"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!"

"But I've spent thousands of dollars and it didn't work!" 

"Not with me you haven't." I replied. 

It doesn't matter if you spend a little or a lot... 

What does matter - is the person who is holding the space for you to transform. 

I have had many, many people over the years come to me and say that 'psychologists don't work, doctors don't work, no body, not even other healers can figure out what is wrong with me' and yet, again, it depends on the practitioner that is holding space for you to transform. 

Anybody can train to become anybody from a book/class. 

But how deep are they going within their own transformational growth journey? THAT is the key you want to be looking for. 

The best healers, guide you to connecting to your own inner health, inner wealth and inner life purpose. 

No body can do that for you.

It is like when I teach Lightfilled Yoga, I ask if there are any new people to my class and give them a disclaimer. If you don't like...

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I am so grateful

I am so grateful that I trust my intuition.
I am so grateful that I built Reality Awareness from the ground up.
I am so grateful I blocked out people’s opinions, and trusted my intuition anyway, even when it's broken my heart.
I am so grateful I feel the tears in my Heart when they rise.
I am so grateful I am an Intuitive Healer and have turned it into my Career.
I am so grateful I continue to show up, even when I don’t feel like it.
I am so grateful, Spirit has my back, even when it doesn’t feel like it at times.
I am so grateful for what I have built.
I am so grateful for the internal work I have done to date and continue to do.
I am so grateful for the person I am becoming and are right now.
I am so grateful to all of those people of my past, for without them, I wouldn’t be who I am now, no matter how painful it was.
I am so...
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What if, it isn't your blocks?

What if, it isn't your blocks stopping you from manifesting the thing? What if, it is the Universe wholeheartedly having your back, and stopping you from going down the wrong path? 

What if, the Universe 'did that' to protect you from any negativity that is totally unnecessary? 

What if, the Universe blocked you, showing you how much it cares about you, because it wasn't: 

~ the right time 

~ the right one

~ your Life Path

What if, everything is always working in your favour? 

What if, you are doing the work every single day = so of course it is not your blocks! 

You see, the thing here with manifesting - is that if you are consistently turning up and doing ALL the work - inside and out - EVERY SINGLE DAY and you get seemingly blocked form that thing, you didn't get it, it didn't work out the way you thought it was going to work out, it fell apart - EVEN THOUGH - all the signs were there, it felt right at the time - 

What if - the Universe blocked...

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Sounds silly right?
No, this isn't what this 21 Day Money Shifter is about - so why am I even talking about it?
Because Tissues and Paper Towel, were something that I realised were blocking my wealth!
Still not making sense? Let me share...
As a single mum building what I have online and in February 2019 realising I had made $100k in 7 months and I didn't even realise - Tissues and Paper Towel became a turning point in my abundance factor.
Let me go deeper.
I have been building what I have online for just over 2.5 years now and in the beginning, I went without A LOT. That was a choice I made, a sacrifice I made to do whatever it took, to follow the guidance my Soul was guiding me to do.
"Be willing do to do, what your Soul directs you to do, if you want to create what you are asking for." - Sanyana Roman.
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With intention to CLEAR, so I can RECEIVE. 

I'm clearing my container, I'm clearing my vessel. 

I've always known... now it is here. Now it is time. 

I release all the feelings of being shut down, that every time I open my mouth about what lights me up, about what my desires are, about what my HEART calls to me to LIVE, I release all the hurt from anyone who had any negative comment in response about what my deepest heart callings are, I release this so I can be free, to hold the vibration and power of exactly, what my Heart is calling me to behold - because..... it already IS ME. 

I just need to BE IT. Behold

I release all the hurt of how can someone just completely shut me down every time I open my mouth.... So I can deeply stand in my truth and stand tall in what I know is my heart's desires and calling on this Earth. I release this hurt, from every energetic, physical, emotional and deep desiring part of me, from every...

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Reclaiming your power, honouring your worth

When you realise the depth of value of your message and your worth, you won't spend one moment more of your time or energy on what is not that Instead, choosing with great power, the reason you were born

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"I hate you" "I love you"

"I hate you" "I love you"

I forget that other people forget... when this is so prominent in my everyday reality - this is my normal.

I forget how much I live a very different lifestyle to most.

I forget how psychic I am at times!

Because it is just my normal.

And what comes with this?

The incredible depth and sensing energy, beyond the normal day to day lives.

Being able to travel the energy waves without leaving my body.

Being able to see all your shit, through your device, well, not really - just straight through the direct energy line that links you and me. There is no time and space.

And I forget, that the incredible shifts I have had, especially in the last 9 months - has been because I started saying - I love you.

I realised how negative I was being.

I realised how unhappy I was.

I realised how cyclic my emotions were.

I realised how tired I got.

And the hugest factor that shifted me?

You might want to grab a pen and paper and write this bit down, or open the notes in your...

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Wait on - before your brain starts talking and telling me otherwise - yep - did you catch yourself before I did? Yes or no?
If you answered ANYTHING but yes to that question you MUST get my FREE Money Mindset Training now...
If you don't want to - of course! Choice is yours... Yet, if you are sick and tired about worrying about money, and find some darn freedom again (do you even remember what that is!?) then I am sharing this now because I got the intuitive nudge to as there are many I am seeing NEED THIS!
This free training?
I was going to charge for it and it took me soooo long to release this training to you when I created it - and then I realised why - because it has to be for free, not charging for it! People NEED this information and there needs to be NO EXCUSE! And they need it NOW.
Now - when you get into the training, I HIGHLY recommend listening to...
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What if?

What if, I was becoming more kinder and kinder with every word I spoke to myself and others, even in my mind?

What if, I was really mindful of the energy I am creating around me - by the way I think and talk about myself and others to other people?

What if, I decided I only saw the good in others and ignored the rest?

What if, I was so clear in my energy and boundaries that I was able to say no easily to what is not aligned with me and my life?

What if, everything I thought about happened in my life?

What if, I realised my true power is this?

What if, the magic began, when I began becoming so, so kind to myself?

What if, my life was filled with joy and love?

What if, my life was completely mine by design - every single aspect of it?

What if, my choices were automatically elevated to the highest version of myself?

What if, my life was filled with so, much, fun?

What if, my life was so easy and full of flow?

What if, I became so aware of my thoughts and feelings?

What if, I...

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