🌈 🕊🤍HOW TO THRIVE IN 2021🤍🕊 🌈

Stay focused on what you want. End of blog.
No joke but!
It doesn't have to be hard, but a lot of humans are trained that anything is.... hard work! It has been drilled into us as a society.
And yet, it can be as simple or as hard as we make up our mind to be. Just. Like. That.
If something is hard - or feels like hard work - it is usually because of three things:
#1: You are learning something new - which is always overwhelming as the neural pathways in your brain change and rewire as you're taking in the new information.
#2: You have other unmet needs and/or have buried things from your past that you are not dealing with and are dragging you down like trying to sail in your boat with the anchor stuck in the sand. Kinda sends you around in circles, let alone frustrated and all sort of things.
#3: Your mindset makes it hard or easy. I used to feel like things were a big...
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