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I used to be boisterous and loud. I used to be a bitch. I used to be one of the boys. I used to think that was what I needed to be to achieve, but I realised that was the front for my tender heart that was trying to protect itself.

Now I don’t need protecting.

Now my masculine is not out of balance.

Now my immature masculine self doesn’t need to put on the big front of facade.

I can just be me. Without putting anyone else down.

Without judging those I have no idea with their life entails.

Without thinking I need to be doing it better or like them (competition - immature masculine).

I used to be okay with sarcastic humour. Not anymore. It’s abuse.

These things - I recently came across someone who I deeply admired, who taught me a lot. But through reactive outbursts, on my part AND their part, they are not in my life anymore. 

I recently read something and it hurt my heart. I felt it to my core. And in the comments, people were laughing along. And it broke my heart. This sarcastic put downs - is abuse. The judgemental facade of barrage blasted through the words. #ouch. It is hurtful, not only to who they are judging - but to HUMANITY. 

Whatever slander you throw out to the world at SOMEONE, you throw out to HUMANITY. 

And you wonder why Humanity isn't shifting 🤔🤔🤔

  • competitive
  • controlling
  • aggressive
  • macho
  • arrogant
  • judgmental
  • avoidance
  • blame 
  • resentment
  • narcissistic
  • afraid emotionally
  • shaming
  • takes things personally
  • self absorbed
  • persecutor

These are all immature masculine traits/characteristics. The things, that an inner self masculine hasn't grown up yet and are 'being in the world'. (Yes, hello a huge part of our society right?!)

I recognise every single one of these traits within me - for I have been every single one of them. 

I have also been questioning my path in the world recently, what I am doing, what I am here for, who am I serving, why, reassessing ALL my goals and my direction and it has felt quite... like a HUGE dark hole - wondering where Hannah has gone, where that drive that 'fight' has gone - to change the world and leave no stone unturned along the way. 

But I realise what has happened - it is THIS that has changed. My  inner masculine self has changed and 'who I am in the world' - it is THIS that has changed. 

I haven't felt competitive anymore, I haven't felt that pang of not making it, because I know I am and also remembering deeply my Soul's purpose and what I am here to BE in the world, not DO, and falling softly into that.

Softly, gently, powerfully, in that 🕊

That, the Hannah is returning, the Her, who, before it was beaten out of Her, and she had to put up the wall of immature masculine, because She knew no other way in the world to date. 

It is THAT, that I am still personally adjusting to - and recognising EVERY single aspect of my life is shifting to match that and within that, is this HUGE space that is STILL going on, as my entire life recalibrates to this shift from one aspect of being to another of these traits of my immature masculine 'growing up' one could say. 

It has definitely been an adjustment that is for sure! Yet, there is no turning back, once one is awakened to a certain way of BEING. Because, knowing and BEING are two very different energies - you can feel them to the core. 

Now, one might argue that this post is judgemental. Maybe it is. Yet, I mentioned I wouldn't censor my heart anymore recently. 

I have recognised where I am at in my life and what it makes me attract in my life. Because that is what I have learnt and recognise, especially this last 6 months. 

People say I have changed. Yes, I have. 

Even I have been noticing it, this past 6 months especially. 

I recognise how fast I outgrow people - but what I most recognise? Is that the people who have most dropped away are a big part of these traits WITHIN ME, not my forefront anymore.

And how I cringe at any of these shown in my face and to the extent it even makes me feel sick to read or see certain things.

(more to integrate there for me - as true integration of a trait/shadow/aspect is NO reaction, not high or low reaction from what you are seeing in your reality, yet the 'low' reaction is a sure sign, you're on you're way to moving into peace and balance with that aspect of that which you are being reflected in of who/what is in your reality)

It has been a crucial adjustment I now see, of my Life Purpose and what I am REALLY here to do in the world with the impact my Soul has known from day dot of what I am here to shift the world into - and I, had to shift INTO that, before I could create that ripple affect of what I knew my Soul's Purpose was. 

It has been a death to me, to move beyond these traits, that I didn't even know were running the show. 

It has been deeply reflected to me, in the type of men I attract too, especially within these last 4 months - HUGE change in who I am attracting. 

For this, I am grateful. This powerful shift, is an energetic vibrational shift, that, I am STILL adjusting to, STILL getting comfortable with, but I know there is no way of going back, for that is evolution, that is, this is - always, what I have been doing the work for in the first place and haven't even realised it. 

Grateful, humbled and deeply feel the depth of my core - of trusting myself at deeper levels than ever before. Of honouring my Soul's calling at deeper levels and even understanding what that is. 

It is what I am BEING in the world, not doing, that changes the entire game and it is that energetic adjustment of trusting this, that this is the core of my Soul's vibration that I choose to BE now. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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Your Soul is calling you into action, yet, you are still wondering if you can trust it. 

You may not need to tell the world you are Psychic, but you know you can't deny your gifts in this lifetime and everyday reality anymore yet, you are scared to trust the deep validity of your own gift. 

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