'She had a demon in her Hannah!' - I have heard this so much recently

'She had a demon in her Hannah!' - I have heard this so much recently with several clients and other messages that I have received from people, that I need to speak to this publicly. As my response is always the same. 

'She had a demon in her Hannah! I felt so shit around them, they drained my energy, they sucked the life out of me 'this person' did and I can still feel it today, even though I have no contact with them!' 

No - they didn't. 

Now, you might argue that and perhaps just read all the way through first. 

They might have a demon/entity/bad spirit attached to them now - HOWEVER. 

This is the most important point that I need to you to take away from this - that ANYONE who is behaving like they 'have an entity (I will just use the word entity for ease of writing - but you can replace this with your terminology demon/dark spirit etc). 

Anyone who is behaving like they have an entity attached to them - do you know what this is? 

Is that they are FULL OF FEELINGS! 

They need a damn big cry, let alone someone to listen to them. 

Now - whilst this is not always your responsibility nor duty to listen to this person's crying/tears etc as usually this is best for a counsellor/healer/mentor that knows how to hold space for this person at their depths - this big demon/entity you are sensing is there BECAUSE this person has buried all these painful emotions from childhood and even beyond this lifetime that they are still carrying right now. 

This may look like behaviour of: 

  • controlling their environment 
  • controlling you
  • negative emotions 'flying off the handle' with whatever just happened to be wrong 
  • negativity full stop 
  • ADD/ADHD or any other mental label (yes these people are highly tapped into a higher dimension with a strong connection, however, they are not grounded in it) 

These people have been hurt in their past, and have not been able to fully express this hurt, pain, abandonment, or any tears that should've come out when whatever event happened - they had to bottle it up inside. 

This bottling up emotions inside and burying them - creates a pile of darkness, let alone the 'original wounding' that is the event that happened that created the tears in the first place. This creates a stagnant/dark/dense/no emotions moving or flowing energy that people are carrying around in their aura and there fore are vibrating at this certain density of vibration in their body/aura/mind. 

The Law of Attraction works on VIBRATION - not what positive thoughts you think - if your VIBRATION is full of unfelt emotions from all those instances in your life that have caused you to feel anything but happy, and you haven't dealt with them - guess what the Universe is FEELING from you on a VIBRATIONAL level? 


Yes - positive thoughts create feelings - yet, that will only work until a certain point, when your subconscious feelings goes, 'Op, that's enough of that now because that isn't in alignment with what we are used to' and this is why most people experience the Law of Attraction not working for them - because more 'bad things happen' - yes - you need to shift out these FEELINGS in your body that you haven't dealt with. 

Now, back to the entity/demon thing. 

If someone is carrying around all this hurt and pain - well, they put up a protective mechanism and this can look like: 

  • exhaustion, tiredness and lethargy
  • walls that show no emotion
  • keeping busy and then burnout 

This exhaustion? 

It is EXHAUSTING holding up a front of not feeling the emotions you have buried from ages ago from that event/s that you haven't dealt with in your Aura/Heart. 

These emotions that you/this person has buried? 

Oh, entities and demons and other dark beings? They feed off this baby! 

This is why you will feel like you are being cursed by bad things

This is what you feel like you are being psychically attacked - because you haven't dealt with that hurt from when such and such left you and so there is this big gaping hole in your Aura/energy/body/mind (Abandonment wound) and it acts like vacuum that sucks in these things that will drain you even more. 

It is a bit like walls of a house - if there is a hole in the wall, rats, mice, bats, spiders, can all come in and out at their leisure. 

And you wonder why bad things keep happening to you that you can't seem to shift. 

It is this. 

Entities etc - MAY be present in the person that you are referring to - or feel like people who have entities latch onto you - because they are feeding off your light THROUGH you because you have this hole in your wall so to speak. 

How do you 'fix' this? There are many ways to 'fix' this within yourself and others. 

Exercise is the most powerful thing as it gets you back in your body. The BEST form of protection is being grounded in your body - as if your Soul is in your body - no one else can be, there is no hole, no vacuum in your body - you are FULL in your body, not an empty shell. Exercise - every single day - supports this. MOVE YOUR BODY. 

You don't need to get into a full blown swing of everyday huge routine if you haven't for ages and not sure where your motivation for ANYTHING has gone let alone exercise - start gentle and start small - instead of a 5 hour ritual - just go for a decent walk, not ten things at once, as a decent walk is manageable to start getting back into a routine of movement again. 

There are MANY grounding techniques you can use. (Send me a message if you'd like to know more/some)

Before you go doing deep healing work of the core of your abandonment 'holes' from all the times someone left you, or said something to you that made you close off your own voice and shut down your light/heart and soul - take care of yourself. 

MOVE YOUR BODY - clear your energy - then do deep healing work.

Of course, there are Past Life threads, family lineage, family systems in this life time, let alone every relationship you have ever had with anyone in this current lifetime, intimate or not to clear out  - especially if one in particular comes to mind reading this. 

However, the other most POWERFUL thing - that if you want to take away ANYTHING from this?

Most people aren't grounded in their body - because they are holding hurt in their heart which means tears that 99% of society is not comfortable with feeling due to collective judgement about tears/emotions. 

When we get grounded in our body - it makes us FEEL the things we don't want to, the hurts and pains of our past that we are not even conscious of that we buried a long time ago... 

However, yes, that is shifting. 

Watch a sad movie, listen to music that makes you cry and cry cry cry - get those hurts, pains and more OUT OF YOUR BODY. 

If you can't move your body yet - CRY!!!! GET THAT ENERGY MOVING OUT. 

The more you release these hurts - the more you shift YOUR energy - which then changes YOUR VIBRATION - which then stops you attracting those repetitive people who are vibrating at the hurt vibration so to speak. 

No amount of meditating can outdo a session of deep soulful, longing crying and howling on the kitchen floor - that will feel super uncomfortable if it is unfamiliar to you - however, self talk: 'It is safe to cry, Hannah said so ðŸ˜‰, I'm learning to feel safe to cry, it's okay, I'm here for you' and HOWL YOUR EYES OUT PLEASE!!! 

I have many new clients that come to me and I am holding space for their tears over and over again as they have never had anyone listen to them before and it shifts oceans and huge amounts of energy in just a few days of being in my energetic presence holding you like I do. 

Do you get it now? 

Do you FEEL it? 

Energy attracts energy. 

Now - when you shift this heavy/hard/hurtful/dark feelings OUT of your system - THIS is when it is more than ever important and imperative that you use those positive affirmations as now the core that was feeding the reality you just shifted out of, of hurt pain, and more people reflecting that back to you - this 'hole' you've now created that is free of pain from the grief release you have done - it is now imperative to fill it with positive thoughts and feelings - and create a reality from core, soul level with this - yes? 

Does this make sense? Let me know below? 

Remembering that grief and if you've never cried before - can feel like it never ends for ages - please send me a message if this feels like you right now! 

That it also comes in waves. 

It isn't that you didn't do it properly, it is just like the ocean waves that come in sets and big waves and small waves. 

Just when they come, allow yourself to feel them, so you can shift your reality on a core, soul, VIBRATIONAL level. 

Meditating is good yes - however, it keeps you in your head. 

Crying is opening your heart, feeling, releasing those walls from your Heart - so you can feel LIFE again. 

If you've gone through any of these changes recently (meaning the past 5 years): 

  • relationship breakup 
  • death of someone you know
  • moved house/country 
  • changed job/career
  • difference in the family ie new baby for first time or second or more parents 

And you haven't received any support or told anyone about anything you've been bottling up and your: 

  • exhaustion has increased
  • anxiety is through the roof 
  • can't sit still 
  • scared to leave the house
  • depression with no motivation or energy to do anything for any part of life 
  • anything else that is but happy! 

Please, please, please know that you have TEARS THAT NEED TO COME OUT! 


Remember - Hannah said it is safe to cry. 

Some Men (and women) I work with won't cry or even admit they cry to me, because I give them permission to cry - 'even if it isn't with me now, but when you are on your own and can, please let those tears out'! And they come back later saying how much better they feel. 

Did you know that tears release the stress hormone cortisol? Yep. They serve a purpose. Imagine not crying and you wonder why you are stressed and having more and more illnesses/aliments and exhaustion that nothing fixes?

When was the last time you cried? 

What hurt you in your past, who is constantly on your mind of what they did to you? Or left you? Or? 

You want to protect your energy - the best way is to heal your past hurts and if you haven't let yourself feel the tears of a particular situation - this is where you start. 

Let alone talking to someone like myself or someone else you trust BUT - that can hold space for you, not shut you down **important!**. 

Demons and other dark beings feed off lower vibrations. 

You shift your vibration by moving the energy in your body - because then the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE - can move around your body again and when there is a body full of LIGHT - there is no room for darkness right? 

Our world is shifting in consciousness yes - into he HEART - which means FEELING and if people don't know how to feel safe to feel that world is going to continue to go crazy. (Remember, you're not crazy, you're not too emotional, you just need to know how to feel and feel safe in that, that's all). 

As children we are taught that crying is not okay. It is time to undo these woundings of the past to free our Soul and Humanity from being shut down of our HEART aka FEELING. 

Yet - when you can simply say to yourself or someone else - 'It's okay to cry' 'It's okay to be angry about that' - you're acknowledging the feelings in the HEART and THIS is what the world needs more of -

IT'S OKAY TO FEEL and authentically be heard in the reality of feelings! 

Navigating the Heart baby, Navigating FEELINGS - is what... will change the world. ðŸ•Šâ¤ï¸ðŸŒ

Out of the head.. into the HEART â¤ï¸

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. YES! I work with Men! Please know a lot of my 1:1 programs are working via text and voice message and is easy to text your thoughts/feelings and never have to voice or get on the phone to me (safer this way right?! I know most men don't like talking, don't worry, you don't have to!) - and this can shift so much in itself with someone who really knows how to listen to the pains in your heart (not shut you down for them!) you've been carrying for so long. Send me a message if this is you and you'd like support - you're not alone Men! 

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