Part 2 World Energy Update


Food Addictions, what we eat fuels emotional cravings, clean bodies, clean energy - not necessarily.

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Phew! Releasing this adrenaline addiction is worse than Heroin!

Phew! Releasing this adrenaline addiction is worse than Heroin! 

(and yes, OBSESSED with this filter! Think I'm ready and willing receiving LIGHT baby! If only there were real Gold tattoos! )

Well, actually I wouldn't know... however, they say that Love Addiction is worse than Heroin and I know THAT one inside out and back to front sooooo...... 

And #sidenote - I was thinking last night as I was re-organising and cleaning out my (very grateful for) walk in pantry - how Cocaine and White Flour (that is in almost ALL foods) look EXACTLY the same! #interesting 

This adrenaline addiction... is huge for me. 

Adrenaline through coffee sure... but for me, it is deeper than coffee... it is what society has been raised on. Fear, adrenaline, fight or flight, go go go go go, don't listen to your body, just get into go mode and get on with it, don't feel, just do 

It's also what HOOKS us into drama... 

Have you been feeling side swiped lately? So much pull on...

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I got some things to say 🕊

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