Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

The best way to do that?

Do your OWN thing! Forget what they are doing! 

If you find yourself getting triggered and then NOT paying attention to that - you can get easily pulled of path - deeply!!

Now - it is important to note - we are human and we will always get triggered! 

Everybody does, every body has 'emotional stuff' - some are just better at hiding it, and usually have a lot of physical symptoms to show instead, so I don't know they hide it as such... and are not really 'better' at hiding it... just... the point is... every body has 'stuff'! 

Some go into denial... 

Some point the fingers at others... and tell them how wrong they are doing their thing and what they are teaching - yeah wtf?! Do you see what you are doing if you do this? #goodness

Some have trigger ping pong and don't know who started who or where you end and they start and it can go on for months, or years, without even being aware of it and even pass it to others without even realising - viruses anyone - how deep do you want to go here?

Who ends where and who begins where? What is YOUR energy actually? 

Some... don't even realise they are so entangled in others 'stuff' and take it on as their own... 

Even the most spiritually 'advanced' people on the planet have 'stuff'. 

To say they don't is um... denying their human reality... 


Getting side-tracked.. 

Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

Is to get super friends with your triggers!! 

When you are triggered - it is showing you an emotional response to something... 

And when you know how to 'listen and learn' from your triggers and fast - the faster you stay deeply connected to not only your Heart - but your Life Purpose. 

There is a definitely process or 'system' or 'formula' if you may, for deeply understanding your emotional response to a situation, thing, word or person and you can become super fast, #onpoint and accurate with knowing what, how, where and what is going on with the energetic dynamics at play of what is really going on. 

Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

Is that you stay super clear with your triggers, you follow the threads and fast and unravel them before they even began - yes, that is how fast you can be with this! 

And... it isn't like - fast as in a race and better than, because you pick it up quicker so to speak - it is just all the training. Maybe you do it naturally - and so.... imagine how fast and clear you will be WITH training! #woahlookoutworld

There are certain techniques that you can use decipher the energy thread of something. 

There are certain ways of being - that enable you to sense things going on, before they even 'hit' you and you become so entangled, you forgot... what you were even doing before hand? 

Every trigger is teaching you something. 

Every emotional response is teaching you something. 

But - is it your emotional response - or are you feeling them? 

THAT is where your super awareness comes in - did you have that on your own - is that your emotional body - or is that their's that is going on and you felt them? 

Are you THAT clear in your energy field? 

Are you THAT aware of your energy threads? 

THIS is where - being friends with your triggers come in. 

What triggered you? 


What does it remind you of? 

Where did you last sense that same feeling? 

When you had that same interaction with them? 

Or was it a different person - but the same feeling?

Or, is it even your trigger? 

But aren't all triggers - your own triggers?

And - was it a feeling - or an emotion?

Mmmm, many, many layers hey? 

Do you - know your triggers well enough, do you know your emotions well enough, do you, know your feelings well enough, do you know your inner world and all the parts that make that up - to be able to distinguish the difference? 

Do you know when you are you, or that you have taken on someone else's persona? 

Do you know - when you are separate enough in your energy, clear enough in your energy, clear enough in your inner world, to distinguish, when you have been triggered yourself, or whether you are reverberating from their trigger? 

Who's sea of emotions/feelings/triggers - are you swimming in? 

Have you checked in with that today? 

Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

Get clear, not just in your energy, but deep, deep into the layers of your subconscious, of all the parts that make up your energy, your conscious, your subconscious - get friends with your triggers and know how to travel them. 

For then, you can stay deeply, deeply on track... with your Life Purpose. 

Are you clear, on who you are... and who the rest of the world is? 

To recognise when your triggers are your own - and showing you exactly where your Life Purpose Path is?

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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