ENERGY VAMPIRISM Cultivating your own energy.

ENERGY VAMPIRISM - even the 'high vibrations' - do you energy vampirism off someone's high vibe too? 

Cultivating your own energy. What I am about to share goes against all manifestation and techniques that are currently being taught from all trains of thoughts, teachings and the law of attraction. 

It's all good for when people say, 'Get away from them, get away from their energy because it is negative and it pulls you down.' 

But then they tell you to come over here in 'this good high vibration' because what you are around you become and you amplify yourself to reach their levels because you are around it. 

You know, you can go to a high vibe positive seminar that amps you up and everyone is super high and happy then get home and 3 days later you are lower than when you went there! (Gosh that is no different to an addiction or party drug - up and down, up and down)

Why? Because you are pulling on their energy, you are in a collective energy that is all...

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From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

From this moment forth and my deep integral intentions for 2019 and beyond are:

That I am no longer tolerating people who don’t respect my boundaries or get shitty when I say no.

That I am no longer tolerating people who back stab me and then pretend/talk to my face like it’s fine and all nice - trust me, Spirit shows me the truth and makes it clear who stays close to me in my life and who does not.

I no longer have a tolerance for those not taking responsibility for their own shit in their life and actions they have made in the past and trying to talk me into believing their own lies.

I no longer have a tolerance for two face bullshit and inauthenticity, no matter who it is.

I no longer will hold back what isn't mine to hold back and I release control of what no longer serves me.

I no longer have a tolerance for those who are not willing to do the work and change their life. I have plenty of tools available for free to do this - for FREE - because I believe in you to...

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Cracking The Code, Uncovering Your Sacred Life Purpose Gifts

I am in total awe at what flows through these sessions! To help uncover and reclaim people's Sacred Life Purpose Gift with them in session is phenomenal!
I am deeply humbled to be the conduit to help people with this, every single person is so unique and the gifts and spiritual understanding and healing that comes through... totally amazes me. Spirit is incredible - YOU are incredible and what you are here to do - amazing is an understatement.
Deeply, humbled...
All the details for these Cracking the Code Sessions are here:
It leaves me speechless of what they show me and what we shift together in session to Uncover your Sacred Life Purpose Gift.
In awe, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
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✨ The 21 Day Shifter Program is OPEN NOW ✨

The 21 Day Shifter Program is OPEN NOW
Have you been needing deep support but not sure where to find it?
If you want to step into my powerfully healing and shifting energetic field and:
shift your life
get out of your
understand why your life is falling apart
need help leaving that relationship you know you need to but don't know how to or where to start
increase your psychic skills, intuition
amplify your Life Purpose path
release the past ready for 2019
The 21 Day Shifter Program is OPEN now, click here for all the details.
Unlimited Psychic Readings
Unlimited questions and answers
Unlimited voice message
Unlimited text message
Whatever resources are required to help you shift, heal and activate, this powerful space will shift you, just by entering this energetic healing space, that takes you to the next level and get's you deeply on path for your Life Purpose.
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There were times when I doubted, when I wondered and got confused and fall.
There were times when I gave my power away to those around me because of their call.
There were times when I didn't realise that I was hiding my own light and blinded those when I did come out.
Through a trail of destruction with Kali at my side, I walked through the fire as it rose through my toes.
There was a calling that couldn't be denied and hasn't stopped ever since and it is here that I rise with the Warriors and Goddesses at my side.
I created Trust Your Intuition not because of an outcome, but because my intuition was calling me to.
I created Trust Your Intuition not because of what it would bring to people, but what I didn't want them to go through, like I.
I created Trust Your...
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Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

Want to stay on track with your Life Purpose?

The best way to do that?

Do your OWN thing! Forget what they are doing! 

If you find yourself getting triggered and then NOT paying attention to that - you can get easily pulled of path - deeply!!

Now - it is important to note - we are human and we will always get triggered! 

Everybody does, every body has 'emotional stuff' - some are just better at hiding it, and usually have a lot of physical symptoms to show instead, so I don't know they hide it as such... and are not really 'better' at hiding it... just... the point is... every body has 'stuff'! 

Some go into denial... 

Some point the fingers at others... and tell them how wrong they are doing their thing and what they are teaching - yeah wtf?! Do you see what you are doing if you do this? #goodness

Some have trigger ping pong and don't know who started who or where you end and they start and it can go on for months, or years, without even being aware of...

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Let alone the fact that we are moving into Ear Chakra week in my free private group, for our Free Intuition Training (are you in there yet?? ) 

Ear Chakras - Clairaudience - it is how we HEAR our intuition - are you LISTENING? 

You may be able to feel the potent power of the energy influx that has poured in, in this past 12-16 hours... 

It is intense, chaotic, powerful and potent... 

And.... are you using it - or are you letting it use you? 

What do you need to channel, what do you need to create? 

What do you need to DO? 

That could look like a lot of different things for many different people. 

  • resting 
  • sleep 
  • writing
  • creating
  • getting shit done
  • cleaning out (stuff that's been sitting there for YEARS)
  • letting go 
  • organising 


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You receive your intuition in more than just one way...

You receive your intuition in more than just one way...
There are 4 main ways you receive your intuition.... But then there are MANY ways you receive your intuition - you just have to be aware of them, activate them and use them.
The 4 main ways, are through your:
Claircognisence - this is your clear thinking at the top of your head, your Crown, associated with the colour purple, your out of the blue thoughts, it is the ideas that just drop in, it is when you 'just know' 'I just knew that was going to happen'
Clairvoyance - this is your clear seeing, your Third Eye, associated with the colour deep indigo blue, you see signs, you see images inside your minds eye, you 'daydream' alot, you see visions, you also dream alot, you also see physical signs in the physical world
Clairaudience - this is your hearing, your clear hearing, your Ear Portals associated with the colour Magenta pink. You get songs stuck in your head, you 'just...
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About those upgrades last week? Oh, and Happy Solstice!!!

Hey beautiful! You know how I posted about those upgrades last week? 

(Oh! And Happy Solstice!)

Well, I asked what I needed to do to take extra care of myself to support the process of expansion (because that is all they are), and I received the message to juice fast from Monday lunchtime to Wednesday lunchtime and get more exercise. 

For me, that meant going back to the gym as I realised I hadn't gone to the gym since Adaya was supposed to go back to New Zealand last time. 

And how much I remember that gym to me, means strengthening muscles, which enables my physical body to hold more Light. 

So I did those things. And more. 

And the reveal from them? 

Huge. Amazing. 

And - right on time. #ofcourse

I had been questioning, something felt off, something wasn't right with HOW I was offering my services, of - DOING WHAT I AM MEANT TO BE DOING ON THIS PLANET!

Aka how I was DOING my Life Purpose, wasn't at the highest level and what I contracted in the...

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Suicide and the Empty Heart

Suicide and the Empty Heart

There has been alot about suicide coming to my awareness again recently, with celebrities and more and even though I have spoken to this in the past, I feel called to deeply share this here now. 

The thing with suicide is that one simply has lost Life Purpose. The Heart is completely shut down, there is a huge barrier and wall around ones Heart. The Heart is deeply connected to your Life Purpose. 

It's your desires, your joy, your fun, your LOVE - for self and others and life itself. 

When you shut down your Heart, that's done to protect oneself from future pain, but when you do this, it also blocks out any future love and care to come IN and THAT feels very isolating. It creates a big cold cave. 

Why does one shut down their Heart? Yes for protection - so you don't get hurt again right? This can stem from childhood or a relationship that wasn't very nice (or other things!)

What happens here, when you shut down your...

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