Healing The Divine Feminine - The Triple Goddess

If you have any female issues, women issues, get yelled at randomly by women, feel like a scapegoat with women and more - this is the most powerful meditation for clearing it and for healing it at it's core, where it originally came from - not just for your lifetime - but for the previous generations in your family and beyond.
This is also powerful in healing the collective wounds of anything associated with Femininity, whether that be:
~ sexuality
~ The Mother Wound
~ receiving issues (receiving love, a relationship, creating a baby, creating a project)
~ any female physical body issues
~ any relationships in your life whether family, blood family, soul family, friends, work colleagues or people you don't even know that are a female
The Triple Goddess Healing & Integration Meditation found in The Divine Balance is your Sacred Key to this deep Healing of the Divine Feminine.
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Some of you have... and I am ALMOST ready to come out and speak about WHY! I know I have kept saying I am ready! And then another wave will hit me and then I think maybe I am not ready... but hey.. we are never truly ready are we??
That is why it is Friday, this:
Friday 10am Brisbane AEST
Friday 12 Midnight London GMT
Thursday 4pm Los Angeles PST
I am going LIVE on my Reality Awareness Page here: (like it and turn on notifications for my page, so you are notified when I go live)
That is why... it's better just to do it And set a date for it
To share my deepest, of deepest HEART with you...
The why I have been quiet... the why Relationships are the death of me and also the RISE of me... I will be sharing why I realise my relationship happened and everything around it that happened at the same time.
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