World Update/Energy Update


Why the dipping heavy/dark waves are so strong, what you can do about it and… a bit of a vulnerable share…

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My skincare... or lack thereof! 😳

My skincare... or lack thereof! 😳 & the chemicals that made me sick 🤢 & the connection to my fatigue, emfs, wifi and you know the g’s baby...
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What if, you were being REBORN? 

What if, you could lead a lifestyle, like they do? 

What if, you could be as fit and healthy, like they? 

What if, you could be so confident in yourself, that nothing knocked you - ever?

What if, you could have the most treasured and loving relationship, like they? 

What if, you could have anything you desired - right now? 

What if, you didn't need to push anymore? 

What if, you didn't need to be in pain anymore? 

What if, you could change all this overnight? 

What if, you could really have the lifestyle you deep down, Soul desired want to? 

What if, the only stopping you this entire time, has been you? 

What if, you had all the answers inside of you? 

What if, you already knew what you had to do - you just have to DO IT? 

What if, nothing gets to be thrown out and everything get's to be restructured to match the new you, you've been creating all...

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5 weeks ago, I chose to go Raw Vegan overnight. And it is having a significant vibrational shift in my entire body. I can feel it in my bones. My energy is different, very different. Let alone all the consistent journalling I have been doing for just over 2 years now, I can feel my vibration deeply shifting, from deep within. 

I have ben 100% raw vegan back in 2012 when the doctor told me I had to have my gall bladder out and I was like um, nope! And went Raw Vegan overnight and did significant detoxing to shift it out naturally. 

I have been getting signs and know since last year - that going 100% raw vegan is a big part of my life purpose somehow, I just don't quite know how at this moment in time. 

And... I am probably going to lose the raw vegan friends in this sentence and that's okay, as I am not stuck on who stays and who goes, because who is meant to be in your life will be, no matter what. 

About 2 weeks ago, I felt my...

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