Sounds silly right?
No, this isn't what this 21 Day Money Shifter is about - so why am I even talking about it?
Because Tissues and Paper Towel, were something that I realised were blocking my wealth!
Still not making sense? Let me share...
As a single mum building what I have online and in February 2019 realising I had made $100k in 7 months and I didn't even realise - Tissues and Paper Towel became a turning point in my abundance factor.
Let me go deeper.
I have been building what I have online for just over 2.5 years now and in the beginning, I went without A LOT. That was a choice I made, a sacrifice I made to do whatever it took, to follow the guidance my Soul was guiding me to do.
"Be willing do to do, what your Soul directs you to do, if you want to create what you are asking for." - Sanyana Roman.
This quote has been stuck on the inside of my dream book since 2005 when I first created it. And even since, that is what I have been doing. Much to the disgust and mis-understanding and 'how could she' from all those people that told me I shouldn't be doing what I am doing, that I should stop this nonsense and get a 'real job' and much more.
Has it been easy? Fuck no! Would I change a thing? Hell no!
Do I keep going! OH YES HONEY!!
So the Tissues and Paper Towel. I've listened to and followed many mentors online and at it's core what this has also taught me to do - is to, low and behold - TRUST MY INTUITION.
At the end of the day, you have to do what feels right to YOU - why? Because YOUR SOUL is guiding you, not someone else's! Can you learn from others? HELL YES you can! And I encourage you to follow what feels right to you!
Early on in my journey learning, building and creating what I have so far online, I learnt to go without. Some call it sacrifice - I call it doing what I need to do, because I know where I am headed.
Yes, you guessed it, I stopped buying Tissues and Paper Towel. Why?
Because when I would go to the supermarket, those extra $2, $3 and $4 would add up and make a BIG difference to the end total and I learnt to, well, you can't eat tissues now can you! Well, I am sure someone COULD, doesn't mean that would sustain me to do what I need to do! ๐Ÿ˜‰Food was more important. So I made a choice. And I stopped buying Tissues and Paper Towel, well, because you can always use toilet paper, and toilet paper is a need in our modern day world we have created and live in today. I also knew, it wasn't forever!
It wasn't until late last year. I remember clearly, sitting at the kitchen table, and the aha moment clicked in - "I will buy Tissues and Paper Towel 'when' I am wealthy and have more money." BOOM ๐Ÿ’ฅ#wakeupcall
I caught myself - waiting on a future event, before I felt a certain way, experienced life in a certain way and BECAME the person that the Universe then brings to you - it doesn't happen the other way around!
You must become it first. You must vibrate wealth, abundance. I knew this. Yet, I guess, this Divine wake up call with Tissues and Paper Towel was such a godsend and a HUGE factor in my shift into deep abundance! AND FAST!
Not long after this, I changed my focus, shifted my life with the tools, activations, mindset and sacred rituals that I share with you here in this 21 Day Money Shifter, and at the start of February, I realised that I received $24k in 6 weeks! Yes, you can imagine the amazement, but total #ofcourse that I felt with this! CELEBRATIONS! It works!!! In realising that, I was like, hang on, how much have I received this financial year then? I went back and tracked all my money, and yes, this was the moment, I realised I had received $100k in 7 months!
I was so deep, so focused on the work - meaning 'work' being, what I share with you here in the 21 Day Money Shifter, as I actually held this for my private students in Trust Your Intuition (TYI) as a gift to them (that's the kind of things you receive being part of the TYI tribe!) and it shifted ALL of us in many different ways with this shift in wealth in many levels and layers, and of course - Tissues in almost every room of my home now and Paper Towel in the pantry cupboard, is my deep reminder, of who I am, of where my focus is, of what and where I place my energy, time, awareness and deep commitment, to being who I know in my core I AM - before anything shows up. #trust
No, the 21 Day Money Shifter isn't about what you can cut out of your life - this is about finding your blocks, removing them, and flicking the switch to your Abundance and then amplifying that - THAT is what the Tissues and Paper Towel represented to me - the switch to my Abundance.
Are you ready, to find your switches? Are you ready, to shift your entire Money Reality? Are you ready to do the internal mindset work to shift what you know you are ready to receive and make sacred space for that? To experience, what you KNOW you are born for?
Now, I don't even go to the supermarket, my dear Personal Assistant, Ali, does for me and cares for me around my home, preparing food, making sure all is in order and cared for, which creates an abundance of time, energy and freedom and everything I need and want for my daughter and I, to be able to have more time to spend together doing things we love and for myself to turn up here, in my Divine Service work, to share pieces like this, that can shift your Money Reality too, into what you know you are here to do on this Earth, let alone, how you really want to live in your life.
Are you ready? To flick the switch and find what your unique turning points to your wealth are?
That is exactly what the 21 Day Money Shifter does.
Click here for all the details, or send me a message for more information: https://www.realityawareness.com/21-day-money-shifter
In the beginning it is the littlest things that make the biggest difference. The freedom to have what you really want.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘

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