1. Shock
2. Anger
3. Grief
4. Somewhat get on with life
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 Grief Cycle 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
You want to Master your reality and Master your Emotional Intelligence, let alone having clear, accurate intuition without being confused all the time?
💫 Master the Grief Cycle 💫
With all the World events and the latest news... the Grief has hit Home 💔
Remember I said several weeks ago and kept repeating about it - the World is in shock..
The the Anger and riots began...
Whilst the above is still going on - so now has the grief hit Home for many..
Many of us haven't been able to stop crying..
Many of us haven't been able to sleep...
Many of us have seen slithering black entities out of the corners of our eyes..
Many of us have felt presences in our Homes and environments...
Many of us are confused and uncertain about what is going on with World events and figuring out what is next is impossible with the future never being set in stone - ever!
With the 3 Eclipses and Full Moon on our door step, with largest recorded Solar Flare last Friday night - we are feeling the energies alright, let alone how many planets are retrograde and stirring up a storm and the World is responding in kind.
There are huge energies going on right now and you may be feeling like:
~ you can't stop crying
~ physical pain
~ Third Eye headache pain
~ bleeding out of no where for whatever reason
~ anxiety and deep heart hurting pain
~ feeling confused and agitated because you don't know what is next
~ deep uncertainty but also certainty at the same time
~ 'you have no choice but to walk in blind faith and trust right now'
The Solar Flares are like huge flashes of intuitive insight, so whatever you were voicing around that time last week - know your intuition is guiding you and you need to listen.
I just read an article too, that explained that "The South Node in Sagittarius, however, will challenge the knowledge you've obtained throughout your life as well as your belief systems." - which makes total sense why many of us are feeling the way we are, questioning and doubting everything we've ever done and especially things that commenced February 25th-1st March (where and what was your Soul calling forth during this time?)
And that also confirms the feeling I was getting on the last livestream I did last week about the 'undertone falling away' the 'structures' falling away underground.
The huge grief stricken wake ups with the Black-White Racial Prejudice going on in the World right now - I deeply bow to dear George Floyd for his Life Purpose in sparking the deep chaotic and much needed change for the world to wake up to the reality and do something about it.
These things go on all the time - and yet, no one does anything about it.
With the past few months of World Events - people are waking up and have HAD ENOUGH!
With these powerful Eclipses - it is only going to intensify. I do feel there will be a shift on Friday with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but we are going to need to take extra self care and deep radical responsibility for all areas of our life to stay grounded, on cue and responsive to the shifting currents of the waves that are happening through our Solar System right now.
George is safe and is watching all unfold, right now - his legacy will live on, on the catalyst for change in our world right now today.
In taking Radical Responsibility - I see that Wim Hoff is doing a fasting cleanse challenge from today (Monday) and last Thursday I was intuitively called to start today - it seems there is this in the collective right now.
As the world comes into more chaos - we stay grounded, calm and responsive by cleansing, rather than the foods that destroy and agitate us and fuel the fire, rather than nurture it.
As the energies our 'Ascension' into 5D (or whatever is happening, because who really knows at the end of the day) - everything is amplified and manifestation abilities heightened (I have been saying this for weeks now too, moving into months) - that isn't going to calm down, but only increase and amplify, so what is entering our body, is also amplifying.
Whatever shifts are occurring right now for you - know that these next 3 eclipses over these coming weeks, commencing this Friday with our Lunar Eclipse Full Moon - are going to be one super interesting, deep and highly intuitively activating energies streaming through.
Pay attention to your intuition, listen carefully and know that the fog you've been recently experiencing is about to lift and you will have high flying direction once again.
The last time 3 eclipses occurred like this - when I originally tuned into it - was August 2018 and was such a HUGE month for me in so many ways. I was flying and exhausted at the same time and so any factors came pouring into my life that I had been manifesting for YEARS. It was a GOOD and HUGE month for me. And I downloaded the most powerful meditations I have done to date during that time! I can FEEL the next wave coming through for me to channel and perhaps that is why I am being called to cleanse and detox 'extremely' right now!
I had felt that this is going to be the same this next month - and yet, the energy feels like it is coming from under the Earth. I dreamt of nuclear (but natural nuclear - is that even a thing?!) and volcanic places last Monday night and then was told of the eclipses and all of this came to light.
It makes me wonder what Earth shifts are about to rise.. or something!
Think about it - as an Empath - we get agitated when we are feeling someone's energy and don't know what's going on.
So - any human being FEELS energy - because everyone has a Heart.
So, when an unconscious person doesn't know how to decipher the energy - they act out the energy and it's not even them.
Oh, hello 90% of the world right?!
And so, IF - our Earth, is moving lots of energy right now and the people are 'reacting/responding' to it...
Ah, just an interesting pondering..!
How have you been feeling leading up to these Eclipses? Comment below and let me know? What are you doing to prepare yourself for this next month?
I have been crippled with grief over the weekend, but I know, that everything is happening as it is meant to - but those deep, curling up, deep seated grief sobs - are something not many walk through.. but the fastest way to let go of something - is to FEEL.
It's hard to let go of what you thought was meant for you, but to love something, is to set it free 🕊 and perhaps that is the love in your own Heart ❤️
Remember, everything is happening FOR you, not to you ❤️ (Yes! Reminding myself even!)
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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