In less than 3 hours... I say Farewell To The Moon 🌙

full moon full moon ceremony how to trust your intuition Aug 31, 2023

In less than 3 hours... I say Farewell To The Moon 🌙 in our Super Full Blue Moon Ceremony, as I trust my intuitive divine guidance to release holding every month Full Moon Ceremonies like I have done for the past 7 years non stop.... to embark on this next phase of my journey and projects that Reality Awareness is calling forth in divine service to Humanity and the out of the blue unexpected pieces of the puzzle, that I did not see coming, nor the knew the Universe had in stall for me 👁 when I trusted this intuitive divine guidance back on our Solstice Ceremony in June.

You're invited to attend this potent, powerful, once in a Blue Moon Full Moon Ceremony (yes replay will be available).

As I write this, I woke to the Full Moon beaming her rays through my window bathing me in Silver Moon Light at 4am and as I speak writing this now at 7:30am, I cannot see the closest tree outside my window with the Mists of Avalon, so thick that they have not been around for ages and yesterday and today - the Mists have arrived.

As we portal and journey through this Ceremony - what is the Once in a Blue Moon - are you here for? Are you choosing?

Are you trusting your divine intuitive guidance like no other?

Or are you not taking this leap of faith, that from this two week spin is about to pop through to a reality - simply - made of dreams.

Heart Chakra Consciousness in full effect as we speak, the Super Full Blue Moon, the closing of a 7 year Priestess initiation cycle - I have a feeling, there is even more magic just around the corner that we cannot yet see and.. wondering if you're opening to receive this magic that the divine Priestess of the Moon is holding deep space for you to activate and step into?

We go live in just a few hours and as mentioned, yes, the replay will be there.

Comment MOON below and I'll send it to you.

I am just.. in awe of her power that is already pouring through for this...

This... is a phenomenal activation.

I wonder what Once in a Blue Moon is about to open and arrive on your doorstep to say FULL BODY FUCK YES TO?

See you there 🤍💎🤍

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑