Phew! Releasing this adrenaline addiction is worse than Heroin!

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Phew! Releasing this adrenaline addiction is worse than Heroin! 

(and yes, OBSESSED with this filter! Think I'm ready and willing receiving LIGHT baby! If only there were real Gold tattoos! 🙃)

Well, actually I wouldn't know... however, they say that Love Addiction is worse than Heroin and I know THAT one inside out and back to front sooooo...... 

And #sidenote - I was thinking last night as I was re-organising and cleaning out my (very grateful for) walk in pantry - how Cocaine and White Flour (that is in almost ALL foods) look EXACTLY the same! #interesting 🤔

This adrenaline addiction... is huge for me. 

Adrenaline through coffee sure... but for me, it is deeper than coffee... it is what society has been raised on. Fear, adrenaline, fight or flight, go go go go go, don't listen to your body, just get into go mode and get on with it, don't feel, just do 😳

It's also what HOOKS us into drama... 

Have you been feeling side swiped lately? So much pull on social media and mainstream news - HOOKED you in and just when you've had enough and taking a break - the addiction mechanism already got you thinking about wondering what is next and going on and before you know it you're back on your device or tv is on right?!

YEP, that one. 

But it's not just the device... its the adrenaline released with the drama and intensity of what we are watching and being exposed to - AS NORMAL 😳 One would call that desensitising. 

As women we are taught to deny our bodies innate wisdom when it needs to rest, when our blood flows, when we feel our emotions - and men, are no different. Zip it up, don't cry, 'be a man' - when little boys need nothing more than to cry into the warmth of their Mother's arm. 

Thank FUCK our generation is growing up quite conscious. 

Whilst there is still a lot of unconsciousness around, compared to 50 years ago, I would hope and innately feel to say, there are a lot more of us around these days - especially when it comes to raising an entirely new generation of children that need it the most. 

And yet, this desensitising - is the biological warfare weapon of the 21st Century. 

We grow up in it, we are exposed to it, heck we are even belted into this reality because we are not breathing - but hey, no worries that it is NORMAL for a us to take a bit to breathe, you know, cause our umbilical cord has been giving us oxygen for the last 9 months or so. 

The natural remedies have been put to the back burner. 

99% of aliments are restored to pure health and wellness - with healthy eating, cleansing of our physical and energetic vessels (body & aura), sleep, water, sunlight, joy and laughter and yet, these are the last on the doctors (most doctors) lists. 

And yet, most won't give it a chance because they are ADDICTED to adrenaline and don't even realise. 

For me, releasing my adrenaline addiction has been very eye opening, very huge and... what's underneath it? 

Sooo many things. 

But upon having a deep and meaningful conversation with my coffee & chocolate yesterday, I almost dropped my coffee. 


The Love. 

The Lack of Love. 

The Love - what is Love even. 

But it is even beyond this, it wasn't even this. 

But something clicked. 

Like, of course, yes, love deprived, hence knowing love addiction inside out - not even love lol - I think it should be called attachment addiction, because it ain't love, it's attachment. 

The 'clicked into place' for me yesterday with coffee conversations - is that... this Love, it is like I can love myself now. 

This post, doesn't even do it justice. I can't put it into words. 

But something has changed. 

I realised last week, that even when I am 'chilling out' I am not truly allowing myself to relax and receive the time out - because the adrenaline underneath, the training from day dot entering into this world of adrenaline fuelled space we call Life, has had me on a treadmill up until now, this receiving thing, this shifting deeply into my feminine holding, being, deeply chaotic and sacredly still space at the same time, is a space that is allowing the adrenaline addiction to fade away, dissolve away and allowing me to become more comfortable to stop... and truly receive. 

Receive this moment, receive this sunlight, receive the light, receive the LIGHT. 

I am good at sitting in the dark, but my Soul calls for more Light. 

My Soul calls for me to come back to the truth of who I am.

I wouldn't understand the Light if I did not know the Dark. 

I would not know how to hold Humanity through it's darkest days, that haven't even begun, if I have not travelled that level of darkness beyond the abyss and back. 

For that is my Gift, that is my Ancient Blooded Healer roots, that is... who I am. 

Releasing my adrenaline - is not releasing my Masculine doing. 

My Masculine doing, enables me to live, thrive and hold space for such Darkness, my Masculine enables my Feminine to BE Her entire self. 

And that... is where I have come into the deepest love for myself. 

For my Masculine has been running the show, but it has been torturous to my Feminine who had to hide Her Light. 

He was only trying to protect Her, so that she did not get hurt again. 

And now, the adrenaline trauma shell has dissolved away and all I can feel, is my Masculine, holding me, supporting me... as the relationship within myself, my Feminine had to feel safe with my Masculine.

I had to restore the connection between myself, I had to heal the Inner Mother and Inner Father Wounds that were 'fighting' with each other whilst my Inner Child finally felt safe after hiding for YEARS from all the pain and coping by all sorts of mechanisms that have released layer by layer, and under the core of it all - was the adrenaline addiction. 

The layers....

I didn't even realise I had been running my whole life. 

I'm tired of running. 

I don't need to run anymore. Finally a Home I am safe in and don't have to go anywhere.

Now what?

This is uncomfortable. 

Gosh, is this really hiding under here? 

Did I forget about that memory too? 

And this one? 

And, and, and, and 😭😭😭

Hitting the core that which is adrenaline - has such deep roots into all of that which Humanity is going through right now. 

This wound is old. 

Everybody has it. 

And everybody is connected to it. 

That is how we have ended up in our World we see and experience today. 

Just like Nature has an intricate connection, an invisible connection, that the Bee's 'just know' where the flowers are, that the Earth, just knows what to do to sustain itself and regenerate when given the chance. 

So too, do us Humans, have an invisible thread connecting us all. 

That vibe when we walk in a room - everybody senses that whether they are conscious of it or not. 

That sense that you know when someone is calling you, or you feel a presence in a room.

That invisible thread - no matter what is going on in the World - your Purpose - your Heart's calling is fuelling this invisible thread. 

What you hold inside you is like a beacon that gives other's a Light in the Darkness, whether they shift or not, is irrelevant to the fact, that you're there - ready when they are, after their Soul walks through what they are... just like you have and are now ready to Shine. 

Adrenaline serves a Purpose. 

But so does your Peace. 

The balance is restored when all the layers are travelled. 

Beyond what you can comprehend, but you have felt it and are changed, just, by reading this. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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