What if, I could have everything I desired?


What if, I could have everything I desired?

What if, it was all possible?

What if, the only thing stopping me, was me?

What if, all I had to do, is the next thing in alignment with my intuition? 

What if, I could trust myself in this way? 

What if, everything I desired, everything I wanted - happens? 

What if, the light shines from deep within me and touches everyone I come in contact with? Even those that I trigger?

What if, everything works out? 

What if, the World comes into Peace, quicker than anyone ever imagined?

What if, there is nothing that I have to do and everything I want to do? 

What if, I am rich beyond my wildest dreams? 

What if, I have the most amazing body and that it gets to become even more amazing throughout 2021?

What if, everything accelerates with rapid flow and ease in my life over 2021 and beyond? 

What if, I am fully supported by a dedicated team, that means I can FLY? 

What if, I choose to be successful no matter what? 

What if, I keep going UNTIL it happens?

 What if, all my dreams come true? 

What if, every thing I create amplifies x 10? 

What if, all my desires are always met? 

What if, all of my everything I choose to create, happens with ease? 

What if, everything I choose to believe, is real? 

What if, everything I write, comes alive like magic off the page? 

What if, I am the creator of my reality and all that I choose - happens? 

What if, this is the reality I choose? 

What if, people look on in awe, wondering, but how? 

What if, they could do it too, if they would only sit down and choose it too. 

Do you, choose to what if your life into reality? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. There is a dream that lives inside of you... there is something that has a place in your Heart, sometimes it is so shut down it is hard to hear that call. 

All the hurt, all the pain, all the heartbreak and torture, that covers ones heart with concrete walls. 

And yet, that sacred place is where all your desires lay, for the foundations of your Life Purpose. 

If you're ready to unveil and unlock and create your destiny - even if you're too heart broken to even have clarity on what that is, and feel that you're 'just okay doing your thing and playing small, simply because you don't know what it is you're supposed to be doing', Life Purpose Accelerator is for you. 

Click here for all the details, there isn't much longer to go: https://www.realityawareness.com/life-purpose-accelerator


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