cycles of life health how to trust your intuition raw vegan Nov 05, 2019


What if, you were being REBORN? 

What if, you could lead a lifestyle, like they do? 

What if, you could be as fit and healthy, like they? 

What if, you could be so confident in yourself, that nothing knocked you - ever?

What if, you could have the most treasured and loving relationship, like they? 

What if, you could have anything you desired - right now? 

What if, you didn't need to push anymore? 

What if, you didn't need to be in pain anymore? 

What if, you could change all this overnight? 

What if, you could really have the lifestyle you deep down, Soul desired want to? 

What if, the only stopping you this entire time, has been you? 

What if, you had all the answers inside of you? 

What if, you already knew what you had to do - you just have to DO IT? 

What if, nothing gets to be thrown out and everything get's to be restructured to match the new you, you've been creating all along? 

What if, you are the Queen of the Earth? 

What if, you are really the dreams you have always longed for and that have always, still to this day, still long for? They haven't, gone away, have they? 

What if, you just had to adjust to the evolving changes, to expand the container to hold you? 

What if, you can have all your expenses paid in full AND have a surplus of money left over in the bank? 

What if, you were REALLY living the life you desired? 

What if, you can choose this now? 

What if, you can live the life that you've locked away inside of you? 

What if, you have all the resources you need to live your Life Purpose NOW? 

What if, you can choose to create the reality you desire, no matter what outside sources tell you? 

What if, you have the Life Purpose Blueprint inside of you, ready to be activated? 

What if, your Light Body is only awaiting your deep return to the consciousness you ARE?

What if, you could be happy all the time? 

What if, your body was super fit and healthy, toned and you felt sooo amazing to be ALIVE again? 

What if, you had all the resources you needed, the support, the love, the finances, to live and do what you really want to be doing? 

What if, you could release Humanity from all it's pain and torture? 

What if, you could live in complete freedom? 

What if, all your dreams came true - today? 

What if, you CHOSE to believe this was true? 

Before you go telling me you can't or ergh, yeah, that would be nice Hannah. 

Did you know - you have to CHOOSE it? 

Did you know, that you are the only one that can save you? 

Did you know, that you have to CHOOSE to live this life? 

EVERY single person on this planet has the opportunity to CHOOSE the Freedom life, free of the 9-5, free of the chains and slavery... 

Except most don't. 

Most don't realise that they have the hand cuffs taken off them - but they are still choosing to live the life in chains. 

THAT is a choice. 

It takes a reworking of consciousness to realise you are free. 

Yet, most are stuck in the consciousness and collective that you are not. 

Yet, every single person. IS. 

You just have to CHOOSE it. 

What, are you choosing? 

Not just today - but every single thought of your day? Every single breath?

Are you REALLY ready to rise out of the subconscious lurking and become that which was always destined to be? 🔥👑🔱

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Needing help releasing the chains in your consciousness? 

Releasing the locks, padlocks and chains to your ex's so you can release your SOUL to be free and do what it really wants to do? 

Not be stuck waiting on your lover to turn up in your life? 

If you knew you could have and do anything - would you though? 

Or... what is the words that follow that sentence - what comes after your but? 

Are you really ready to be as free as what you say your Soul craves and desires you to be? 

21 Days - You and Me. 

Let's shift this out so you can leap with a flying start precious Soul. 

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