When you are not sure if it is going to work - but you walk in FAITH anyway

When you are not sure if it is going to work - but you walk in FAITH anyway

When you are not sure if it is even possible, but you walk in FAITH anyway

When you are not sure how the resources are going to come together, but you keep going ANYWAY

When you KNOW you have to do something and you have no understanding what so ever if it is going to work and 99% of people around you have no idea what you are talking about - even try and talk you out of it - you walk in FAITH anyway and do it anyway. 

Divine Step #7 to Awakening Your Life Purpose is FAITH. 

You do it anyway.

You follow your intuition and trust that path, take those actions, even when deep down you KNOW you have to do this, but doubts creep in - but you do it ANYWAY that is FAITH. 

Walking in FAITH is not easy. 

Feeling like the Earth is dropping out underneath you as you take each step - because you absolutely are walking a path that has not been created before - but you keep going anyway - FAITH BABY. 

Faith is the piece that carries you through. 

Faith enables you to walk the path that is air and Universe underneath your feet and every time you place your foot down - the Earth shows up and directs you to the next direction to go in. 

But that - would NEVER have showed up if you didn't take that step into the unknown, into the complete FAITH that you are supported - even when it looks like a black hole of nothingness you are stepping into - the blind faith - creates a power that attracts all the stars of the Universe that melts stars onto your feet that lights up a path that was not there before - but you have CREATED - alongside your greatest companion ever - your Soul, your Intuition. 

Faith is the invisible piece that creates tangible results in creating a life that is completely Soul driven, completely Soul led, that fulfils you and nourishes you like nothing else on this planet can. 

Faith is the invisible piece that attracts the Stars to your feet to illuminate your path - but there is a catch. 

You have to go first. 

You have to trust first. 

You have to leap first. 

You have to step forward first. 

You have to put your intuitive guidance into action first - and THEN it will make sense. 

What is the thing that has been on your mind, that you haven't done yet? 

That? That is the dark abyss that you are not sure where that leads. 

That... is what you need to step into to attract the stars (more intuitive guidance) that continues to illuminate the path of infinite wisdom, infinite support, love and ALL the things you need to accomplish your divine mission on this Earth. 

The question is - are you ready to commit to the most dedicated relationship you will ever find? 

IT'S YOU precious one. 

No one and nothing will show up for you - until you do. 

So.. about that Faith now... 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. There is a time and space, a time and place and that... is LOADED - time to come out of the darkness, into the Light and totally eradicate anything stopping you, blocking you and be ready, stocked, LOADED and ready to roll. 

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