The place from loving others, to loving yourself like not just ‘love yourself’ as a spiritual cliché

finding your life purpose how to trust your intuition self love self worth Sep 11, 2023

The place from loving others, to loving yourself like not just ‘love yourself’ as a spiritual cliché - but real, full blown authentic self love that others can FEEL radiating from your heart, body mind and soul that is soo magnetically attractive to all that pass your field…

From the day you truly commit to choosing you instead of your partner, your family, your significant other or anyone else in your life - is a lonely and somewhat dark road for the next 18 months.

But.. you’ve chosen you so you feel freer, but you are kinda lost, wandering around not really knowing what you are doing, but you know you’ve chosen right… well, you just couldn’t go back to what was, so it is this way.

Even though it is dark, it is unknown more so, but so much healing ensues through this time.

Remember, healing ain’t easy, a straight line nor clean. It’s raw as fuck, messy, crying - grieving - howling most of the time, wondering if it will even ever stop 😭

You’ll feel alone more than you’ve ever done and question everything you’re doing. It will feel like your world is upside down.

After 9-10 months... things will slowly start to shift and feel like you’re gaining direction and traction again… phew.

Then… around 18 months it will feel like you can’t breathe, you’ll be full of anxiety and something or someone will trigger the sense of aloneness on such a deep core heart level that you thought you had dealt with and ‘learnt to live in this alone space on a different level’ and life was just… well life.

And it all hits you at once.

You can’t breathe.

The sense of abandonment is so real, so strong and yet you know - you know you have to sit still and face this… drop.

This drop into the epitome of nothingness 🕳 

The tears come in pangs and stop and in waves and stop and then…. it drops again and you can’t take another breath and it just…. all caves into a sense of deep dark space that you can’t grip onto anything and in your mind is just nothingness… you feel Archangel Mary by your side, holding and comforting you like a beautiful loving, caring mother that you never had and the tsunami of grief waves through you again and you literally can’t take another breath and you just… surrender to it all… tears.. howling tears and… wtf is happening all at the same time…

Yet, you know… that something very, very powerful is happening… because you sat here.. you chose to face this… you chose to move through it so the crippling anxiety and waiting around for others to make decisions around you is taken away and you…. take your fucking power back 🔥

You remember who the fuck you are and drop into the deepest of compassion for yourself.

You see the deepest of mirrors 🪞 and the true integration of shadows around you of who you used to be and what you used to live in - no more 🙅🏻‍♀️ 

You'll witness for the very first time, who you actually are, what the fuck you've built and created in your life and the epitome of the stability and foundation you've been craving since you decided to leave all the toxic unstable abusive situations you've grown up in your entire fucking life - the very reason you did this in the first place.

You are taken back to a moment in time - around 18 months or so ago…


Over family.

Over loved ones.

Over friends.

Over career.


And the entirety of your world changed.


And that decision CHANGED EVERYTHING 🏹

You pierced a level of reality you only dreamt about or see those living outside the matrix living.

It was and has been an empty path since then… you see it as dark - but it is just… empty.

Awaiting to be filled by what you want. But you didn't realise that in the moment you chose it. You just knew you had to do this.

But you don’t know what you want, because for the entirety of your life, you’ve been putting others first.

Living out paradigms society had imprinted on you.

Paradigms your ex lovers imprinted on you.

Living our paradigms you thought you needed to be to be someone and the MOMENT you chose you - you chose an empty path. An unknown path.


The tsunami of grief waving over you feeling like you’re going to drown in see the depth and vision of your life that you’ve chosen for yourself without ALL of those paradigms..


The tears waving as you reach through time and space to that part of you who was still sitting there in that decision She made for herself… for her life. For no one else but HER. Not really knowing what She was REALLY choosing in that moment… but you now see… she chose HER. You... chose YOU.

A life outside of the paradigmal matrix of inverted trauma bonds.

She sees all the dots of her life come together like shattered pieces of glass all recoiling back from all directions of time and you…. return to your the wholeness in your heart…

But it is different.

You didn’t realise how empty and hollow your heart… had been. How much dark empty space was there.. 🖤

And like a beautiful tap of love - is now pouring in and filling this space 💗

That… this entire time.. you chose you.

You chose yourself.

Over any paradigmal paradoxical matrix of society.

You chose to live outside of those paradigms.

Not even ‘for’ anything… but yourself.

But in that…

Everything outside of the scope of what society deems normal… comes to you with effortless ease.

The tap of love, that you had been waiting for, not knowing that you in choosing you… you chose the deepest level of Self Love that you can FEEL 💗

It is a vibrational shift…

Not a spiritual cliche throw around term…

But your body and energy feels different… You are attracting different people and situations in your life - reflecting this new vibration you can feel with your Soul 💗

And the waves of tears consume you further… knowing that life… is about to be very different… 😭

That an 18 month mark of this level of Self Love outside of paradigmal normal society conditioning??

Oh honey, the best is yet to come 🔥

Phew. What a vibrational shift.

What a feeling.

What a healing.

What a state of energetic vibrational match for your true fulfilled hearts desires… not an empty one.

Thank you societal paradigmal mirrors that show up to trigger the deepest abandonment wounds to heal parts of me that vibrationally change me and the deepest core of my heart where I originally CHOSE ME… to change my entire reality….

In. An. Instant.

The true Goddess is emerging 💎

Life really begins now.

And I thought it had before!

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Talk about Heart Chakra Consciousness in action! Phew! I truly live this work it blows my mind daily!

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P.P.P.S. Can you feel the crystalline coding pulsating through the atmosphere?! There is some very, very special things coming…. 👀💎🐋💫