Embodying Atlantis Activation Meditation


Embodying Atlantis Activation Meditation

I held this live in my private Trust Your Intuition Support Group on facebook and then felt called to share this in my Reality Awareness Support Group on facebook and now I have felt called to share it here. 

I trust you will enjoy and would love to hear you go 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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Do you have my FREE Meditation Pack? 🎧🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🎧

Do you have my FREE Meditation Pack? ‍‍

From The Essentials Collection this is the perfect place to start & return to, when you need to reset, realign and reactivate yourself back to centre so you can keep going and doing what you are on this planet to do.

There are six free and very powerful meditations in this pack. They all come with a training video for each one that deeply describe how to use them to gain their best potent healing from them.

Take your time going through all the training videos as they explain the meditations in depth and how to use them 'on the go' and 'make it normal' and deepen your intuition and strengthen your energy.

No, you don't 'have' to watch the training videos, you can just download the mp3's, add them to your meditation playlist and start listening and aligning yourself right away.

However, by learning deeply about them, you can go straight to them in your times of need, knowing how to gain the best from them and know which one to use to...

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Recalling Your Energy Meditation 🎧🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🎧

Free Recalling Your Energy Meditation ‍‍

~ Ground yourself 

~ Call fragments of your Soul back from traumatic events or any time in space, in all directions of time and space and beyond (yes, that means recalling yourself back from Past Lives too)

~ Reclaim who you are

~ Know what is your energy and what is someone else's 

~ Release confusion

~ Regain your power

Bring yourself back into yourself, feel whole, grounded and complete so you can refocus and get back on with what you know you are meant to be doing. 

This short, but very powerful meditation, can be listened to as many times as you want and need to, to call all of you back, so you can be all of who YOU are meant to be, no one else. 

Recalling Your Energy is found in the Free Essentials Meditation Pack, click here to grab it now:

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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The Number 1 Reason Women Stop Trusting Their Men....

The Number 1 Reason Women Stop Trusting Their Men.....

They say the most powerful teachings are born of wisdom. Wisdom is born of experiences. And goodness have I had my fair share of experiences!

The Number 1 Reason Women Stop Trusting Their Men?

There are several contributing factors.... and there are many different circumstances and experiences yes... yet, that main - Number 1 Reason?

Is that somewhere along the way... they stopped trusting themselves.


YES. You stopped trusting YOUrself!

'No, but seriously - they are doing this or that, or I just have this urge to check his phone.'

Or every time he gets a message you wonder who it is from...

Or every time his words don't match his actions...

Or every time he says something and you deeply feel something other than what he is saying...

Yes, you are highly sensitive...

Yes, you are a intuitive...

Yes, you are WOMAN...

Yes, you MAY be right...

And you MAY not be right...

The truth of the situation...

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Free Meditation Internal Compass Chakra Clearing 🧭

Feeling foggy? Needing clarity? Needing direction and some insight to what is going on for you? Wanting direction on your Life Purpose?
Feeling physical sick? Are you carrying someone’s energy? Have you cleared your energy since you’ve felt sick?
It is like the VERY first thing to check in with! Put your hand on it and ask, ‘Is this mine?’ And trust the answer you receive. Then CLEAR.
It is a busy time of year and around a lot of people that you aren’t usually around much and it is easy to step into familiar energetic patterns and take on other’s energy.
My FREE Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation:
clears your chakras
clears your energy
resets your energy frequency field
resets your Internal Compass so you can reset YOUR UNIQUE PATH
strengthen your energetic systems so you aren’t ‘knocked’ so much by everything else around you all the time
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