Sometimes, Your Anxiety is Showing You What You Have Outgrown.

Sometimes, Your Anxiety is Showing You What You Have Outgrown.

I say sometimes, because there are many reasons for anxiety (do you have my anxiety checklist?!), however, this particular one - you have outgrown your current situation. 

Let's say you're dreaming big... have big ideas, big goals, big knowings deep inside you that you know you are meant to live life a certain way. 

You write about them, journal on them, make some changes in your life and still feel like not much has changed. 

You wake up with anxiety - or perhaps there is a particular situation that triggers it for you. 

You have gone through the checklist and nothing on the list is the culprit.

Check in - where am I still living my old life - that is not in integrity or in alignment with the life I am MEANT to live - that I see in my dreams? That I KNOW is the life for me?

You might say you want your dream life, but you're still operating from your old paradigm, you're still creating things from a place from the old behaviours, old paradigms and old systems. 

If you are wanting a life with more love, then why are you still hanging around and speaking with the people who pull you down? 

If you are are wanting more freedom, then why are you watching netflix instead of building your empire? 

If you are wanting more money, then why are you still under charging, over spending and operating from your old paradigm?

If you are wanting a fitter and healthier body, then why haven't you started exercising and changing your diet yet?

If you are wanting a better life, then why are you still complaining and reminiscing about and hanging around with, your old life? 

These are examples that you can check in with - Where am I living out of integrity to what my Highest Self knows I am born for? 

When you realise and make changes - anxiety instantly dissipates. 

The question is, are you truly willing to give up what you had, in order receive what you want? 

Sure, you can have it all... however, there comes a point, where the old paradigm needs to be let go of, dissolved and walked away from. 

That requires faith, trust, an expansive period of time where there is nothing that is familiar at all... and most people are not comfortable in that... so they go back to what is familiar. 

And then the anxiety kicks in... 

Because you're too big for that now. 

Your energetic container aka YOU - requires more EXPANSION - not confinement. Not contraction... not the old life, old ways, just... old. It just isn't and just.. can't be anymore. 

What is the main thing running through your veins with your anxiety? (that thing you're worrying about?) 

What needs to be changed, in the way you think, act and behave that matches the you, you really want to become? To be and live? 

So, isn't it time? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Sometimes we know we need to change our life and make the changes we say we are going to. 

And sometimes that feels easier said than done. And nothing gets done. 


When you have been in a less than loving situation and beaten down, emotionally, verbally, physically and more... it wears you down, takes it's toll on you and becomes embodied in your energetic system and you don't even realise. 

You just become this shell of who you really are. 

You just... exist, going through the motions day after day wondering where your purpose is or... what is the point to even living... 

It is a hard journey back up to anything... let alone love? What is that? Self Love? Huh? 

You kinda have heard about it and you know but.... what is it even? Exactly? 

Welcome to Sacred Soul Reverence - The Journey to Self Love after Narcissistic Abuse. 

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Over a powerful, super nourishing and deeply transformative Two Week Immersion, we will be discovering, implementing and deeply feeling in the cells of your bones... what this even is, feels like... and how your life shifts when you truly can feel the love you so deeply desire, but continue to push away because you are just... well don't want to get hurt again right? 

The thing is - is that, keeps every thing out. 

Not just love. 

But money. 

But health. 

But wellness. 

But... LIFE. 

And you don't want to block out LIFE though do you? 

No. Didn't think so. 

And yet, that is the reason why life feels bland, why you feel lost, why you are wondering who you are again after... why did all that happen again? As you throw your hands up in a state of complete hopelessness and wonder why anything is worth it anymore. 

Welcome to Sacred Soul Reverence - The Journey to Self Love after Narcissistic Abuse.

You know you have to keep going.. you have no other choice, even though you know you do - this is the only choice you choose to keep going but gah. It's... time for the change you know you've been waiting for. 

Welcome to Sacred Soul Reverence - The Journey to Self Love after Narcissistic Abuse.

It's time to reclaim the Sacredness that you are, that you once felt and... remember who you truly ARE

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