NOT GOOD ENOUGH - CLEAR! THIS is how I clear... nothing more, nothing less is what this post is about... THIS is how you CLEAR THREADS. #likeapro #shamanstyle #feelingalltheway #ancientbloodedhealerstyle #ridingthewave
As I dropped deep... deep into the thread, the grief was real. The heartache was real. Feeling the depths of not good enough was real.
What did I do? What did I do? Was all that stumbled out of my mouth today in deep grief as I fell to my knees in deep dark heart pain.
I'll be honest, I struggled today on Mother's Day today. Mother? Wtf is that?
One could say I have issues with most 'commercialised days'. I don't really acknowledge them. Perhaps it is wondering how we all even came to celebrate such days, when people complain about Christmas for example and how it is all about presents and how it is a strain for most.. well why do we even do it.. another subject for another time I'm sure...
I don't really...
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Empaths & Healers Attracting Partners Who Are Not 100% Committed Or Still Attached to Someone Else.

Empaths & Healers Attracting Partners Who Are Not 100% Committed Or Still Attached to Someone Else. 

I found working clients over the years and with my own patterns - this thing with Healers & Empaths in particular who attract men (yes, I am speaking from a woman to a man, so if you are a man, obviously change the words to suit.. or not)... attract men who are still in relationship to their ex, perhaps they say they are not and so you move forward in a relationship with them.

But over time, the things don't seem to add up, and then you realise ‍‍‍Why did this happen again?!

Why am I continually attracting men who in a single breath jump back with their ex and their kids?!

Why am I only attracting men who are still married even?!!?

Why am I continually attracting men who I only hear from every several months or every year, when they have broken up with their girlfriend, or are fighting with their Mrs and I believe their bullshit stories that they are...

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I have been called to open the Life Purpose Mentorship for a very limited time only!!

This is for people who are:  

Trying to, struggling with or wanting to up-level their skills in business, mindset, journalling, money, Life Purpose and more  

Wanting to understand more about journalling and 'how to do it right' even if you don't have a business yet or even want to but know this can help your life or 'prepare' you for one  

Have a business currently, or are looking to start a business in their field  

For Entrepreneurs who have crazy ideas and don't know how or where to start and are scared to even tell people because of past responses from people  

Who are wanting to increase their income, whether they are in business or at 'normal' work  

Who need support, tools and different ideas to increase your clientele  

If you feel like something is missing in your current role of your...

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There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time.

There is this nothingness, but there is everything at the same time. It has felt empty, but it actually isn't that either. Something has deeply changed, and nothing has the same meaning anymore. 

That... space.. in between the in breath.... and the out breath.... 

There has been intense months of deeply recoding my cellular structure, deep down core DNA shifts and changes, solid years of internal work and this past year of recoding at a cellular level in ways that I have never done before - right now? It feels like it has hit physical reality. 

Changing my food intake this past month, my cells, my physiological and my bio-chemical way of processing has changed. 

I have not had ANY processed foods, no sugar, no carbs and about 1% vegetables, no supplements for this past month (moving into week 5 now). I have taken herbs consistently to kill parasites and pathogens... within 3 days I noticed HUGE changes, within 10 days, it was like a miracle pill... my body...

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"But, my Heart got it wrong" - No, it didn't honey..

"But, my Heart got it all wrong" - No, it didn't honey.. 

"Your Heart already knows, Trust it." 

I had many people comment and private message me the other day when I posted that quote, saying how much their Heart got it wrong, that they 'can never trust their Heart again, because it failed them' whether in relationships or some other choice they had to make - I am here to say to you, dear Soul, that no, your Heart didn't get it wrong. 

Most people get confused in their Heart. They feel confused, because they have been hurt, or betrayed in the past about what their Heart felt was right. 

And do you know what? I imagine at one moment in time, in that situation - your heart WAS right - but it never became wrong. 

Your Heart is ALWAYS leading you to the fastest route to your Life Purpose, to your Dreams, to your Desires. 

What happens, is that as soon as that direction changes within your Heart, let's talk relationship for example. 

There is a...

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When I trust my intuition to change my work schedule around unexpectedly this past 5 days.... not knowing why, but trusting and doing it anyway... 

When I trust my intuition to take the dogs for a run on the beach in the hot sun, because yesterday it felt so good, so I did it again this morning... yet this time. 

Before I left, I was feeling fragile. Last night having a huge releasing cry, with what I have been working on internally and what it has taken for me to get to this point and now what I am realising and letting sooo much more go, more than I ever thought was possible. 

This morning, still feeling fragile and I knew for a day of gentleness, before I even left with the dogs I wanted to cry and before I left for the beach, I got the message, 'Softening into my next level/layer of receiving.' - that is what I was going to call this blog... however, everything changed when I got to the beach...

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You are provided with a deep understanding and road map of how to use your Sacred Life Purpose Gift
Energetic Upgrades, reactivation Soul DNA codes are also provided in this session as your Sacred Life Purpose Gift is uncovered
Strengthen your Sacred Life Purpose Gift
Realise, understand and incorporate your Life Purpose deeply into your life
Enhance your healing sessions in your business, career and relationships
Activate your Unique Blueprint Code
I am deeply humbled to be the conduit to help people with this, every single person is so unique and the gifts and spiritual understanding and healing that comes through... totally amazes me.
Spirit is incredible - YOU are incredible and what you are here to do - amazing is an understatement.
Deeply, humbled...
All the details for these Cracking the Code Sessions and to books yours, ...
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Life Purpose Accelerator

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW Want complete access to everything PLUS high level personal mentoring with me to hone your intuitive skills, reawakening your dormant skills, activate new ones and remember why on Earth you are here in the first place?
With total access all areas pass with:
~ Lifetime access to Trust Your Intuition & Rapid Ascension Awakening which are your gateways to Certification as an Intuitive Healer & Life Purpose Activator PLUS your Advanced Certificate
~ 12 Months high level mentoring with me including unlimited voice and text message support, unlimited psychic readings,
~ 2 x 1 hour phone calls per month for 12 Months
~ Cracking The Code, Uncovering Your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts Session
~ 2 x Distance Healings
~ Access to any content I create...
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ENERGY VAMPIRISM Cultivating your own energy.

ENERGY VAMPIRISM - even the 'high vibrations' - do you energy vampirism off someone's high vibe too? 

Cultivating your own energy. What I am about to share goes against all manifestation and techniques that are currently being taught from all trains of thoughts, teachings and the law of attraction. 

It's all good for when people say, 'Get away from them, get away from their energy because it is negative and it pulls you down.' 

But then they tell you to come over here in 'this good high vibration' because what you are around you become and you amplify yourself to reach their levels because you are around it. 

You know, you can go to a high vibe positive seminar that amps you up and everyone is super high and happy then get home and 3 days later you are lower than when you went there! (Gosh that is no different to an addiction or party drug - up and down, up and down)

Why? Because you are pulling on their energy, you are in a collective energy that is all...

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From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

That I am no longer tolerating people who don’t respect my boundaries or get shitty when I say no.

That I am no longer tolerating people who back stab me and then pretend/talk to my face like it’s fine and all nice - trust me, Spirit shows me the truth and makes it clear who stays close to me in my life and who does not.

I no longer have a tolerance for those not taking responsibility for their own shit in their life and actions they have made in the past and trying to talk me into believing their own lies.

I no longer have a tolerance for two face bullshit and inauthenticity, no matter who it is.

I no longer will hold back what isn't mine to hold back and I release control of what no longer serves me.

I no longer have a tolerance for those who are not willing to do the work and change their life. I have plenty of tools available for free to do this - for FREE - because I believe in you to...

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