When you gain a deeper understanding, you gain a deeper sense of compassion

shadow work understanding triggers Jul 22, 2018
When you gain a deeper understanding you gain a deeper sense of compassion. Yet - this will come deeply when you have been triggered by something deep within.
When you can look within, honour your authentic hearts feelings about the entire situation and deeply hold space for yourself within the trigger of the situation (yes, this comes with deep practise and knowing to call on and pull in all your resources in that moment and until the situation disperses).
When you hold yourself in this deep space of compassion for your honest authentic hearts feelings in the situation without projecting, blaming or even speaking to the situation/person, what unfolds is nothing short of a miracle.
You will have been triggered, due to some deep resonance within your own being.
And when you hold this powerful space for your own trigger - eventually, your Heart - shows you what is really going on.
You attract the resources and support you need - because you are holding yourself in this tender and care and calling in all your support system to help you through this.
You see the miracles, that then unfold… is that through you supporting yourself, you attract more support - and your intuition clearly shows you what is going on - just by you holding your own heart in tender love and care.
And in this intuition pouring through to show you the depth of what is going on is:
~ you’ve been triggered, because it is an aspect of you that is resonating with pain that is going on
~ whatever they are projecting, that has made you triggered, is usually what you’ve experienced in your past, that you’ve moved past, physically, but emotionally, there is still unhealed bits sitting in your field.
~ whatever they are projecting, they are usually not even aware of it
~ whatever they are projecting, is usually what is being projected onto them in the relationship they are in
~ whatever they are experiencing/that is being projected onto them, they are not sure how to respond to this, so stay blind to it/turn blind to it, until one day, it hits them (or not)
That you realise, that you being so triggered and trying to understand ‘why’ - that when the ‘why’ hits you with such profound clarity, shifts instantly, makes you cry…. and you drop into sooo much compassion, not only you instantly shift and the trigger is gone.. but you hold so much compassion for them, because you know… why.
You understand you were so damn triggered - because you could feel them…
You could feel them moving away…
You could feel them going further away…..
You could feel them moving further away from their true self and getting confused and you could feel that separation and your heart was screaming nnnnnnoooooooo……
But the ONLY reason you felt this soooooo deeply…
Is because you had been deeply in that space…..
You have gone unconscious in a very, very similar situation before….
And the emotional bits that were still sitting in your field, somewhat unconscious… have just been mirrored to you by someone in front of you…
And you suddenly breathe deeper through your tears… in releasing what has just happened with all this clarity…
And you realise.
Healed you.
They just helped you become more conscious of your own self.
And in gratitude and deep, deep compassion, you can hold a deeper space for them. Without the deep reaction to the triggers, anymore.
Not only did they put you into deeper alignment with your own purpose… but they healed you in the process.
And you realise, that is why you attracted them in the first place.
To heal these subconscious crumbs that were still in your field, left over from the past bits.
And now, not only physically are you free. But emotionally….. you are free.
Your Heart, returns to wholeness.
Thank you.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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