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Heart Chakra Consciousness 💚
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This time, 8 years ago...

This time, 8 years ago - I was about to move home, to Perth. Where my family is. I had lived in Queensland, with no family for 12 years at that time. I had a daughter who at the time was 3 years old and everyday I questioned what I was doing, living on the other side of Australia raising my daughter alone with no family around.

The only thing that kept me ‘stuck’ was that her father lived close by, yet that didn’t stop me. I was looking at rentals and was going to move home I had decided.

Two weeks passed and as our Summer morning ritual continued, we went to the beach in the pram as I had no car at the time as this was peak time of me choosing to not have a car that my ex had given me and was somewhat his ‘control’ over me. I had chosen to release any hold that he had over me and giving his car back and going carless, catching the bus everywhere with my then 3 year old daughter in the pram was what I was willing to do. I was willing to do whatever it...

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Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty

Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty. When deep in the Heart Chakra, these core things will feel super irritating if they are out of alignment, until we do something about them. 

If something is out of alignment, it will feel irritating, you will most likely feel lethargic and drained. 

Integrity - honesty with feelings and what feels right to you. Being Authentic with how you are feeling with whatever is going on in your reality right now. 

Sometimes things once did feel right - but as you grow, evolve and change, things don't anymore and the key to stay in alignment with your Life Purpose and Heart - is to allow and trust these changes, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel at times. When you trust these changes and trust the flow - you stay connected, even if you can't see where you are entirely headed with these recalibration changes, even though you know you have to go this way now. 

Sometimes that means holding your ground with your new found integrity of...

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