Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty

Integrity, Authenticity, Honesty. When deep in the Heart Chakra, these core things will feel super irritating if they are out of alignment, until we do something about them. 

If something is out of alignment, it will feel irritating, you will most likely feel lethargic and drained. 

Integrity - honesty with feelings and what feels right to you. Being Authentic with how you are feeling with whatever is going on in your reality right now. 

Sometimes things once did feel right - but as you grow, evolve and change, things don't anymore and the key to stay in alignment with your Life Purpose and Heart - is to allow and trust these changes, no matter how uncomfortable they may feel at times. When you trust these changes and trust the flow - you stay connected, even if you can't see where you are entirely headed with these recalibration changes, even though you know you have to go this way now. 

Sometimes that means holding your ground with your new found integrity of what feels right and what doesn't. Sometimes it means letting go of something you once thought was right. Sometimes it is dropping into deep trust when everything you once knew, is no longer and you are walking into this space you - have never felt before, but know - you have to go - this way. 

Your heart is where you FEEL. If something doesn't feel right - it will be like a piece of sand, irritating you. 

We all know that a Pearl is created from an irritating piece of sand that the Oyster is trying to rid itself of. 

Or - is that what Humans have 'thought it to be'? 

What if, that irritating piece of sand, that thing in your field that isn't in alignment - is being brought to your attention so you can irritate itself right out of your field and turn into the Pearls of Wisdom? 

What if that grain of sand, that irritating, depressing, agitating thing that is in your energy field that you need to do something about - turns into a pearl, and increases your value of self, brings deep awareness of what is important to you and where your boundary lines are?

Did you know how deeply - sand - is your subconscious? That, all those tiny grains of sand that cover the world, are subconscious pieces and when you realise a tiny grain of sand, you are realising a piece of yourself? 

At the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus has begun to be activated and switched on, cleared out - and the Solar Plexus is, self worth, self esteem, self respect, honouring yourself, values and what is important to you, and empowering yourself out of situations that are no longer in alignment. 

Feeling depressed, irritable or stagnant in your energy, like you have no energy, shows you deep signs that something is out of alignment in your life. Sometimes it takes a bit to realise what it is exactly and that's okay, but when you take action on the little things that are out of alignment, the big things come in to show you what is next. 

The more you take steps to clear your heart and energy field of old pains, hurts or just those irritating pieces that don't feel in alignment anymore - all of a sudden your heart chakra is filled with the love that is it's natural state of being - not these things impending/imposing/pressing on your field that are pushing the 'love down' and compounding it, so it cannot flow. When you release these things - you feel new again, you feel YOU again and you are almost in shock at to how you did not see those things were so out of alignment in the first place. 

Maybe they were at the time, but with whatever work and shifts and changes you have moved into, things are just not in alignment anymore and it is important to act on them when you recognise them, or another grain of sand, will begin to grow on what was already in your field, then it becomes a cloud of sand, that we wonder why we get lost in ourselves/other people at times. 

Being at your heart chakra, when you need to speak up for your Heart's authentic feelings, that have somewhat never been heard or voiced before, can make you tremble in your boots, can make you shake and even speak with a trembly voice at times - yet, once your speaking your heart muscles, begins to be used, it of course, becomes stronger. 

The other piece that usually happens - is that it is mighty uncomfortable! Doubt, questioning whether you've said or done the right thing - always comes into it. 

But, underneath there will be this sense of freedom - that for the first time ever - you will be able to voice what your Heart has been holding back for so long, that sense of freedom - that cage - finally being released as you begin to feel worthy enough for your Heart to actually be voiced in what it needs to share, regardless of whether you are truly heard by the other person - the freedom of holding your ground in voicing what you need to say, what your Heart - wants to share, say and move in a particular direction - trusting yourself, every step of the way, no matter how uncomfortable the situation becomes - you know what your Heart wants, where it needs to go and what you are being called to do and for the first time, truly listening to that. 

When you follow this - your true Heart's desires, free from anyone's expectations, free from worrying about what they think about you - integrity, authenticity, honesty - deeply brings you into alignment and no one, NO ONE - knows what your Heart calls for except you. 

The question is - do you back yourself, back your own damn Heart - like you would for someone else? 

Do you - listen to what your Heart wants and follow that, no matter what anyone else says? 

Isn't it - time? 

Time for YOU? 

When you follow your Heart and I mean REALLY action what your Heart is calling you to do, no matter the outcome - THIS - is what brings you into deep alignment, no matter how uncomfortable it is in the beginning. Because the feeling that comes from when you listen to your Heart? 


Nothing compares to that feeling. 

It just depends whether you feel you can be there for yourself on that deep level - that, truly honouring your Heart speak. 

Do you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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