I don't think puffy eyed cuts it... facing reality head on is what I call it

I don't think puffy eyed cuts it... facing reality head on is what I call it

This has been the hugest waves for me this past few days... massive. So much so that this afternoon I had to stop and just... what on Earth IS this?! 

I have been pushing through... but it isn't that I haven't stopped and that 'Oh Hannah, you just need to stop and take a break.' 

It isn't about that. 

There are certain things that I like to do in a day that I... CHOOSE to do - which has led me to a thing called DISCIPLINE that has allowed my business to reach where it has today from disciplining and CHOOSING to do certain things that allows my Soul to sleep through the night because I am doing those Soul led tasks - EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

If I waited until I was healed... I would never work. 

If I waited until I was perfect... I would never do the thing. 

If I waited until I wasn't emotional... I would never turn up to my Soul led calling. 

Part of doing what my Heart and Soul...

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I was HALTED by the Universe. In a BIG BIG way.

I was HALTED by the Universe. In a BIG BIG way. 

This past 2 weeks has been the hardest of my entire life.

There are sooo many people around me that have lost hope in me, lost faith... given up on me... 'It has taken too long, you're always saying this.' 

Some of you will turn around and say I haven't Hannah and I know you haven't... but the ones closest to me have and it has crushed me further down in the hardest place I have ever been.

All that has been on my mind that dropped in as I was doing the dishes tonight, is the movie 'Joy' that I watched in June 2016 when I first began online as I sat in my Auckland Hotel apartment for the weekend on the first flight over with my daughter for her to see her father, that she then began visiting him frequently on her own (another country), that was the start of sooo many beginnings for me and it hasn't been easy. 

And yet... when I look back, it has actually been the last 2 months not, just the last two weeks... 


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Spiritual poo's πŸ’© & RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS ARE STORED HERE - Sacral Chakra

The old patterns are STORED here. The new patterns are stored here. Sounds weird right - in your Sacral? You’d think it would be brain right?
However, at the Sacral - when we talk about this deep seated nourishment, this deep seated contentment, this Buddha belly of contentment - it would make sense right?
We are not just seeing or knowing here, we are feeling it at one of the deepest parts of the core of our being - that place where true nourishment was first EVER felt in this physical life. So of course - this is where the first ‘imprint’ if you may, of what this actually FEELS like, lives. Is stored.
Clean your Sacral - clean your life.
If you want to re-create, re-embed - you know, control alt delete patterns for good - look to your Womb. And the Womb before you. And before that. The Triple Goddess Healing & Integration...
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When I first began online....

When I first began online, all I wanted to do was help people be happy. 

I took courses to teach me how to figure it out and when they said you have to focus on one thing and niche down and only do this one core thing I hit a wall. 

What do you mean, ONE thing?? 

All I wanted to do was help people be happy and trying to pull that apart - was... it made me stuck for MONTHS until I wrote from my heart and that was the day my business took off and changed the game for me. 

Since then, I have continued to do what my heart wants - not what the logical structure of 'business' is supposed to look like. 

Some may say that has been at my detriment... maybe...

I saw this post the other week and it unravelled EVERYTHING for me: 

"When people say, 'I just want to be happy', they forget this simple truth: You can be in a toxic relationship or else you can be happy. But you can't do both. When you are in a toxic relationship, you try to live your best life...

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Kinda interesting when people talk behind my back saying I’ve been under the influences of dark forces and black magic

Kinda interesting when people talk behind my back saying I’ve been under the influences of dark forces and black magic. I always find shit out - you know - the truth ALWAYS surfaces thing? That one... gossip flies and the wings always land it to where they need to be shown the truth about a person - that’s what happens when you walk in truth. You always get shown the real from the fake, from the envious, from the weeds and the flowers...
Would be amazing if they had the guts/balls to say it to my face, but no makes me wonder why this is
What’s even more amazing is that people are super uncomfortable with EMOTIONS!
I’ve realised that’s what it is.
I express myself fully.
I talk loudly.
I express - loudly.
People get embarrassed when I’m just having a conversation in the street with me or out to dinner in a restaurant..
Because I talk passionately and have...
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🌟 I am not from the stars... I AM THE STARS 🌟

I am not from the stars... I AM THE STARS 

I am the ethers from the sea in which you pine for...

I am the ocean of the calling from the birth in which you arrived for... 

I am the increased frequent heart beat of the one you wish for...

I am the divine sensuality you long for... 

We have begun our first day in Activate Your Archangel Frequency... and I have been guided to share my first day with you, which I am nervous to share here!

But here we go, this is my share, from posting in our Activate Your Archangel Frequency group: 

"Lots of Red and Blue came through all my meditations this morning...

Soo interesting what Archangel Michael (Day #1) shared with me... the big solid man that I have felt with me for quite some time energetically in spirit, going back to when I was 6yrs old in my bedroom and he scared me and is when I know I shut down my gift because of it.... messages came though - (came through Shadow Meditation before AA Michael and then it continued)...

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There is a reason why Reality Awareness's Logo is the Heart and that I was shown my purpose with acute clarity in August 2006 - logo included and the 'why' it is this.
There is a reason why the Purpose of Reality Awareness is to 'Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity' that was also gifted to me in this same experiential vision in 2006.
There is a reason I have been walking this path ever since then. I haven't held a normal job since - I just couldn't - I have been teaching, living and breathing this since August 2005 when I was first spiritually awakened.
When we have an awakening - we get shitty, angry, have a reaction. Then the next layer is that there is a divine softness that comes from you entering into your HEART 
Because we are Realising a Truth we have buried, lain unconsciously buried...
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A few years ago, a mentor once told me about the word 'busy' - instead, say, 'full schedule'

A few years ago, a mentor once told me about the word 'busy' - instead, say, 'full schedule' and... ooooh has it been this! Busy creates a frantic energy and yet, full schedule has a different vibe to it and I choose this one 

It has been FULL ON! Huge recalibration at the deepest levels externally to align with what has been embedded internally for... years of internal work. 

Right now, every thing in my reality is changing. 

It is like all the pieces are coming together. That everything I have been sacrificing everything for, the last few years... no more sacrifice! 

I don't need to anymore. What a feeling! And yet, has been the 'reason' I have been doing it all in the first place, to break through into another dimension of reality for myself, so I can expand Reality Awareness to more people around the world.. .who deeply need their Heart to be heard and their Ancient Blooded Healer Self to be the one who leads, with confidence, grace and ease. 


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The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that sphere expands by your focus.

The timelines are spheres and you are choosing how much that spheres expands by your focus. Right now - you are choosing your timeline. But the timelines - are not really lines anymore. They are dots. However, they are more like... spheres. 

Spheres of creations. Spheres of worlds even. 

These spheres are moving at rapid pace - but they aren't even moving at all, they are in the same place - vibrating at different speeds, different rates and it is almost like you are jumping from sphere to sphere - depending on.... 

Do you know how you choose your timeline sphere, let's call them for the ease of you know how you choose it? 

Where your focus is. 

I know that sounds a no brainer - however, what I am trying to describe is challenging to describe in terms of energy. 

Where you are spending your time and energy is what you choose. 

Where you spend your time, watching and absorbing on your device, in your physical life - is what you are...

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People will negate you and put you down, rise anyway.

People will negate you and put you down, fall in a heap, bawl your eyes out, straighten your Crown and carry on anyway. 

Only in the last two weeks, do I finally feel like I have started to 'arrive' here in my new home. 

I always say to my clients who are going through a house move - it takes 3 months to truly 'land' energetically when you move house. 3 months prior to you leaving somewhere - your Soul/energy has already started to leave and 3 months after you arrive, do you truly 'arrive' energetically. 

After 5 months on the road and then within two weeks of being back 'home' - did we pack up the house and move house - after being there for 8 years! 

I truly wasn't meant to be in that house ANY longer in Wurtulla.

It still is quite awe inspiring when I still think about it to this day, how I drove all those kms (25,000kms/15,500miles in 5 months to be precise!), arrived back 'home' to only dump 5 months worth of car baggage on the floor at home to then...

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