When you're deep in creation mode and the Goddess REMINDS YOU:

When you're deep in creation mode and the Goddess REMINDS YOU:


“When the womb of our Mother is burnt and all bled - you will see as we all begin to rise from the dead.

The grief stricken womb of the heart of our Earth, can you feel the heart waken as she rumbles in her sleep.

They try as they might to stop the rising wake, But it’s too late as they cry through the to the women in the night.

We are rising in our thousands and millions knocking at the door, As more and more truth surfaces - the feelings just raw.

You killed our dear Mother and the daughters they may rage, But they are wise and their fury gets poured down and through, like the group of the beret.

We know who we are and we are waking by the minute, That rage and fury that has poured through the grief, the space that is cleared gives us weight you never thought you could sweep.

It’s gone all wrong - oh no dear women - it has only just begun,

The waking hours are yet to come but the grief has turned to rage and the rage has poured below.

You’ll see the white and yellow flowers surface first - as sign that the truth has been heard. Its not gone, its just begun and needed you to wake to your calling - for the hearth of your home has only just been stirred.

Dear child, do not worry, for your Mother has been heard, Let the ripples of her howling cry rip the veils open wide - dear Child, they come from far and wide.

Hear me call, hear me shout to the ones that come running to see the waking fright,

The torture and the pain will come again with the waves as we wake in our millions.

Evolution is here and it’s not what you thought, the fallout is still on it’s way, but never spare a thought - for the how this all started - turn your thoughts to your destiny for this calling for humanity to waken, has only begun.

Let them come, let them see, let them gasp, let them gape, it’s only just beginning you’ll see. It pours through their womb, feeling the pain she’s been carrying and now the delicate balance of equilibrium is coming.

Do not weep for what you do not see anymore, weep for what you FEEL for it is this - the LUNGS have been waiting to take this deeper breath - that has been waiting for you to feel in your own Soul for so long. 

For you and I are not separate as much as you think we are - this pain in your heart you are feeling, is the reawakening of you to love that which will bring us back, right into harmony.

Weep tears, but not for my hearth, for the pain you have held that has now surfaced to cathartic release for your Soul has been calling me to destiny’s breach. Just like the Whale and Dolphins breach - their return is near - for the true lungs of our Earth are returning once more.

Hear my call, hear my sound, my children are waking and the rising has begun it is here we watch like a sabbatical.

Breathe deeper - the chaos around the fields requires you to witness all, be your breath, be your heart and return to the Goddess that you are.

Powerful, strong and wise, your rising is my fury and your fury is my fire.

Let us walk hand in hand side by side as you hold the cathartic fire.

Letting go, breathe it deep as I hear your sabbatical call, let me rise in you, for your flames, they burn us all.

Let the water soothe, for the healing is in the weep, that replicates the place, that you stand at your feet.

The salt is rising and so are your tears, remember who you are in the person your Soul is purified by, call to you, call to them, but never lose the flame of desire that was your longing to find your Home and return to that which you are - the pure energy of light for the breath - is what takes you there.” - Queen Goddess of Our Earth.

When I walked in the kitchen, on my way to get some water and then chill out…

She poured through me. As waves of grief had been pouring through. Friday night saw me trying to sleep, but deep waves of heart wrenching anxiety and pain - the flooding of our Earth and the changes rumbling, the ‘Lungs’ are changing - our Evolution is here.

So much Ocean Wisdom these past few days… Whilst everyone is worried about the Lungs of Our Earth going up in Flames - those who know the truth, know they did it on purpose to raise the waters again - just like in Atlantis - this time, a different spell.

The curators of the fires, greedy for power and wealth - it tis no different from the power struggle that led to Atlantis’s fall. It is here - She rises once more.

In December/January 2018/2019 so many of us felt Atlantis Rising - and here we are - almost 9 months later - birthing an entirely new reality. (The Amazon Fires happened, 9months after ‘Atlantis truth of the fall consciousness rose’)

Remember when the flames came to Notre Dame and that livestream that I did at that time, turned into a channeled understanding of the ‘Cycles of Healing’ and gave so much relief to all those that saw it.

What followed 4 days after that livestream was a Global Live Healing that took us to Africa and released the bloodshed from her Womb there. Africa, and South America, look very similar in shape, don’t they? 💥🤔💥

At 4-6 months - a taste of reality is birthed (Notre Dame fires were in April, 4 months after Atlantis was felt...)

At 9 months REALITY BIRTHS… And here we are, almost at 9 months since so many of us felt Atlantis Rise in December/January this year. And here we are, with water that will rise rapidly - because of the change in Earth’s atmosphere.

Sounds like Atlantis Rising to me! Time to get your lungs on peeps!

Breathe - FEEL - your emotions are the water - FEEL TO HEAL AND HEAL BY FEELING… FEELING is the Goddess way, your intuition and the key to humanities survival. When we feel and hold that space in our Heart - THAT is when we enter into another reality.

The what feels like drowning is your emotions rising - that is all.

FEEL them, you are safe to walk through this portal, into this world… the world called the Heart. You’re altered reality and dimension awaits you.

If you’ve been feeling sooo much grief, tears and like you’ve never been able to cry until now - YOUR HEART IS OPENING.

You are REMEMBERING who you REALLY ARE. The ICE CAPS ARE MELTING - HONEY - YOUR FEELINGS ARE DEFROSTING. It’s YOU that is melting… softening in Her wake.

THE GODDESS IS RISING Bringing our Soul Earth back into Balance… FEEL TO HEAL.

Your initiation is here.

Breathe, like you’ve never breathed before. Lung capacity training is ON - and once you’ve FELT THE GRIEF that has been stagnant for too long - your portal will shine right on through and can join those that have already walked through.

For there are Healers that are watching the current events and are not moved…

For their earthquake shifting grief waves, they’ve already walked through and are standing here waiting with open arms, to welcome you.

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I have been working solidly behind the scenes on some big projects which I am excited to share with you soon!

Upon my solid behind the scenes project immersion, I found this... I wrote this in August last year - when the Amazon Fires happened, well She flowed through me and spoke!

Isn't it interesting - that this happened then and then fire after fire happened - in Australia and then in other places around the world.

Now - yesterday here, it was 35 degrees and HOT as! Of course! It should be - it is 2 weeks away from Summer here 🥵 🤩

I LOVE summer!

And yet, I woke at 4am to THICK fog and still right now - at 7am it is still thick AND it is COLD! 🥶

Soo interesting! I will be doing an energy update soon..

The Goddess is ALIVE and She is watching and witnessing EVERYTHING... and soon... She will crack. Goddesses are patient... and very compassionate... until the line is crossed. She has our back. Hold faith in that.

The Dragon Fae has arisen 🌳💎🕊🌏❤️

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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