OKAY OKAY! I'M LISTENING! To Spirit.... and to Your Requests 💗🕊💗

OKAY OKAY! I'M LISTENING!  To Spirit.... and to Your Requests

I have been receiving many questions about what services I offer, what Psychic Readings I do and I have also been receiving lots of new information about what I am offering and the ways I am being of Service to you through Reality Awareness. 

There are new exciting pieces and many big changes here with all of these so, let me share them all here with you 

The biggest piece I have been working with my mentor on - is my 'Predictive Psychic Readings'. 

As you know, I don't like 'Telling people's future' because nothing is set in stone. Yet, when I give readings, they are deeply accurate, on point and give deep insight to what is going on to not just create the future you choose, but have insight as to what lays ahead, so you can prepare for what you want to create, rather than 'life happening to you'. 

With this, I have been 'scared' of predictive readings, because of the bad reputation that...

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When DREAMS come into REALITY 💎

Soooo amazing being down here for this Liquid Crystal event! My heart is full and I feel like I have 'come home'. I have recollected more parts of myself and... confirmed so much of this past year for me! I am ready to do my practitioner certification now!  

I have taken The Liquid Crystals for YEARS thank you to Jade, my amazing friend and practitioner for all her guidance and dispensing them to me and now... being here after taking them intuitively and all the messages and life experiences on them and last night all the crystals that 'just happened to be spoken about' let alone The Liquid Trees that have called me and I have taken alongside The Liquid Crystals have blown my mind. I left that building bawling my eyes out crying with how much confirmation of everything that has channeled through me this past year especially since taking what I did for 5 months continuously along side Oak Tree.  

What I have been receiving in my meditations, let alone what I channel -...

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"But, my Heart got it wrong" - No, it didn't honey..

"But, my Heart got it all wrong" - No, it didn't honey.. 

"Your Heart already knows, Trust it." 

I had many people comment and private message me the other day when I posted that quote, saying how much their Heart got it wrong, that they 'can never trust their Heart again, because it failed them' whether in relationships or some other choice they had to make - I am here to say to you, dear Soul, that no, your Heart didn't get it wrong. 

Most people get confused in their Heart. They feel confused, because they have been hurt, or betrayed in the past about what their Heart felt was right. 

And do you know what? I imagine at one moment in time, in that situation - your heart WAS right - but it never became wrong. 

Your Heart is ALWAYS leading you to the fastest route to your Life Purpose, to your Dreams, to your Desires. 

What happens, is that as soon as that direction changes within your Heart, let's talk relationship for example. 

There is a...

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Reality Awareness Retreat, Lombok, Indonesia, 11th-15th October 2019

Reality Awareness Retreat, Lombok, Indonesia, 11th-15th October 2019

The Divine time has arrived for Reality Awareness Retreat in 5 Star Luxury to allow you to surrender to Deep Spiritual Healing, Life Purpose Activation and Soul Tribe Connections to last a lifetime. 

What will be happening at Reality Awareness Retreat?

  • Life Purpose Activation
  • Lumerian Soul Coding 
  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • Waterfall Healing
  • Ceremonial Invocations
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide 
  • Star Being Activation System Upgrades
  • Chanting 
  • Lightfilled Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Crystalline Grid Activations 
  • Energetic, Physical, Mental, Spiritual Body Upgrades & Deep Spiritual Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Akashic Record Healing
  • Psychic Development
  • Past Life Healing 
  • Chakra Alignment, Clearing, Activation & Energetic System Upgrades
  • Deep Connection to Your Higher Self
  • Meet Likeminded Soul Tribe Friends
  • Memories to Take Home Forever
  • Life Purpose Acceleration

This is a dream...

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'How Do You Do It All?' One of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked ❤️

'How Do You Do It All?' One of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked

People also ask me, 'What do you do?' - My reply?

"Everything that you see on my social media and my website, is what I do. I don't do anything else. I don't have a mainstream job, I gave that up a long time ago. This is what I do, I am an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Mentor. Reality Awareness, Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity - that's what I do."

I have had so many people ask me in this last 2 weeks, where I have learnt all this stuff, the online technology side, who my mentor is, how do I do the business side of it and make the money I do and I answer with - well, that is a bit of a long winded answer and.... and the reason why I teach all I 'do' and all my 'know how' in my Life Purpose Mentorship because there is so many intricate parts to it! 

As for my mentor, I have ALWAYS had a mentor, there has never been a stage of my 'spiritually awakened' life (almost 14 years now) that I haven't been...

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I SPEAK A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. Some will understand, some won’t.

Take me deep and take me slow, just don’t make me weep and leave me in a heap.

“I told you She’s the chosen One, and you didn’t believe me.”

I meant to write this blog on Monday, but our Grandmother Moon, had different plans of releasing for me on Monday before I held our powerful Online Full Moon Ceremony. So here it is now.

I have been increasingly frustrated recently with this thing that’s been bugging me. I’ve been noticing it quite a lot and to be honest it’s been in the forefront of my awareness since about the end of September. Yet, it started to be quite in my face in late June last year and only in the past few days, has it dawned on me and so many pieces of the puzzle have come together. Nothing like a Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to catapult one of the biggest depth of learning for...

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I may seem quiet out here... but...

I may seem quiet out here... but - there is soooo much behind the scenes work going on over here to make all of what I have to offer you sooo much more user friendly for you!! 

I may seem 'quiet' - but I am about to amplify what I offer for you ten-fold! I am deeply passionate about shifting you and if you actually use the tools I offer in all my free content, let alone my paid trainings and offerings, you WILL shift your life! 

Feeling stuck today? Tired? Have you got my free meditation pack with 6 free meditations? They are all quite different and there is one in there that even activates your Life Purpose Blueprint (yep! Not sure why they told me to give you that for free, but I listen, trust and follow through!) You can grab that here: 

~ My website is being revamped (yes already! But this was only ever 2% done when I released it to you at the end of July)

~ I am very active in my private...

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About My Tattoos


I have had a lot of people asking me about my Tattoos, so I thought I would share about them here.

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Let alone the fact that we are moving into Ear Chakra week in my free private group, for our Free Intuition Training (are you in there yet?? ) 

Ear Chakras - Clairaudience - it is how we HEAR our intuition - are you LISTENING? 

You may be able to feel the potent power of the energy influx that has poured in, in this past 12-16 hours... 

It is intense, chaotic, powerful and potent... 

And.... are you using it - or are you letting it use you? 

What do you need to channel, what do you need to create? 

What do you need to DO? 

That could look like a lot of different things for many different people. 

  • resting 
  • sleep 
  • writing
  • creating
  • getting shit done
  • cleaning out (stuff that's been sitting there for YEARS)
  • letting go 
  • organising 


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The surface stuff may trigger you… but what is DEEPER, what is UNDER that… TRAVEL THAT.


Which is… after all, my gift… straight to the CORE.

Straight to HEART of the matter.

It is just… what I do. Naturally.


That powerful place.

That…. safe place.

That…. place of Love.




If you are going to keep reading, I am letting you know, you MAY get triggered by this post. You may get upset by this post. If you choose to keep reading, please, if you get upset, please seek help and support - not bitch about me behind my back about it, please speak to me, or speak to a support person in your life.

I am here… deeply sharing my process… as I do… and even hesitated writing this, in depth, because…. of the content and nature of it.

This is usually only stuff I share - my deepest processes for my...

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