5 Quick Tips to tell if you're carrying someone's energy and what to do about it:

5 Quick Tips to tell if you're carrying someone's energy and what to do about it:

1 - All of a sudden emotions change without a real definite/immediate trigger and you’ve been feeling awesome before for quite a time. Learn to follow the 'thread'.

2 - “Stories” out of control. It is really hard to get out of your head and your mind is constantly running about all things black and white and all in between. Basically you are feeling like a crazy person and wondering wtf is going on! When you feel stuff - anything - your mind will ALWAYS try and figure out what it is your are feeling - analyse, yet, this will drive you insane, because your mind will only be drawing on similar feelings from your past/body memory and attaching these stories to them when ultimately all that you need to do is to train yourself to learn how to feel without analysing everything you feel so you can move through it, rather than being victim to it.

3 - Can’t stop yourself from behaviours even though you know not good or shouldn’t. You engage in behaviours that you have had a handle on or let go of for some time and you aren't feeling yourself. What is happening here is that you are feeling someone else's emotions and you 1. don't know what they are/who's they are and 2. is a subconscious behaviour to try and cover up feelings especially when they are not your own. They aren't your's to process honey, but if they have now 'stuck' to you, then they are now your's and need to be owned. You will only get 'stuck' if there is resonance within you. It is here it becomes a gift, for it is showing you what you need to shift to move to #nextlevel

4 - Seeking external validation/confirmation - you actually already know what you need to do - you have all the tools, yet you are ‘grasping at straws’. So this is where you are looking to books, people, live streams, ANYTHING that takes the focus off you. Yes you need to reach out for help, but ultimately, as in point #3, if it is now 'stuck' on you, there is reason for that beautiful Soul.

5 - Headaches/blackouts/sick in stomach or Solar Plexus. This sickness can come on quite suddenly and is usually the one the doctors can't find any explanation for. Here, it is where you need to learn to 'follow the thread' again as this will give you instant relief.

What do you do about it? 

The first thing is to clear your energy. 


There are many ways to clear your energy and of course, underneath this of 'why' you are carrying their energy in the first place goes much deeper - however to get deep - you must have the basics down pat. That comes first, by clearing your energy. 

"Archangel Michael of 100% Light, please clear my energy." - DONE. 

Easy right? 

In those moments, we train ourselves to ask out loud, or in our mind for this. 

The next step, is to use my Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation (which is free) and has training videos of how you can clear your energy 'on the go' - for example when you are leaving a shopping centre and feel heavy, you can be using your Internal Compass on the way to your car, so you are not carrying all that energy home - that's the last thing you need right?! 

If you don't already have my Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation, you can download it for free here, it is found in my Free Essentials Meditation Pack, by clicking herehttps://www.realityawareness.com/essentials-free-meditation-pack

The key factor of learning how to do this and mastering this basic step, is that as an empath, you are able to begin to know whose energy is whose - know whether it is your energy or someone else's energy and not feel like the weight of the world is burdening you any longer, let alone gain your energy back - because let's face it, carrying other people's energy is EXHAUSTING! And.. not our job either dear people pleaser, dear good hearted Earth Angel! 

The other amazing thing that, mastering this basic principle does? 

Is strengthen your intuition! 

And we ALL want clearer, more precise, accurate intuition right? 

Thought so! 

Click here for my Internal Compass Chakra Clearing if you don't already have it and make time to watch the short training videos in there that I give you amazing tips and aha moments of you can use this for yourself and even your home, clearing and protecting the energy of your home - because you sense presences in your home too right? https://www.realityawareness.com/essentials-free-meditation-pack

Do you feel like you understand your intuition - but you are then confused at the same time?! Confusing right?! Which one is which?! Your intuition - but then, why do you feel confused at the same time? So frustrating yes? 

I always say, if you're confused - your fused - to someone else and you are taking on their energy - hence, carrying their energy and not knowing what is going on, let alone.. yep - you guessed it - feeling exhausted! 

If you haven't seen my free training video - that is A DIRECT training video out of my Certified Healer's Course, Trust Your Intuition, click here to watch this and release yourself from the burden of confusion now: https://youtu.be/Kc5Hnyq9ufY

Set yourself free beautiful one, you DO deserve clear energy AND a life you can enjoy - don't you believe so? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Intuitive Coaching Immersion is OPEN! 

For those that want to: 

  • Decipher what their intuition is, and what is grief, trauma and pain from the past making the decisions instead for you. Time to stop yourself ending up at dead ends time and time again - when it FELT SO RIGHT HANNAH - WHY did this happen again?!!? 
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  • Ready to leave doubt, confusion and any slither of mistrust in self, to completely align with their Heart and Soul's calling

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