The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that sphere expands by your focus.

The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that spheres expands by your focus. Right now - you are choosing your timeline. But the timelines - are not really lines anymore. They are dots. However, they are more like... spheres. 

Spheres of creations. Spheres of worlds even. 

These spheres are moving at rapid pace - but they aren't even moving at all, they are in the same place - vibrating at different speeds, different rates and it is almost like you are jumping from sphere to sphere - depending on.... 

Do you know how you choose your timeline sphere, let's call them for the ease of you know how you choose it? 

Where your focus is. 

I know that sounds a no brainer - however, what I am trying to describe is challenging to describe in terms of energy. 

Where you are spending your time and energy is what you choose. 

Where you spend your time, watching and absorbing on your device, in your physical life - is what you are...

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People will negate you and put you down, rise anyway.

People will negate you and put you down, fall in a heap, bawl your eyes out, straighten your Crown and carry on anyway. 

Only in the last two weeks, do I finally feel like I have started to 'arrive' here in my new home. 

I always say to my clients who are going through a house move - it takes 3 months to truly 'land' energetically when you move house. 3 months prior to you leaving somewhere - your Soul/energy has already started to leave and 3 months after you arrive, do you truly 'arrive' energetically. 

After 5 months on the road and then within two weeks of being back 'home' - did we pack up the house and move house - after being there for 8 years! 

I truly wasn't meant to be in that house ANY longer in Wurtulla.

It still is quite awe inspiring when I still think about it to this day, how I drove all those kms (25,000kms/15,500miles in 5 months to be precise!), arrived back 'home' to only dump 5 months worth of car baggage on the floor at home to then...

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I have been taking my time and I have been Souloving it.

I have been taking my time and I have been Souloving it. 

Although I have been frustrated at times, my Soul has been loving it. 

This is how it is supposed to be - back in LIFE again or something it feels like. Back in the flow that... I am not on go go masculine overdrive burn out go go mode. 

Some days I work fast and 'push' - but there is a different energy to it, a different energy BEHIND it. 

I think that is the difference from masculine, over-responsibility, 'have to do it all myself/pick up the pieces for the family lineage scapegoat generational role' that has manifested in me being too much in my masculine energy attracting men that are very feminine and deeply attached to their mothers it makes me dry reach (sorry not sorry guys!), however, that was a direct reflection of my energy and what I have been in, thus, attracting that.. which I didn't want. 

The difference in energy I feel these days, is hard to describe. 

I sleep so deeply, but I am...

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I had stopped trusting myself...

I had stopped trusting myself... and I didn't even know. 

Right now, layers upon layers, upon layers are releasing from me. 

And amongst that.. I didn't even know I had stopped trusting myself. 

I had been looking out there to this person and this person and this person for confirmation of what I was doing, for... something... and I didn't even realise I had. 

I didn't realise I had shut myself down. 

Today... layers upon layers upon layers have been releasing. 

It is making me wonder whether it is this 12 month commitment to the liver/gall bladder cleanse I have just committed to, or whether I have just entered into another 18mth cycle, where I am grieving... all that has covered me up... all that.. I LET cover me up. 

When I began online four years ago I was SOOOOOO excited and enthusiastic. I had FINALLY found my avenue, my outlet, the way I can FINALLY reach more than 10 people in a yoga class/chakra workshop and FUCKING CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!...

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Yesterday we went for a mini road trip to pick up our two newest family members 🐀🐀

Yesterday we went for a mini road trip to pick up our two newest family members 

Only God knows why on Earth we drove two hours away to pick up the Ratties, even though there were some closer to home to us. 

I know there are several reasons why the Universe took us THERE of all places.. but at the same time it was STRANGE. 

I was feeling off... it was weird, I was feeling all sorts of things and realised I was probably picking up the woman's energy who had the rat babies, because of some issues prior to us arriving. 

I just wasn't myself. And yet, I was also conscious that I was subconsciously aware of entering Brisbane, where all the facial recognition ID has been turned on everywhere all over town....

I was also aware of where we were even heading to on the South side of Brisbane, wasn't the highest of vibe places.... 

But fuck knows why Spirit is taking me to all these sorts of places! Like Victoria and all that I uncovered there... 

We arrived...

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What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!

What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!
When nothing goes to plan..
When everything seems to block you..
When deep Peace undertones are always there, but waves of agitation and frustration ensue gah... what is ACTUALLY going on today?!
No... I was very aware of what is/was going on... let alone am I deep in my liver cleanse/gall bladder flush right now - the liver/gall bladder is located where our Solar Plexus is, which is where we trust ourselves, our self esteem, self worth lays, which is where we come into deep alignment with our Higher Self, which is where we feel empowered or disempowered.
And what I have been deeply discovering this last few days on the liver cleanse?
Is how much I have NOT been being myself! WWHHHAAATTT!?!?!
And yet - this does NOT come at a surprise to ME!
I have been feeling this for a while, but also, not knowing who Hannah is now. I am...
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Okay Reality Awareness Resonators... I have been shown some BIG things...

Okay Reality Awareness Resonators... I have been shown some BIG things... some HUGE revelations and MASSIVE pieces of the puzzle, that I am being guided to so much to share with you over the coming 4-6 months about 'the solution' of how we can shift BACK to our Original Home.
That 'New Earth' (I never liked using those words) - that LONG FOR HOME.
That - beautiful vision and heart centred place.. of everything living and expanding into pure consciousness of evolution, of complete abundance, of complete immorality of humanity of where our Heart longs for that we KNOW has been and is where we are supposed to be?
"Yeah, yeah, Hannah..."
Hang in here with me for a second... something huge is unravelling...
So you know how I shared that the past two years I have been questioning Sacred Geometry, I have been questioning 'But what is outside of...
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Do you know what is exhausting? Do you know what is draining?

Do you know what is exhausting? Do you know what is draining?
'Yelling and screaming' around at people trying to convince the sleeping of what their reality is and that they've been brainwashed in the reality that.... is their reality.
You believing their reality is wrong and knowing that they have been brainwashed, because you simply want them to wake up because you KNOW there is a better life awaiting them on the other side of unconsciousness, screaming at them about how wrong their current reality is and telling them everything they have ever known is a lie, is wrong, is why don't you wake up already?! - is simply invalidating what they live and breathe in their heart every single day.
You are invalidating them.
Making them feel like something is wrong with them.
Making them feel like they are less than.
You are making them feel worse about their reality than perhaps they already are.
When you...
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EVERYTHING IS NEUTRAL - that means we can decide what ever it is, we want anything to be, including ourselves and every part of our reality. 

Isn't it interesting - that Neutral and Neural pathways in our brain and nervous system - have the same grammar?! 

We can literally choose the way our neural pathways are connecting in our brain. Fascinating right? 

Why would we want to choose the way our neural pathways are connecting in our brain? 

Well, that means we can choose: 

~ Pure health
~ Pure wealth
~ Pure love 

Did you know that you can literally change the frequency and vibration of that around you - by changing your thoughts? 

Your thoughts are like typing into a computer and giving it instructions of what to do - did you know you can program your body aka amazing computer - to do anything? 

One might argue this is true, but I argue back and ask you - but have you tried - FOR LONG ENOUGH? 

People give up too...

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Adrenaline - Societies Training Ground

Adrenaline - Societies Training Ground

We have been born into this reality on adrenalin. It serves a purpose. And we are grown into and accustomed to this way of living. 

But this is not our natural state. 

Adrenalin strains the kidneys as the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and the kidneys are where the fear lays. 

Adrenaline serves us - in alerting us to danger, and being able to run from saber-toothed tigers. 

But they aren't around anymore (so they say!)

The point is, is that we are not meant to live on adrenaline 24/7, but we are in a society that enables this.

"The inner glands produce adrenalineAdrenaline is also known as the “fight-or-flight hormone.” It's released in response to a stressful, exciting, dangerous, or threatening situationAdrenaline helps your body react more quickly." (from

Foods also exacerbate adrenaline, to name...

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