Free Meditation Internal Compass Chakra Clearing 🧭

Feeling foggy? Needing clarity? Needing direction and some insight to what is going on for you? Wanting direction on your Life Purpose?
Feeling physical sick? Are you carrying someone’s energy? Have you cleared your energy since you’ve felt sick?
It is like the VERY first thing to check in with! Put your hand on it and ask, ‘Is this mine?’ And trust the answer you receive. Then CLEAR.
It is a busy time of year and around a lot of people that you aren’t usually around much and it is easy to step into familiar energetic patterns and take on other’s energy.
My FREE Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation:
clears your chakras
clears your energy
resets your energy frequency field
resets your Internal Compass so you can reset YOUR UNIQUE PATH
strengthen your energetic systems so you aren’t ‘knocked’ so much by everything else around you all the time
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