in business - especially over what the ‘successful online marketers’ and that all the billionaires of the world will tell you you need to have multiple streams of income, I don’t doubt this. I AM THE MULTIPLE STREAMS OF FUCKING INCOME.

I have been approached by MANY people wanting me to join their gig/business, showing me how much money I can make, what products they have and how it is all for a good cause.

I don’t doubt this either.

Yet, the strength of intuition that is flooding through me to continue to do my own thing with no other ties whatsoever to any other company is something that I feel like a fierce Lion protecting his tribe/pride lands. (Yes, hear me ROAR!! 😉🦁❤️)

What I have been shown by my intuition and my guides - what they are showing me, this clarity and my deepest intuition, has never been this strong. (and it’s way more than what I share here and will share with you over time… you’ll see it continue to unfold and expand 😍)

Do I trust it? Yes.

Do I feel the judgements of other people telling me how I am doing it wrong in their gossiping behind my back - yep, I see you and deeply feel the daggers you’re throwing in your gossiping conversations. I understand, you are only trying to figure me out. That’s all. I still feel it though. Deeply. #imwaymorethanpsychicyouknow #itsmorethanpsychic #iseeyou

I have found myself bawling my eyes out more times that I can remember from the ‘daggers’ that get thrown and that have been ‘thrown’ over this past 13 years. I deeply feel it and deeply know it is because I am simply standing in my power of what is right for me and staying strong in what I know I am here to create in the world.

And it sure as hell doesn’t involved any of the systems you currently see on the planet. #itsnotontheplanetyet

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.” Steve Jobs.

And what this does??

This only makes me feel, in the deepest of tears?

What those tears actually are?

Is the saddest feelings for humanity not being able to see themselves right now in what they do.

“Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

But fuck it hurts my heart to witness and experience it.

Judging people, blocking them at the drop of the hat - when they only see you as their leader that can help them and you shut the door so quickly in their face? Ouch. THAT is the pain I cry for. Boundaries yes, but there is a reason it turns up in your field so much that you have to shut it down and wonder why it doesn’t go away and you start to feel increasingly uncomfortable and don’t know why.

And what this does to me?

Make me rise even stronger in my truth and knowingness of what I am being guided to create for this world, this planet, Earth - where we are all fucking human whether you think you are above your humanity and ego - sorry honey, but everyone has this physical body on the Earth and we are all ego as much as we are spiritual. Yep, including ME!

Did you know, that your Ego, IS your SHADOW?

I’m getting side tracked…

I have been following many highly successful people online since before I began my online business learning curve 2 years ago. With them, I have grown with and next to them, looked up to, worked with, fell from pedestals with, out grown and risen on my own accord.

The intuition I have been receiving about what I am doing online here, IS going against all internet marketing ‘gurus’ that have already walked this path.

At the core of what I teach? Trust Your Intuition.

So how can I go against what my own intuition is telling me? That’s right, I deeply choose not to. No matter the outcome. I trust my intuition.

And what my own intuition is telling me… is what you see here…

Okay - here we go!




There will be very little opening and closing of doors to my online courses/trainings (except my practitioner certified course - yes, if you want to own your power like this, Trust Your Intuition is for you, applications open in 2019)

All my other online courses?

They are available for you - ALL THE DAMN TIME.

They are there and ready WHEN YOU NEED IT - not when I say you can come in and shut the doors in your face otherwise.

The information and teachings of what intuitively streams through me that needs to get out there on this planet right now is too important to have it limited to doors opening and doors closing all the time and to my own ‘blocking out the world’ when you need me most, or because that is what the internet marketing gurus told me to do.

All my online courses are there, so when you finally have the courage and the resources to be able to do that thing that has greatly called your Heart for so darn long, that you can just do it - readily available at your finger tips.

You see, we are walking into a paradigm of the HEART.

That means our entire reality is SHIFTING.

That means the way things are run on the planet… yes, this is just the a teeny tiny bit of ‘system’ on the planet yes?

For me?

I’ve always felt more in my Heart than what most people understand in MANY lifetimes.

And that - IS - why I am trusting my heart, over the logical mind AND what the internet gurus have told me. (Don’t worry, I have been processing ALOT this past few months especially, let alone the past few years online).

Walking it?

Oh yes honey. In more ways than you realise.

Do you have the courage in your own heart to go against what even ‘proven’ methods by ‘gurus’ out there say what you MUST do in order to such and such - when your intuition is telling you to do something that isn’t even on the planet yet? Yes, you bet I do!

Or do you shy away from your own intuition, time and time again?

This entire restructure in my business has seen many curve balls, curses, daggers and much, much more thrown at me.

Do I continue?

100% I do.

Do I fall down in tears and breakdown at times?

You bet I do. (Told you I am human! 😘 )

Do I continue?

Oh yes I do!


❤️🌟THE BIG REVEAL🌟❤️ (Yes! There’s more!! 😘)


My entire website has been redone! This has been HUGE!!! Might not seem much for some, but it has been a huge effort organising 2 years worth of resources in one easy to find place to help you easily now!!

So, if you’ve tried to go to my website this past few months and it hasn’t worked - I’ve been busy behind the scenes organising this for you!

THIS is only just the beginning.

All my free resources are still as we speak being added to my new site, plus over 700 blogs being transferred over as we speak, as there is pieces of GOLD that can shift your life in an instant.

I am excited, because this is such a huge gift for me to be able to share with you! Over the next 12 months, this will only continue to expand and grow with what I have in the pipeline for you to share with the world to






❤️🌟THE BIG REVEAL🌟❤️ (Yes! There’s more, still going!! 😘)


All my courses (except Trust Your Intuition) are available on my website for $49ea.

Yep, that’s it! $49ea!

Unless you find them elsewhere…

And they’re available ALL THE TIME!


12 Divine Steps to Awaken Your Life Purpose (This is who you ARE. These 12 Divine Steps are more than just steps, they are a way of living your life and THIS awakens your Life Purpose by doing so)


Power My Life Upgrade (Powerful Audio and Video Mindset Training to change your life, my exact morning and evening ritual, powerful journalling activations, Lightfilled Yoga Rituals and more)


Audio Meditation Bundle (57 Audio Meditations)


Clearing Energy Blueprint (What to do when you Sense a Spirit in your House, Mediumship, Why You Can’t Sleep At Night and more)


Get Clear (Your Sacred Keys for Receiving Accurate Intuition)


Heal Your Broken Heart (Here I deeply support you in Healing Your Broken Heart, even when you don’t want to let them go or are totally devastated that it’s over. No one understand’s your Heart’s pain, like I do, #igotyou)


How to Read Your Own Tarot Cards (You won’t have to see another psychic ever again after this! You’ll be reading your own cards like a pro!)


Clean Energy (How to use Sage, Crystals, Sound and More to Clear Negative Energy)


Heal The Land (Powerful keys in being able to Heal Our Earth, when you feel so much pain for seeing her being raped and feel powerless to help Her - there is something you can do)


Earth My Reality (Everything you need to know to start Detoxing, Decluttering like a boss, Extreme Self Care and feeling good in your physical body again, so you can indeed Awaken Your Life Purpose and much more)


Awaken Your Psychic Senses (Powerful Sacred tools to open your Psychic Senses to the next level, from all dimensions, and being grounded on this Earth in your Human body at the same time)


Activate Your Higher Senses (The truth beyond the veils is revealed, The portals of all realms, revealed, Retrieving Life Purpose Activation tools, Psychic Surgery, Psychic Attack and what to do about it, What to do about the 'dark forces', how to recognise them and not 'hang out with them’, Spiritual Cleansing Techniques and so much more)


This is just the START of the reveal that I have been speaking about for several weeks now…(Yes! There is more to come!!! 😍)

What a gift, as I walk forward into my 13th Year, My Goddess Year, since my Spiritual Awakening and this is only the beginning of the reveal….

Want to see it? Check it all out here: https://www.realityawareness.com/

More soon! 😘

I am deeply humbled.




Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑



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