Yet, you have to know your own HEART to harness the POWER of it. 

They say, the Heart Frequency field is the most powerful thing on the planet. 

That of LOVE. 

Yet - can we really put a label on that thing that we all feel, but can't describe? 

Maybe it is called Love... 

Yet - there is something phenomenal happening right now on the planet.. 

And that? Is only amplifying. 

You've seen it, you've felt it yourself. 

People are awakening.. 

People are finding their tribes, their Soul homes... 

Their Purpose... 

And what has just happened, just shifted? 

Is a huge awakening through the Crown, Third Eye, Ears, Throat and dropping into the HEART. 

We are awakening, we are activating... 

Our brain... has been copping so much hurt and pain for quite some time... 

Have you heard the way you speak to yourself? 

How people bag on their ego? Which is... their own thoughts in their own mind? #ouch

Can you... be kinder to yourself? 

Can you, be kinder to your brain? 

Be... kinder to YOU?

A bit like slapping your Third Eye?! #facepalmnomore

Your Heart feels your mind talk... 

How does your Heart FEEL?

The portal, the gateway we have just passed, is being amplified right now - how are you using your time and energy? 

Where is your focus? 

Our Brains have just been reactivated through this portal we have just moved through - if you are feeling stagnant, stuck, depressed or falling apart with a wave of emotions and grief you've never felt before or knew were sitting there, or did, and had just buried, until now... 

Our Brain has just been activated - but what also has? 

Is our HEART. 

And when we tap into this level of Heart Activation? 

There is great grief and there is great joy. 

There are two sectors, two waves that are awakening/happening right now.... 

If you have been DOING the inner work for some time now, I am getting the message of about the past 18 months - you will find yourself on a huge upswing and expansion right now for you, opportunities are flooding in, new doorways are opening for you, you are feeling the efforts of your past 18 months, starting to ground into the physical. 

There are flickers - that space of your thoughts becoming reality, they are coming into physical manifestation. You may have been needing to up and change the way you have been doing things, realising this - that your physical manifestations are starting to appear!! Celebrating this with you! 

And then - the other sector that is happening right now?

Maybe for the past 18 months, you've been thinking about it.. maybe you've been seeing others around you doing the reality you kind want to, or have thought about moving into, or have been knowing that changes have been needing to take place and maybe you've been making little changes, but go 'back to your old ways'... yet, now? What you've felt especially in the past 2 weeks? 

Is, what feels like a huge kick up the bum almost! Like - time to action and NOW! 

And you have... and what that is brining up for you?

Is deep, deep seated grief... 

You are FEELING YOUR HEART for probably the very first time - but what you are also feeling?

Is YOUR SACRAL CHAKRA - your womb! (even if you are male, you have a womb, it is your Sacral and the place you gestate your Life Purpose) 

Grief sits in the Heart, yes, but also - deep seated grief sits in your WOMB. 

When we awaken through our Crown, we activate - this is the portal we have just gone through - we've activated the Crown Chakra and what happens with this? 

Is that the Heart is automatically activated.... 

And here - what is happening right now, is not just the harsh realisations of the Third Eye - but we are FEELING them... 

No matter what 'sector' (not sure why that word is coming through but hey!) You will be FEELING the realisations you have been having about the awakening of your reality - not just knowing them, or seeing them - but FEELING them. 

And when we feel.. and deep into the depths of our Sacral Chakra? 

When we are comfortable all the way down there??

That allows us to then push deeper and through into our Base Chakra! 

And that?

That is where our Life Purpose resides and is birthed into physicality. 

Those Crown Chakra Activations, deeply activate the Heart and drop deep down into our Womb... where we FEEL all the abandonment and all the joy all at once... and gestate our Life Purpose INTO this Earth... the reason we are HERE. 

If you are on 'sector two', the one where you are feeling deep seated grief and not sure why or maybe you are and just not sure how to even handle it... I say? 

Keep feeling it honey, keep feeling it babe... 

Because what you are doing right now... is deeply becoming attuned to your body, to your FEELINGS and this - the Heart? 

Where you are FEELING? 

Your HEART? 

THIS is your POWER. 

To FEEL the depths of ALL emotions - not just joy... 

To FEEL the depths of ALL emotions - allows you to become a powerhouse being who doesn't get shocked or floored - but knows how to ride the waves.... 

And just like the surfer, who knows that riding the wave, isn't just the safest way out of the huge set of waves that comes in but also the easiest... they will practise and practise and practise.. UNTIL riding the wave, becomes second nature. 

So, don't stop your feelings honey, let them FLOW... 

And watch the waves show the magic of the glistening sand beneath the waves, as the sun shines upon you, holding you in the womb of the water, that is your Mother and the natural flow of what we call LIFE. 

You will know which 'sector' you are on, by reading this post... 

And if you are feeling so many emotions and feel this pull to step up and do your thing like never before and take action and it is like - it is pulling you - like you cannot not do the thing anymore you HAVE to do it - babe, your Life Purpose has been activated. 

Follow the pull... even if it leads you through a huge wad of emotions along the way.... 

Because it will feel like you can't even stop them - yet, the only way is THROUGH and your Life Purpose has your back, is supporting you... continue... 

To let your HEART guide you... 

Just like it always has... 

Just now you are... 


Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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