Your Hardships are Your Initiations

Your Hardships are Your Initiations
Initiations, rituals, rites of passage - they are all important turning points in one's life. Except that in today's modern day, fast-paced, hectic society, as a society, we've tended to forget the power and the meaning that these hold.
When you are going through the hardest time of your life..
When you are fresh out of a relationship and you feel you can't go on anymore without them..
When you are at a loss at your next step as what to do in your life, your career or just - why do things feel so upside down, when just the other day, everything was fine?
You know life can change in an instant, but you aren't usually prepared for such right?
When life is at it's hardest and you are getting closed doors or not the result you expected when you are creating something new, starting a new project or business - when you know deep down in your heart, it is what you are meant to do..
When you are going through the hardest time of your life - you are going through an initiation.
Initiations - are like tests if you may.
They are the passageway to move you to your next level, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically. A prime example is going through puberty - this is an initiation into adulthood. Yet, you kinda don't really have a choice with puberty it just happens.
Yet, with other things - you've always got a choice.
Although sometimes it doesn't feel like you do either!
Or we've made a decision and it seems like the harder road and you wonder why you ended up choosing this path after all?
The thing about initiations is that they GROW YOU
They make you stronger, they bring you alive, they shift you to the next level.
And the hardest part?
It is right before the baby is born, the mother wants to give up.
It is right when you let go of trying for a baby, it happens.
It is when you know deep in your heart it is meant to be and you keep working towards your goal and do it and do it UNTIL it happens.
Because right when you want to give up, throw in the towel, have had enough - is when it happens beautiful Soul.
Your Hardships are your Initiations. Are your Rite of Passage to the next evolution of you.
Initiations into:
~ Do you really want this thing you're working towards?
~ How badly do you really want it?
~ What are you willing to do?
~ You know in your heart you are meant to do the thing (I am talking project-based, what is dear in your heart, rather than a relationship, you can't force someone to love you, but you can become the best version of yourself and become so damn attractive to them, they can't help but notice you, want you and more)
~ Your Initiations are showing you how much strength, capability and endurance you have (this is different from pushing against the grain)
Your Initiations always show up on time.
They will always come - when you are ready for them.
They show you - how close you really are....
You always have the skills, the capability and attract all the resources, people, guidance and help you need in your life - every single time - always remember this.
Especially for Empaths, Sensitive Souls, Intuitives, Healers, Psychics, Divine powerful beings who are very aware of their power - go through intensely what seems like - extremely painful initiations - usually emotional ones.
And it is here - that you make a choice to stay... and it might be painful for quite some time, but the joys come - and you know babe?
The joys become longer and longer.. and the pain, fewer and fewer in between...
You learn to ride the waves with ease, and then, you rarely even notice the painful times anymore...
Because the joys, become the norm.
You reach a place when they don't knock you as much anymore, barely at all.
And you come into a space of Divine Empowerment that you've never felt before.
You rise up and take your rightful place.
And you step into your Life Purpose of the Divine Plan - that always has been.
Yet, without those excruciatingly painful initiations that you just don't know how you ever could of made it out the other side at the time - you look back and think - "Wow, that wasn't the nicest time, but I am so, so, so grateful, that I NEVER GAVE UP."
"That I made a choice to STAY and continue on, even though I didn't know how, I just turned up, day after day, because I knew I was here for a reason, even though that wasn't 100% clear, yet, I see now, it was right in front of me the entire time. I choose life, and I choose to live it to the fullest and freest I know how - complete utter FREEDOM."
You see, your Initiations give you all the tools you need - to get through it - and then, to teach other's how to do the same.
Because, you were born for a reason and that is to be ALL of you, in complete honesty, vulnerability - complete BEING OF ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.
Without shame, without judgement - just COMPLETE BEINGNESS.
With a deep internal strength, that radiates out into the world, that other's are just transformed by your presence - you don't even need to say a word. Your BEING is powerful enough to change them - yet, it isn't change at all.
It is just activating - just reactivating, what has been dormant until this moment in time.
Your Initiations - are activators.
And when you go through them, you heal and activate for the beings around you too.
If you are worried about someone - the most healing and powerful thing you can do for THEM - is to HEAL YOU.
By osmosis - they receive this healing.
So never fear you have mucked up your kids for the life you've chosen - because you can change it in an instant - now - with a simple choice to do the inner work, to discipline to do it DAILY and move mountains in the process, let alone the shift they will feel in you, and naturally, not only gravitate to you - but you have now activated, by osmosis the healing in THEM - that you were worried about...
Was, after all, a reflection of you all along.
Do the inner work.
It's worth it.
Your Hardships are your Initiations.
How badly do you want it?
What are you willing to do make it happen?
Do it - UNTIL it happens.
Looking within, changes your without - to the utmost fullness you've ever experienced...
And you'll realise, you never needed them all along.
It was you, returning to you - this entire time.
Breathe the fullness of life in.
Breathe deeper - open your arms to receive all of life - open your heart to let it in - and know that your Divine Power lies within.
Reclaim it - now.
All of it.
It is time.
Time to rise, time to dust off that heavy thick black cloak and time to shine dear Lightworker.
Your Hardships are you Initiations - and they are almost over.
It's time to step back into the Light.
You've got this.
And together, we've got this.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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