What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!

What a crazy topsy turvy upside down day it feels like!
When nothing goes to plan..
When everything seems to block you..
When deep Peace undertones are always there, but waves of agitation and frustration ensue gah... what is ACTUALLY going on today?!
No... I was very aware of what is/was going on... let alone am I deep in my liver cleanse/gall bladder flush right now - the liver/gall bladder is located where our Solar Plexus is, which is where we trust ourselves, our self esteem, self worth lays, which is where we come into deep alignment with our Higher Self, which is where we feel empowered or disempowered.
And what I have been deeply discovering this last few days on the liver cleanse?
Is how much I have NOT been being myself! WWHHHAAATTT!?!?!
And yet - this does NOT come at a surprise to ME!
I have been feeling this for a while, but also, not knowing who Hannah is now. I am...
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Okay Reality Awareness Resonators... I have been shown some BIG things...

Okay Reality Awareness Resonators... I have been shown some BIG things... some HUGE revelations and MASSIVE pieces of the puzzle, that I am being guided to so much to share with you over the coming 4-6 months about 'the solution' of how we can shift BACK to our Original Home.
That 'New Earth' (I never liked using those words) - that LONG FOR HOME.
That - beautiful vision and heart centred place.. of everything living and expanding into pure consciousness of evolution, of complete abundance, of complete immorality of humanity of where our Heart longs for that we KNOW has been and is where we are supposed to be?
"Yeah, yeah, Hannah..."
Hang in here with me for a second... something huge is unravelling...
So you know how I shared that the past two years I have been questioning Sacred Geometry, I have been questioning 'But what is outside of...
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Do you know what is exhausting? Do you know what is draining?

Do you know what is exhausting? Do you know what is draining?
'Yelling and screaming' around at people trying to convince the sleeping of what their reality is and that they've been brainwashed in the reality that.... is their reality.
You believing their reality is wrong and knowing that they have been brainwashed, because you simply want them to wake up because you KNOW there is a better life awaiting them on the other side of unconsciousness, screaming at them about how wrong their current reality is and telling them everything they have ever known is a lie, is wrong, is why don't you wake up already?! - is simply invalidating what they live and breathe in their heart every single day.
You are invalidating them.
Making them feel like something is wrong with them.
Making them feel like they are less than.
You are making them feel worse about their reality than perhaps they already are.
When you...
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EVERYTHING IS NEUTRAL - that means we can decide what ever it is, we want anything to be, including ourselves and every part of our reality. 

Isn't it interesting - that Neutral and Neural pathways in our brain and nervous system - have the same grammar?! 

We can literally choose the way our neural pathways are connecting in our brain. Fascinating right? 

Why would we want to choose the way our neural pathways are connecting in our brain? 

Well, that means we can choose: 

~ Pure health
~ Pure wealth
~ Pure love 

Did you know that you can literally change the frequency and vibration of that around you - by changing your thoughts? 

Your thoughts are like typing into a computer and giving it instructions of what to do - did you know you can program your body aka amazing computer - to do anything? 

One might argue this is true, but I argue back and ask you - but have you tried - FOR LONG ENOUGH? 

People give up too...

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Adrenaline - Societies Training Ground

Adrenaline - Societies Training Ground

We have been born into this reality on adrenalin. It serves a purpose. And we are grown into and accustomed to this way of living. 

But this is not our natural state. 

Adrenalin strains the kidneys as the adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and the kidneys are where the fear lays. 

Adrenaline serves us - in alerting us to danger, and being able to run from saber-toothed tigers. 

But they aren't around anymore (so they say!)

The point is, is that we are not meant to live on adrenaline 24/7, but we are in a society that enables this.

"The inner glands produce adrenalineAdrenaline is also known as the “fight-or-flight hormone.” It's released in response to a stressful, exciting, dangerous, or threatening situationAdrenaline helps your body react more quickly." (from

Foods also exacerbate adrenaline, to name...

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A Message to the Hierarchy

You took our lands, you took our women and children, you slaughtered our species..

But what you didn't do is wipe us out. 


Thy Kingdom Come & Thy Kingdom Go 

Every hierarchy falls eventually.... Every Kingdom lands on it's knees..

You may have burnt us at the stake and continue kill those whistle blowers.. 


The FAE are in the BLOODLINES of the MASSES and we are AWAKENING

THE ANCIENT BLOODED HEALERS have been here since the dawn of time, since you came and corrupted the minds of the few that were swayed at your awe

ONCE one is AWAKE they CANNOT go back to sleep... they may for short periods of time, but something happens when some is woke... 

THIER HEART cannot go back to sleep. 

This is also known as the MORAL COMPASS. 

And it is here......

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Okay. I am ready to talk. About everything.

Okay. I am ready to talk. About everything. You might want to grab a cuppa for this upcoming livestream. (Date & time below).
Many of you have seen me posting about things.. I don't usually give voice to.
I was even wondering why I was doing so. But more so, internally angry that only now I am finding out about such things.
But that is a lie.
And that is where the a big chunk of the anger lay. I knew this stuff back in 2006. And went unconscious to it over the years.
Enough is enough.
Enough unconsciousness.
And yet it is and all has been part of, what I just dropped into.
The core.
Always healing at the core.
And it is this information that will help shift Humanity and... eradicate the darkness from our planet.
Because that is already happening.
And with deep core shifting like this?
Of course, this is how it gets to be....
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I'm starting to understand... I am starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together...

I'm starting to understand... I am starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together... 

That why for all these years, in the early days especially when asking about my Life Purpose - it always came back to the 'Children' - 'Your Life Purpose involves helping the Children'.... 

Now the big realisation of the DEPTH of what that means... is coming to Light 

I have always felt drawn to the Children - not the elderly.... I always knew, because of the consciousness of the Children - of that the Children are who are going to change the World. (And now I work with adults bringing conscious awareness and deep internal core healing and change, to be able to support the children that need it the most/all children with deep conscious awareness #leadbyexample)

I am starting to understand why I have been living a different life to mainstream for all these years and being shunned for it, now, people turning to me for advice about it. 

I am starting to understand why I have...

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Soooo... I have lots going on behind the scenes here!

Sooo... I have LOTS going on behind the scenes here, hence me being quite quiet on social media. Apart from driving on the whim of intuition another 3436kms (2316 miles) that my dear Midnight (Cat) was going to be there waiting for us, after her walkabout and going missing for almost 4 weeks (hardest thing of my life, full story later on!), plus now moving house in two days to a beautiful new home for us (more on that story and how that magically appeared too - later on!), I have been sleeping deeply by 8:30pm most nights dealing with everything I have been going through!
At the same time, I have just watched this as I think my coping mechanism is to zone out to netflix at times processing the huge life changes I am going through.
I always ask Spirit/my Intuition to guide me what to watch and this... jumped out (there is something else too - but once I move house I will livestream about it all in depth), and this??
If people...
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It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It's not a matter of IF or HOPE - it is a matter of CHOOSING it to be this way.

It seems that so many client conversations in this last week I kept sharing the same advice - it isn't a matter of IF or HOPE - but you have to choose that it will be successful and there is no other way! 

It isn't easy stepping out of the norm and following your Heart and Soul's Passion - but when you KNOW there is no other option (well of course there is right?!) - but you CHOOSE no other option than to MAKE it work - you make it happen - NO MATTER WHAT! 

In the start and at times along the journey - usually every time you up-level:

You WILL come across naysayers that talk you out of your dreams. Walk away from them and don't share your dreams with them. 

You WILL come across people who tear you down because of the way you are living your life. Walk away from them and don't connect with them.

You WILL encounter tough times, hard situations that make you question and doubt EVERYTHING...

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