I break down in tears when I connect with the benevolent Dark Beings.

I break down in tears when I connect with the benevolent Dark Beings. They come to me frequently - as friends - as kind Beings. They come to me - because I SEE them and in this - I SET THEM FREE 🕊
Some people may think I am crazy - some people may unfollow and unfriend me - because I speak of the Dark like this...
Yet - if you tune into my energy - am I overtaken by these Beings?
I feel so safe and protected in the world AT ALL TIMES.
People frequently send me messages saying 'stay safe' and I turn my head in confusion and screw my nose up... what? I am always safe... Nothing on this Earth scares me. Not even current world events.
Maybe it's because I connect so deeply with the underworld like this.
I can walk through the devils lair as their friend - and the fire that surrounds me as I walk through this space in the deep, dark underground - sets them free, just with my presence of complete safety - that they no longer are bound to this Earth plane.
Fear keeps them here.
Truth - of who they really are - set's them free.
I break down in tears when I hear people speaking of the clouds and different sun rays being man made and full of chemicals to harm us. Is that... what you really see?
Some people may think I am crazy even saying THAT.
Oh honey, don't you realise they have poisoned your mind?
Don't you remember - WHO YOU REALLY ARE?
Anytime I see or hear someone speak of the devil, of darkness, of hatred, of fear of what THEY are doing to us - I am instantly there - with these Beings they are HATING on - I am there - almost DEFENDING them - but... more so - just holding this space of the judgements being thrown at them - because I know - this is what lock holds them down to this Earth plane and they cannot leave until someone sees WHO THEY REALLY ARE - and in this, I shine the light to set them free.
Many Humans come to me and instantly feel better, whether you work with me, read my content, hear my voice - why?
Because - I shine this light in the darkness...
I am the Light in the Darkness...
I am the Darkness in the Light...
Because the deepest connection to your internal LIGHT and your DARK IS where your power is...
Not in one or the other...
But in BOTH.
You can tell where you are at - are you still fighting one or the other?
Are you scared of the presence that wakes you in the night, so much that you are wide awake and put it down to some other thing because you don't want to see the truth of the Being who woke you?
There is nothing to be afraid of - but your own mind out of control.
This is the epitome of Darkness.
There is no outside demon or entity - but your own internal Heart Light gone out and your mind, over run and out of control.
Your Heart holds a frequency to over come any situation, but it is a muscle that needs to be built, trained and all the shit that has clogged up your energetic heart to be released, to be strong and free again.
Let your Heart be Free, let your Soul, fly Free, let your deepest present Self, be the forefront of who you are - for it is the piece that will set you Free.
You will see... it was never about them...
It was always....
Rising into...
The you, you were born to be.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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in this current state of world - you wonder how?
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