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So many of you have asked, so here it is, the story of all my Tattoos.

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I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul 🤍

I choose to trust my intuition and bare my Soul 

Some days... like yesterday, I find that almost every single location I visit, someone always comments on my tattoos and then somedays, no one says anything. 

Yesterday, was a day where every place I visited, someone said something. 

"I love your tattoos!" he says as he walks out the door past me in the post office, much to the elderly ladies disgust as she looked at me from what he was saying. 

"What does your number plate mean?" says a Native American descent looking man as I was filling up with petrol as he walked over admiring it, as I replied that "I am a Healer, it means Light Dark," he smiled and said, "Some people call me a Healer too, I know what Light Dark means and also a disruptor of the systems that control us." I smiled back as he walked off, "I know that one!" I said, smiling realising that I have just had another huge energetic shift. 

When I find days like this... I know I have just had a...

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The more I create space, the more I receive 🤍

The more I create space, the more I receive 

I changed my mind again! 

I used to be so busy all the time, keeping busy, working so much, working sooo many hours just... non stop. 

This huge recalibration, these huge changes I have made over the last now stepping into four months - have been pretty hard going through from a workaholic, to consciously creating time for myself and putting in structures in place that deeply support that. 

I didn't mean to become a workaholic, it just happened - subconsciously - you know, how we create our reality subconsciously, yes, that one. 

A bit like yesterday, where I had committed to going for a walk with my best friend on the headlands at dawn, with the beautiful Full Moon still in the sky as the sun rose... so magical.

And yet, I cried the whole way there. 

I began feeling that busy feeling again, how was I going to keep up with it all again?!? On the drive, I was processing, keeping in check my mindset as I turned...

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You're the Stars and the Moon 🌟🌙

You're the Stars and the Moon,

You're the Earth and the Sea,

You’re the Wind in the Air as far as the Eyes can see

You're the Breath that Fuels the Fire,

You're the Lava that creates the Earths' attire,

You’re the Gift, a treasured Star in this World,

Let your Light be seen, Transforming Darkness to Light, 

Light up the World with your Divine Spark with all your Might, 

You Captivate and Hold that which Generates Gold,

You're the mighty roar of the Ocean Storm and the Crystalline calm of the Larimar Seas. 

You hold the Gift that World has been waiting to See, it is time to Shine and let your Soul be free 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

P.S. Reality Reconfiguration, Quantum Portal Sessions with Hannah - have arrived!! 

~ Ethereal Guidance
~ Time-Lapse Quantum Portal Recalibration Analysis
~ Quantum Atomic Field Activation
~ Physical Organ Analysis
~ Galactic & Earth Based Home Recalibration
I have...
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I am surprised the amount of times I have heard this...

I am surprised the amount of times I have people contact me and say they have been threatened that ‘something bad will happen to them’ if they don’t book into the persons coaching/healing program.

This is spiritual narcissism at best but ultimately? It’s domestic violence and harassment. Threatening someone to enter your program?

If you have to coerce and threaten your clients into purchasing anything from you let alone your programs then there is something blatantly wrong with this situation. I don’t like using the term wrong but when domestic violence is involved no, just NO

#1 - do you really want clients that you have to threaten and coerce into your programs?

#2 - who even does that shit?!

#3 - what sort of program do you even offer that involves threats and coercion in the first place?

#4 - what sort of people are these telling people that something bad is going to happen to them if they don’t?! Gah WTF!

We are supposed to be...

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I don't think puffy eyed cuts it... facing reality head on is what I call it

I don't think puffy eyed cuts it... facing reality head on is what I call it

This has been the hugest waves for me this past few days... massive. So much so that this afternoon I had to stop and just... what on Earth IS this?! 

I have been pushing through... but it isn't that I haven't stopped and that 'Oh Hannah, you just need to stop and take a break.' 

It isn't about that. 

There are certain things that I like to do in a day that I... CHOOSE to do - which has led me to a thing called DISCIPLINE that has allowed my business to reach where it has today from disciplining and CHOOSING to do certain things that allows my Soul to sleep through the night because I am doing those Soul led tasks - EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

If I waited until I was healed... I would never work. 

If I waited until I was perfect... I would never do the thing. 

If I waited until I wasn't emotional... I would never turn up to my Soul led calling. 

Part of doing what my Heart and Soul...

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I was HALTED by the Universe. In a BIG BIG way.

I was HALTED by the Universe. In a BIG BIG way. 

This past 2 weeks has been the hardest of my entire life.

There are sooo many people around me that have lost hope in me, lost faith... given up on me... 'It has taken too long, you're always saying this.' 

Some of you will turn around and say I haven't Hannah and I know you haven't... but the ones closest to me have and it has crushed me further down in the hardest place I have ever been.

All that has been on my mind that dropped in as I was doing the dishes tonight, is the movie 'Joy' that I watched in June 2016 when I first began online as I sat in my Auckland Hotel apartment for the weekend on the first flight over with my daughter for her to see her father, that she then began visiting him frequently on her own (another country), that was the start of sooo many beginnings for me and it hasn't been easy. 

And yet... when I look back, it has actually been the last 2 months not, just the last two weeks... 


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Spiritual poo's 💩 & RELATIONSHIP PATTERNS ARE STORED HERE - Sacral Chakra

The old patterns are STORED here. The new patterns are stored here. Sounds weird right - in your Sacral? You’d think it would be brain right?
However, at the Sacral - when we talk about this deep seated nourishment, this deep seated contentment, this Buddha belly of contentment - it would make sense right?
We are not just seeing or knowing here, we are feeling it at one of the deepest parts of the core of our being - that place where true nourishment was first EVER felt in this physical life. So of course - this is where the first ‘imprint’ if you may, of what this actually FEELS like, lives. Is stored.
Clean your Sacral - clean your life.
If you want to re-create, re-embed - you know, control alt delete patterns for good - look to your Womb. And the Womb before you. And before that. The Triple Goddess Healing & Integration...
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When I first began online....

When I first began online, all I wanted to do was help people be happy. 

I took courses to teach me how to figure it out and when they said you have to focus on one thing and niche down and only do this one core thing I hit a wall. 

What do you mean, ONE thing?? 

All I wanted to do was help people be happy and trying to pull that apart - was... it made me stuck for MONTHS until I wrote from my heart and that was the day my business took off and changed the game for me. 

Since then, I have continued to do what my heart wants - not what the logical structure of 'business' is supposed to look like. 

Some may say that has been at my detriment... maybe...

I saw this post the other week and it unravelled EVERYTHING for me: 

"When people say, 'I just want to be happy', they forget this simple truth: You can be in a toxic relationship or else you can be happy. But you can't do both. When you are in a toxic relationship, you try to live your best life...

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Kinda interesting when people talk behind my back saying I’ve been under the influences of dark forces and black magic

Kinda interesting when people talk behind my back saying I’ve been under the influences of dark forces and black magic. I always find shit out - you know - the truth ALWAYS surfaces thing? That one... gossip flies and the wings always land it to where they need to be shown the truth about a person - that’s what happens when you walk in truth. You always get shown the real from the fake, from the envious, from the weeds and the flowers...
Would be amazing if they had the guts/balls to say it to my face, but no makes me wonder why this is
What’s even more amazing is that people are super uncomfortable with EMOTIONS!
I’ve realised that’s what it is.
I express myself fully.
I talk loudly.
I express - loudly.
People get embarrassed when I’m just having a conversation in the street with me or out to dinner in a restaurant..
Because I talk passionately and have...
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