Sometimes, Your Anxiety is Showing You What You Have Outgrown.

Sometimes, Your Anxiety is Showing You What You Have Outgrown.

I say sometimes, because there are many reasons for anxiety (do you have my anxiety checklist?!), however, this particular one - you have outgrown your current situation. 

Let's say you're dreaming big... have big ideas, big goals, big knowings deep inside you that you know you are meant to live life a certain way. 

You write about them, journal on them, make some changes in your life and still feel like not much has changed. 

You wake up with anxiety - or perhaps there is a particular situation that triggers it for you. 

You have gone through the checklist and nothing on the list is the culprit.

Check in - where am I still living my old life - that is not in integrity or in alignment with the life I am MEANT to live - that I see in my dreams? That I KNOW is the life for me?

You might say you want your dream life, but you're still operating from your old paradigm, you're still creating things...

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Mini Message for you 🔮


I drew some cards for the collective tonight from my new White Light Oracle deck. Some beautiful messages came through for us all!

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The Spiritual Trap Empath’s, Lightworker’s & Ancient Blooded Healers fall into.

The Spiritual Trap Empath’s, Lightworker’s & Ancient Blooded Healers fall into. Plus, karmic relationship cycles, anxiety, vertigo and the super high frequency technologies infiltrating your system right now 💗💎💗
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Full of anxiety? Feeling down and blue?

Full of anxiety? Feeling down and blue?

Few factors to check in with when you're feeling this way!


Anxiety is a fear of the future... so when you feel anxiety, check in:

  • first thing is to check in with where you've been. If you've been out and about, you may have picked up someone else's energy and carrying it as your own, so your body is trying to figure it out and causing anxiety, not knowing what the energy is and in your head trying to figure it out.
  • With any big changes recently or are about to make. i.e. moving house, changing jobs, starting a new project, managing a new project
  • If you have got big changes going on and your home routine isn't normal - then it is quite normal to feel unsettled and anxious and out of sorts! So, be gentle on yourself if you have a lot going on and call in the support and help you need right now. You don't need to do it alone.


Feeling down and blue, check in:

  • with coming back from a holiday or trip that you wouldn't usually do....
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Physical and Emotional Symptoms


Let's talk Metaphysics!

Let’s dive into and behind physical and emotional symptoms, what they are telling you and what to do about it

On this Livestream, we spoke about: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches, migraines,
  • Tiredness
  • Being affected by the Moon 
  • What these physical symptoms are trying to tell you and what to do about them
  • How you can shift your physical symptoms by understanding the emotional reason they are there - what is your intuition telling you that you aren't listening to?

Final week for Life Purpose Accelerator, click here for all the details:

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