You are not separate from any of it...

breaking the myths of modern day spirituality healing the shadow Jul 04, 2018

You are not separate from any of it... 

When Conscious of Your Connection you are conscious of your Source and in your consciousness of your Source - well, you see there is no separation from any part of it - nothing on this Earth, any other planet or any other galaxy or star system - nothing is separate and you... 

You are all of it. 

You can be it all and not be affected by any part of it all at the same time. 

When you are affected by a part of it, by an aspect of your reality - you have deeply, deeply separated yourself from it. Separated yourself from, yourself. Separated yourself, from who you are. 

For in your separation lies the pain. 

And in the pain, is your beacon back to Source - back to your consciousness of the connection of the Source - which then instantly, reminds you - that you are not separate of that = YOU ARE THAT. 

Your pain is showing you your separation. 

Your pain is showing you where you have disconnected from yourself - from ALL THAT IS, that you are deeply a part of, every single part of it - that you ARE.  

For in your heart, is the connection to Source, to your Soul, to all that is. 

And when you have stepped into separation, through judgement, through aversion, through pointing the finger, through blame, you have deeply found yourself in disconnection from the most powerful place on Earth - your Heart. 

When you reconnect to your Heart, to your Source, you realise, that you are that thing - including that aversion. 

You see the aversion as more of who you are to integrate right in front of you. 

Not turn away from it. 

Not hide from it. 

Not run from WHO YOU ARE. 

Because EVERYTHING you see in your reality - IS YOU. 

Even the shit you don't like. That is you too. 

And when you don't like it - you push it away further. 

And the things you do like? You bring in closer. Yes. 

Yet - can you stay neutral to BOTH? 

Can you BE WITH BOTH? 

With both spectrums of the scale? 

Because you ARE that - aren't you? 

It's not a linear scale, it's not a linear line, it's not a linear space. 

It is circular, it is 'flat' even, the incredible Spiderweb that we are all a part of. We all make up those threads, every single person, every single aspect of your reality you see - don't you see the energy too - it is ALL you and it is all of you. 

THAT is where the connection to source is - because you are BOTH spectrums of the scale - you are all of that - so can you be neutral to all? 

The spectrums of the scale - are the circle. They connect, they never leave each other, they never disconnect, they are always there, in delicate, intricate balance that makes up the entire whole. 

If you are TRULY the ULTIMATE creator of your ENTIRE reality - that means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that shows up in your reality - is from some aspect of your being is it not? 

You are the ultimate creator - so anything that turns up, is a part of you - do you see it as so? Or do you immediately disconnect from it? From... who you are?

When you are conscious of your connection - you see this. Immediately. In fact, it isn't even a thought, because you are CONSTANTLY walking with your connection AS WHO YOU ARE. 

You aren't separate from Flow. 


Sometimes, you may disconnect from your consciousness of that flow, of that Source, of WHO YOU ARE. 

Yet ultimately? You are always connected, sometimes you just go unconscious of your connection. 

Your connection - that you are everything all at once - your awareness of this, allows you to see deeper energy threads than anyone ever can, you see straight through the darkness and you see profoundly into the light, you see beyond this reality and into super consciousness of energy - and this? 

This is normal beautiful one. Isn't it for you? 

To see the dark and the light all co-existing as one? 

To see that when the dark rears it's face right in front of you - that you instantly shift it by seeing the truth - that you ARE IT too? 

That in your shunning of it - you become it. 

That in your judging of it - it has become you. 

That in your highness of what you are not - is the darkness jumped into you. 

Because these are your separations from what is right in front of you - and the separation is the darkness... the separation is the unconsciousness... of what really is. 

It only takes a moment, a thought to shift, back to your connection, that any judgement became the darkness right in front of you... that separation becomes the hole, that - not seeing right in front of you because it is dark - is the dark. 

For when you switch that connection switch - the light is just there.... 

An ultimately - it never went away... it was just your unconsciousness of what was there the entire time, hiding in that cloak of dark... 

When you are conscious of your connection to Source, to your Soul, you are so AWARE 

Aware of the bigger picture at play, the whole of the story

Aware of your whole hearts feelings and can hold the entire space all at once. 

Aware of the outcomes that are unfolding right before your eyes - before they even happen. 

The question is, do you trust these unfoldings?

Do you trust these instances that are happening, before they happen - that are ultimately guiding you - to stay on track with your true Heart and Soul? 

Do you trust your connection to all that is, that you see what is happening right in front of you and trust THAT? 

Do you trust - your Soul? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Any disconnection from your Soul, leads to pain... and when you try and cling onto what isn't there anymore, that creates even more darkness, for the connection is right there - you've just got to follow the call of your Soul, not the hole in the darkness, because your Soul, lights up that space - and shows you the way, the stepping stones that are lighting up before you - do you trust them, even when they've not been walked before? 

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