Reality Awareness Consciousness

Reality Awareness Consciousness

**WARNING** - I have a feeling this may turn into a Psychic Development Class! 

Live Webinar Talking About All Things World Stuff

Following on from our "What On Earth Is Going On?!" Audio last week, we will be going live, on webinar (for the first time in a long time, so bare with me for this first time!) to talk about all things World Stuff. 

All the things, that are making your heart ache, your Soul break and are ready to find out what you can really do to contribute to the Awakening of the Consciousness of Humanity, which is what you are trying to do already - get people to WAKE UP ALREADY!!!

However, I have a feeling, this is already transforming into something else... Psychic Development Classes, all things Consciousness and of course, the World Stuff too. 

I am looking forward to what intuitively wants to come through to talk about, shift and transform you and heal the planet and all Her inhabitants at the same time. 


  • World Stuff
  • Psychic Development
  • Conscious Awareness 
  • Deep Trauma Healing 
  • Heart Cracking Open Shifts & Healing 
  • Anger Releasing 
  • Manifestation Amplification 

And so much more. 

I can feel this is going to be big, special and deeply transformative - sooo looking forward to this! 

Our Webinar is this weekend and you must register to join us. 

Click here to join us:

We will go live at: 

  • Brisbane Sunday 24th January 10am
  • London Sunday 24th January 12midnight
  • Los Angeles Saturday 23rd January 4pm
  • New York Saturday 23rd January 7pm

Click here to join us:

See you there ❤️

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑



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