Weekly Energetic Forecast ⚡️


For the week 10th - 17th October 2021

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Weekly Energetic Forecast⚡️


For the Week of the 3rd - 10th October 2021

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$250k Months 🔥 I’d been playing too small 🌟

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“Invite me to a Peace rally and I’ll be there.” 🕊

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I feel like the veil of my being has been ripped open at my core...

I feel like the veil of my being has been ripped open at my core... dozens, upon dozens of Black Crows, Ravens and all kinds of Black Birds are flying out of me, waves upon waves, of hearing the screeching calls.... 

Black darkness, isn't coming into me... 

It is coming OUT of me... 

That has been buried deep, deep within, no longer - can stay in who I am becoming - my truest self... 

And yet, the blackness - was a self made cocoon that I had created around myself because of everything that has happened to me over my entire life, all the hurt, all the pain, every little word that a passing comment in sarcasm that someone had made that pierced my deeply sensitive empath heart - I had enclosed myself in my own self made cocoon of darkness, all those words I let encase me in a shroud of darkness - that attracted more darkness... 

Until I chose to break open that chrysalis and set myself free. 

Nothing happens overnight and it certainly doesn't happen by...

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to the Heart Chakra 💚

Heart Chakra Consciousness 💚
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"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!"

"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!" 

"Not with me you haven't." I replied. 

It doesn't matter if you spend a little or a lot... 

What does matter - is the person who is holding the space for you to transform. 

I have had many, many people over the years come to me and say that 'psychologists don't work, doctors don't work, no body, not even other healers can figure out what is wrong with me' and yet, again, it depends on the practitioner that is holding space for you to transform. 

Anybody can train to become anybody from a book/class. 

But how deep are they going within their own transformational growth journey? THAT is the key you want to be looking for. 

The best healers, guide you to connecting to your own inner health, inner wealth and inner life purpose. 

No body can do that for you.

It is like when I teach Lightfilled Yoga, I ask if there are any new people to my class and give them a disclaimer. If you don't like...

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It requires you to do what you have to do, not what you want to do, from a Soul aligned place. 

It requires you to drop every dead weight out of your life and strip back bare to your Soul. 

It requires you release your addictions that are covering up all of your emotions that are blocking your your Highest Self that enables you to LIVE YOUR DESTINY.

It requires you to step up and lead from your Heart, with your powerful illogical mind only being used for disciplinary actions of getting things done. 

It requires you push through your fears and leave your comfort zone in all areas of your life. 

It requires consistent inner personal development, energetic frequency body shifting and conscious awakening to the evolution of your Highest Self. 

It requires you to release all attachments. 

It requires you to trust. 

It requires you to have a grateful Heart. 

It requires you to take financial risks...

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We are not the Dark OR the Light

We are not the Dark OR the Light
We are not Black OR White
We are ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME - in ALL REALITIES existing at once - the good the bad, the hate, the love - ALL of it exists at the same time.
If you think you are this label or that label - you are not integrating the entire picture of reality and therefore missing out on the key of LIFE.
Remember how months ago, I kept saying, it is only going to get worse before it gets better? I think we are ALMOST at that peak - but not quite just yet.. there is still more to come in my intuitive sense about it.
Humanity is almost reaching a tipping point... but we are not there yet.
In my January 2020 Prediction when the Star Being came through to me and got me out of my Float to download/channel a message that i then had to go home and livestream about - the Star Being said this would go on until 2022. Yes, that long. Now some have said longer - but this 'feeling'...
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I am getting strong messages today - so you... are needing to hear this? 

It is time to take it to the next level. And I am talking about your Business baby! 

I feel like I am repeating this message to sooo many clients and private messages right now - so what is your next level in your spiritual business and/or consciousness business work? 

Now - you also don't have to be doing the spiritual business industry for this message to apply to you! 

However, there is a strong theme in the collective here and the biggest message I am being called to share here is that the common theme with stepping up and out with your spiritually based business is: 

  • What will they think of me?
  • Who am I to do this work?
  • I don't have the correct or enough skills 
  • I'm not ready yet, I need blah blah before I can start 
  • What will my...
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