My skincare... or lack thereof! 😳

My skincare... or lack thereof! 😳 & the chemicals that made me sick 🤢 & the connection to my fatigue, emfs, wifi and you know the g’s baby...
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'She had a demon in her Hannah!' - I have heard this so much recently

'She had a demon in her Hannah!' - I have heard this so much recently with several clients and other messages that I have received from people, that I need to speak to this publicly. As my response is always the same. 

'She had a demon in her Hannah! I felt so shit around them, they drained my energy, they sucked the life out of me 'this person' did and I can still feel it today, even though I have no contact with them!' 

No - they didn't. 

Now, you might argue that and perhaps just read all the way through first. 

They might have a demon/entity/bad spirit attached to them now - HOWEVER. 

This is the most important point that I need to you to take away from this - that ANYONE who is behaving like they 'have an entity (I will just use the word entity for ease of writing - but you can replace this with your terminology demon/dark spirit etc). 

Anyone who is behaving like they have an entity attached to them - do you know what this is? 

Is that they...

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7 top things I have stopped apologising for 🔥

7 top things I have stopped apologising for

Do you... apologise for WHO YOU ARE??? 

Sorry! sorry! sorry! Sorry for _______(fill in the blank!)

My response is the same! STOP SAYING SORRY! 

Why? Because we are human AND I see so many women (and men!) putting themselves down FOR BEING THEMSELVES!!!

You need to stop apologising for the little things you do - in a sense that it is ridiculous you should be apologising for being who you are....

My 7 top things I have stopped apologising for will help you understand a bit more:


1. Being too emotional: Woman! throw this one out the damn window! You are a woman, you have cycles, everything changes moment to moment and on top of that - we are sentient beings we FEEL everything that is going on whether we are aware of it or not.

Let alone women - as HUMAN BEINGS we are here to FEEL! We are taught at such a young age (unless you grew up in a very conscious household!) that feeling is...

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