It's a fine line between 'drama' and having those mighty uncomfortable conversations.

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It's a fine line between 'drama' and having those mighty uncomfortable conversations.

I had an experience yesterday, where someone said to me "Usually I would walk away from this drama, but I am doing this to benefit you."

I replied with, 

"Hmmm, yes, it is a fine line with the 'drama' and the really uncomfortable, hard confronting conversations hey?"

It was a big eye opener for me. All those times people threw their hands up in the air with me, brushed them off, turned their backs and walked away... because I was simply having a conversation about some hard, uncomfortable underlying things. 


This was so massive. 

Another huge shift in - no... there is NOTHING wrong with me. 

It was like all the memories flashed back through my vision as they were upping and leaving, dissipating right before me... as I was left sitting there in awe. 

The things that flood out of my mouth when I am in full flow of the deep underlying truths that I had buried deep within my Soul. 

The drama... the confronting drama... the uncomfortable truthful drama... the hard conversational 'drama'... how very interesting a perception that this is.. that sooo many people over time have said to me in various situations.

Their response, would make me think something is wrong with me. 

It would make me shy away. 

Hide my truth. 

Not voice anything again. 

Think I am wrong. 

How friggin interesting! 

(Can you tell I am still picking my jaw up off the floor?!)

What a huge realisation. 

Now, it isn't that I don't think I have never been a drama queen... far from it. However, this drama queen had buried her feelings and has been deeply upset... THAT is the drama. 

So again, no, it isn't drama. 

Just unmet needs. 

And cold hard fucking truths that make people MIGHTY uncomfortable that 99% of the time get turned around on me. 

I am the one with the problems, the issues, the mental problems... 

You know it gutted me so much several years ago, I went out bush and one of the family members friends wanted to catch up with me. It was kind of weird, I knew this family friend when I was like 2 or something. Tiny. 

After a decent conversation about all things like the weather, he dropped the reason he came to talk to me on behalf of some family members... I can't remember the exact words now, because to be honest I was quite taken a back... they were suggesting counselling for me. Right. You know what my reply was? At that time, I was in consistent, weekly counselling with a very skilled not only counsellor, but spiritual mentor that I have known since 2005... you should've seen the look on his face! You can imagine right?! 

It was kinda weird to me and just another kick in the guts really. 

About how mis understood I have felt for such a long time. 

But it is not just that.. I think what is happening now for me - is all the pieces falling into place, every waking moment, another piece comes in - just like the fine line of drama and a hard conversation, of someone, wanting clarity so deep that others can't hear it. It is kind of interesting and this dawning moment yesterday changed so much for me, for the depths of eons of time. 

Drama Queen or emotional with unmet needs, that 99% of the time stem from ?

Drama or hard, uncomfortable, confronting conversations? 

Kind of a huge right? 

Have you, experienced being told you're too emotional, always too much of a drama queen or have been told 'I don't have time for this drama!' and throw their hands up in the air and walk away? 

Ah, those mighty hard, confronting conversations... That one. Those depths. 

That.. is normal. Everyday reality. 

But as an Ancient Blooded Healer comes into their power - they realise, no, not everyone is like this... it is a gift that you hold so naturally to you, because you ARE a different species... we are the Ancient Ones and we hold this level of transformation... for a reason. 

Just navigating this Gift in the Mists of this crazy ass modern day world! 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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