I break down in tears when I connect with the benevolent Dark Beings.

I break down in tears when I connect with the benevolent Dark Beings. They come to me frequently - as friends - as kind Beings. They come to me - because I SEE them and in this - I SET THEM FREE
Some people may think I am crazy - some people may unfollow and unfriend me - because I speak of the Dark like this...
Yet - if you tune into my energy - am I overtaken by these Beings?
I feel so safe and protected in the world AT ALL TIMES.
People frequently send me messages saying 'stay safe' and I turn my head in confusion and screw my nose up... what? I am always safe... Nothing on this Earth scares me. Not even current world events.
Maybe it's because I connect so deeply with the underworld like this.
I can walk through the devils lair as their friend - and the fire that surrounds me as I walk through this space in the deep, dark underground - sets them free, just with my presence of complete safety...
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Did you see the golden blanket?

I was shown an image two nights ago when I was falling asleep... of our Earth. I couldn't find an image that would look like what it was - but this is the closest I could find.
I was wondering what I was looking at and asked what I was being shown.
Then I was reminded how the Magnetic Field of the Earth has shifted and changed and is no longer there.
Yet, now - there is this wave, this cloud, this golden blanket more so that I can describe it as, that is blanketing our Earth.
Magnetic Fields - if they are no longer - then what is here?
An openness?
An increased sensitivity?
A deeper awareness?
More Soul's awakening at rapid speed as the magnetic dissonance has dispelled and disintegrated leaves for a higher frequency bandwidth to increase - that means the extremes of this contradictory 3D Earth Plane we live in are also increasing,
I received mid last year that 'the bandwidth'...
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